How to start a new career

How to start a new career in your fifties

Want to start a new career? Maybe you've been made redundant, hate your current job, have medical problems that make working outside the home difficult or want to return to the workforce for the first time in years. Whatever the reason, starting a new career can be scary. Today we're lucky to … [Read More...]

healthy green juice recipes

Healthy Green Juice Recipes of the Week

It's that time of year when some of us are probably trying to lose the Christmas muffin top that's accumulated around our waist, not just over the festive season, but for a while longer than we care to admit. So it's time to re-address eating habits and step up the exercise to get a little … [Read More...]

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10 Simple Wardrobe Tips for an Organised Closet

Don't know about you, but my wardrobe is not organised at all. It's a jumble, a mish-mash of bargain buys and one or two classic faves that may or may not have exceeded the household budget. Time to follow some tips for an organised closet Anyway, we will be moving soon, so I need to get … [Read More...]

The Truth about online friendships

The truth about online friendships

I've just had 10 basic, one hour internet and social media workshops that I was meant to be facilitating cancelled. Bummer! Were they too expensive? Nooo. They were heavily subsidised, and participants only had to pay around $5 for each session. Who were they for? Seniors. In a target … [Read More...]


Farewell 2014

Hello and Goodbye Lifestylers for 2014. I'm taking a bloggie break until the beginning of January to spend time with my family, recharge the batteries and start work on my book. So it's Farewell 2014 and looking forward to 2015. I hope you all have a very Happy Christmas and an equally … [Read More...]

Sand Towels IMG_0891

Herbalife and Sand Cloud: Products I’m loving this Month

When the boys at Sand Cloud approached me a few months ago, I was immediately attracted to their story. Sand Cloud was founded in 2014 on the beaches of Southern California. The team is comprised of 3 best friends who reside in Sunny San Diego, who have an undying love for the simple life along … [Read More...]

Mystery Case worth casing Blog Award

Mystery Case Worth Casing Blog Awards

Today I'm taking part in the Mystery Case Worth Casing Blog Awards by answering some questions about clothes, blogging and songs. Sound intriguing? I'm wondering how you'd answer the questions too. Yes, looking forward to your own Comments in the reply section. 1. How long have you been blogging … [Read More...]

digital parents blog carnival

Digital Parents Blog Carnival

Today I'm hosting a carnival! Come along for the ride and perhaps for the read of your life. TaDa! Presenting the Digital Parents Blog Carnival where you'll find a bounty of beautiful blogs. Topics and content range from; funny, sad, thoughtful, helpful, ingenious, curious, and thought … [Read More...]

energy boosting tips

7 Energy Boosting Tips and In The Sack with Mystery Case

  I love Christmas. No let's rephrase that. I love certain aspects of Christmas. I love the eats and treats. I love getting together with friends and family, and I love collapsing on a sun-lounger by the pool or on a lilo in the pool, in an undignified heap when I can no longer eat or … [Read More...]

style tips for over 50

6 Style Tips for Over 50

Maybe, just maybe I'm preaching to the converted today, but I bet you can't help but go "Ahah - I know that, but I'd forgotten it!" a couple of times in this post ;) The truth of the matter is that our bodies change shape as we get older. I used to have big thighs, now I have a big tum :( … [Read More...]

how to save money at christmas

How to Save Money at Christmas and retain your Mojo

This morning I waved my hubby goodbye at the train station at 5.45am, and came home determined to get my Christmas Mojo on. The tree is up, the Christmas cards bought, but now there are long lists to compile so that I do indeed remember to order the ham and turkey, buy store-cupboard ingredients … [Read More...]

celebrity chefs

Celebrity Chefs: Wholefood, Fusion and Confusion

Is there such a thing as authentic food,  does food belong to people or places, is culture integral in a cuisine? Woah, these were seemingly heavy topics, and to tell you the truth I felt a bit nonplussed by the idea of food ethics, as I was at the Margaret River Gourmet Escape more for the … [Read More...]

gift guide for christmas

A handy little gift guide for Christmas

I'm going to come clean with you. I've always been pretty useless at buying gifts. I get crazy ideas in my head about what people would like. I used to buy Dave zooty little 'executive' gifts to perk up his office when he'd much rather be hiking up a mountain with only a sleeping bag and a packet … [Read More...]

Bupa Health Influencer Blog Awards

Bupa Health Influencer Blog Awards

It's a funny old world. Just when I was feeling down in the doldrums and wondering if all the time I spent blogging at my computer was really worth the effort, suddenly the universe waves a magic wand and Kerpoof! Things changed in an instant. Oh my goodness. There is nothing like winning an … [Read More...]

How to stay fit and healthy

How to keep fit and healthy over 50 – My (unscientific) Routine

I often have chats with my friends about how they keep fit and healthy. I'm always keen to know how other middle aged women keep up their energy or fight the flab as our hormones go haywire. A friend asked me just the other day what sort of things I do to try and maintain good health, so I … [Read More...]

Easy Brunch recipes

Easy Brunch Recipes : Potato Terrine with Salmon

Dave likes to tell me that when we were first married I couldn't even boil an egg. Now maybe I was a bit experimental, but I wasn't that useless and over the years as we've moved from country to country I've added a bit of this and a bit of that into my repertoire, and as such I'm very good at … [Read More...]

wardrobe and style tips, Nikki Parkinson, Styling You

Top Wardrobe and Style tips from Nikki Parkinson, Styling You

I'm a big fan of Nikki Parkinson who writes a very successful blog called Styling You. Nikki is a really stylish woman, who seems to be effortlessly well groomed for every occasion, and she's also a very smart and savvy businesswoman who's set up her blog based on her passion - which is making … [Read More...]

Pic monkey Giveaway

Wrapping up October and Spring Giveaways

I can't believe that it's nearly the end of October and how time has flown. It's been a busy month for me with lots going on, and in amongst all the excitements (and trying to eat healthily and exercise) I've also been offered some lovely products to give away to you lovely readers, and at the end … [Read More...]

shop til you drop in perth

Christmas Magic! Shop Till You Drop in Perth Australia!

A very long time ago, Christmas shopping was a major event on the calendar for me. Generally, a couple of weeks before the big day I would head off to the shops with my Mum in England To Go Christmas Shopping. It was a much anticipated occasion, and woe betide if we hadn't saved up enough money … [Read More...]

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7 Things to do when you’re feeling down

Taking death, major house moves, financial debt and life changing health situations out of the equation, it's normally the daily grind that gets us down, isn't it? The niggles of life or worries about getting older which lead to a downward spiral where we can wallow in our own little vale of … [Read More...]

Fresh Spring Looks

5 Fresh Spring Looks for Older Spring Chicken

Over the last couple of years I have fallen just a little bit in love with the W. Lane brand of clothing. Not only does it seem to suit my busy lifestyle, it's also smart but casual, easy to wear and very often requires no ironing. Win! Don't get me wrong, I'm not a style icon, but I do like … [Read More...]

Breast Cancer awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I posted this as my status on Facebook today. "I know nobody will read my status but sometimes, when I'm bored, I get wrapped up in a sleeping bag and lather butter all over myself and slide around the kitchen floor pretending I'm a slug." I have to fess up. It wasn't mine. It was a sort of … [Read More...]