Travelling Outfits – What to wear for Springtime in Europe

It's away we go and off on an adventure. So, on with the travelling outfit from W. Lane. 'Wear I go ' and what am I wearing? I really hope that as my main 'posh' outfit, that it's going to stay the course; 10 countries in 14 days, and then Croatia - with Expat Explore. Thanks to W. Lane for … [Read More...]

Natalie Scott

How to prevent gaining weight on holiday

When we reach our fifties, many of us are lucky enough to find a little more time for holidays and getaways. Which is great, but they are also booby time traps for gaining weight. You know the feeling? "Ah well, I'm on holiday ... so I might as well eat what I like and worry about the love … [Read More...]

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Inspiring women – Brenda Ellen

Nearly everyday I'm inspired by women in some way. Their strength, their beauty, their creativity, their entrepreneurship and their ability to lead from the hip always makes me want to ask lots of questions to find out what makes them tick! Today I'm interviewing a very inspiring 50+ woman, an … [Read More...]

Pic Monkey

Great Competition Giveaways – Are you Ready?

I love being able to share the fireworks so when I'm offered products to giveaway to Lifestyle Fifty readers (or to my travel blog ZigaZag readers) I jump at the chance to share the love around a little bit with competition giveaways. This giveaway competition consists of some fabulous personal … [Read More...]


How to manage Change when you hate transition

A couple of weeks ago my hubby said: "It's the right for me to take a work sabbatical. So let's take this opportunity to go to Europe for a few months." Waaaaaaaaah! Fanblimmintastic! Was my first excited reaction. But I'm not twenty something without life baggage and commitments, and within … [Read More...]

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10 Makeup Tips and Tricks as you get older

I'm such a slap-it-on dinosaur when it comes to making up, that it was with great pleasure to find a really helpful guest post  plop into my email box the other day. I realised, that I haven't given my make up much thought for the last (gasp) 10 years at least, and have been stuck in a very basic … [Read More...]

Robyn Davidson Small

Robyn Davidson The Camel Lady

Last night we went to watch the (very good) movie 'Tracks', which is the film about Robyn Davidson's epic 2,700 kilometre trek from Alice Springs across the Australian outback to the Indian Ocean in 1977. Have you seen it yet? You should definitely go if you enjoy stories about intrepid … [Read More...]

Kelly Exeter (Swish Design) organiser of Perth Problogger Event Feb 2014

How to write a book in 18 days or How to Make Your Dreams Come True!

Hello Lovelies, ok I know that not all of you want to write a book, let alone in 18 days, but this post by guest writer Kelly Exeter is about much more than putting your thoughts onto paper. It's more about * Not Procrastinating * and *Going After Your Dreams*. Now whether that does involve … [Read More...]


Discount Vouchers up for grabs! Verily we come!

The Winner of the Lifestyle Fifty Verily Fashion voucher for $120 has just been announced and a very big Well Done to ... Annabel. Her voucher is winging its way across the stratosphere. "As a thank you to the rest of the Lifestyle Fifty ladies for entering I would like to offer  a 10% discount … [Read More...]


Tips for a Lifestyle Business by Inspiring Women

This is the beginning of a series about inspiring women, and their tips for a lifestyle business. We're talking to women who have either battled against the odds, overcome heartache or hardship or just grabbed the bull by the horns and embarked on a new path later in life when the kids have left … [Read More...]

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Inspiring Quotes from ProBlogger Darren Rowse to help you Release Your Mojo!

When I arrived in Australia 5 years ago, I struggled to get any freelance writing work. It seemed as if my world was caving in  because throughout our nomadic existence moving around the world following Dave's career and work projects, the one thread that always held me together was writing. I … [Read More...]

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How to stay safe when you travel

This is a guest post by Chris Jensen, Go for your travel dreams but 'Stay Safe When You Travel'! None of us are getting any younger, and that's a fact! So if we have travel dreams we need to get out and go for them now. If you are the type of traveler that wants to finally climb Mt. … [Read More...]

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How to stop feeling anxious and conquer the cold sweating monster

I'm at the skin cancer clinic having my moles checked. No big deal, you might say, but I've been here before and the Pavlov's Dog syndrome has struck, and memories from last year are flooding back. In fact the memory of a cancerous melanoma ("Help It's a Melanoma") that was spotted and removed … [Read More...]

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First of the Summer Giveaways

Hello Everyone! Happy Valentine's Day! Today I'm so happy to be giving away a lovely clothing voucher from Verily as a special Valentine's giveaway! This is the first of three summer giveaways, so stay tuned, or sign up for the newsletter won't you? You can sign up to Lifestyle Fifty just … [Read More...]

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What shall I wear today? Oh Boho!

Remember the hippy days? I bet you do. Carefree tresses, daisy prints, long flowing skirts, leather sandals, leather bags, and of course a carefree rebellious approach to putting a look together. Don't know about you, but these days I don't really do hippy per se, but I do like to dress a little … [Read More...]


5 Ways to improve self confidence as you age

I don't know about you, but when I was in my late teens and early twenties pretty much all I thought about was my image. I'm sorry if this sounds shallow, and I know it is, but many of my waking thoughts were primarily focused on fashion, boys, music and make-up.' School? Work? World Events? Oh … [Read More...]

Sizzle Summer Vamp it Up

Funky clothes for Over 50. Be A Valentine’s Day Vamp!

Valentine's Day is a-coming! Ohh, love it or hate it, celebrate it or not, it won't go away because it's a big consumer money spin and the guilt trip is turned to full volume. Around about this time I feel as if I'm in a tumble drier and actively loathe the coming of the 14th, because after 26 … [Read More...]

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How To Deal With Embarrassing Things About Aging

When I was young I used to blush, a lot, at nearly everything. Did you blush? Or were you bold and feisty? These days my cheeks only flush only when I've had one glass of red wine too many ;) I think this new found confidence has got a lot to do with reaching an age when really nothing much … [Read More...]

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What Shall I Wear Today?

Welcome to the Lifestyle Fifty series, "What Shall I Wear Today," in which we feature beautiful women 'of a certain age' in clothes they either love, or those they are wearing that very day. Today we're giving a shout out to lovely readers Kathy  and Jill who show us how to look hot, hot, hot in … [Read More...]

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The Thing That Nearly Ruined Christmas and Tips on How Not to Hoard

Christmas was going far too well. Stresses had been kept to a minimum. There was no huge expectation about mountains of food or hundreds of visitors, and presents had been kept to let’s say ‘non-gargantuan’ proportions. We’d agreed on almost everything. Presents were wrapped.  Nobody had … [Read More...]


What Shall I Wear Today? Summer Dresses.

Hello Everybody, and welcome to another What Shall I Wear Monday! Yay! Today's the day when Lifestyle Fifty women readers, gorgeous normal women, show us what they're wearing. They send in a pic, and tell us what they like or don't like about the look they have on, and then offer their tips about … [Read More...]


Why you need a strong Life Purpose as you get older

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night with the un-named dread and wonder “What’s it all about?” I so often do. And it happened again last night right after we’d been to watch the movie Saving Mr Banks (10/10) and I think it was because all those Mary Poppins songs (remember the heart … [Read More...]