The Violinist of Venice – A Book Giveaway

Who'd like to win a story of passion, music and ambition? Up for grabs today a book giveaway.  A sweeping historical novel about composer and priest Antonio Vivaldi, a secret wealthy mistress, and their passion for music and each other. Alyssa Palombo is a published writer and this is her … [Read More...]

5 Quick Tips for Travelling in Europe

The weather in Europe is beginning to hot up, and I'm guessing that some of you might be thinking about holidays overseas and maybe taking off for a lovely Mediterranean summer? If not, why not? My new moto is #Yolo - You Only Live Once! With the nip in the air in Australia beginning to … [Read More...]

11 Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe for Winter

I've lived in a cold climate and I've lived in a hot one too. A few weeks ago I was in the UK and it was really cold, which was pretty easy to dress for really as coming from Australia I just kept layering my thin-blooded body with every bit of warm clothing I could lay my hands on. But in … [Read More...]

How Travel Can Empower You and a Giveaway

Ever since I can remember travel has been a part of my life. When I was a child we moved around England because of my father’s job, and I went to 9 different schools. Making new friends, learning to adapt and fit in, accepting different ways of doing things stood me in good steady when I began … [Read More...]

5 Key Style Tips for Middle Aged Women

Autumn has arrived in SWA, and I don't know about you, but I love this time of year because it means I can at last start covering up the tell-tale droopy bits of my body that try to tell me I'm getting older. The strappy summer dresses and short sleeved shirts can thankfully be packed up and put … [Read More...]

The 7 Ages of Travel by Red Nomad OZ

Laugh and nod along to a humorous slice of travel memoir in this Guest Post by well known and popular travel blogger, Marion Halliday (aka Red Nomad OZ). My 7 Ages of Travel Reflecting on my past – and anticipating my future – lifetime travel experiences leaves me with two indisputable … [Read More...]

Dame Edna comes to York. Hello from my little corner of the world.

Hello today from York, an historic town 100kms east of Perth. I'm at the function centre at the racecourse :) Well, I was this time last Monday! I was really lucky to be invited to be a guest speaker at a Ladies’ Day in York held by the Community Resource Centre which around 100 women … [Read More...]

How to live a more simple life

For a long time now we've been contemplating living a more simple life. You know, I think back to when we were first married and we really didn't need or have many material possessions. Life was quite simple - work, eat, sleep and make a lot of merry. Housework didn't enter the equation. … [Read More...]

Dressing for your body shape

Do you ever walk into a clothes shop and reach the changing room with far too many items to try on but then walk out of the store disappointed, thinking that nothing fits and it's all your fault - must lose weight, must tone up, what happened to my waist, why have I got such big boobs or no … [Read More...]

5 Good Habits You Really Should Start Today

  We all have habits, right? Good and bad. I hope picking your nose isn’t one of them! But it’s true we have habits even if we don't realise we have them, and the good habits really can help make life easier. Why are good habits important? I find that if I stick to a (good) habit, … [Read More...]

45 Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Things

Confession ... when I'm in England I love reading the tabloid newspapers.  If I'm staying with Mum I get up, put the kettle on and run for the Daily Mail which arrives with a satisfying thud on the doormat each day.. Some of the British papers though can be pretty alarmist.  In fact, if you … [Read More...]

How to be more creative on a daily basis

The Perth Writers festival is done and dusted for another year, but my memories are still vivid, and the things I learnt are being practiced daily (cough). I love the event ... it's a bit like being offered a literary chocolate box. Everything is a treat and with so many sessions, both paid … [Read More...]

Smart Casual Style Tips for Autumn

  When the invite says "Smart Casual" what do you wear? I think it's a fashion term which offers us a huge amount of choice, but also some restrictions too. It's got lots of connotations, and I bet you've had to ask someone else what they're wearing to an event which says "Smart Casual" … [Read More...]

Hello from my corner of the World and Top 5 Things to do in North Devon

Hello everyone, and welcome to my temporary corner of the world in North Devon, England. For those of you signed up for the Lifestyle Fifty Newsletter you'll already know that I'm in England for a while because my Mum's not been well. So it's been goodbye 40 degree heat in Perth and Hello 4 … [Read More...]

7 Vintage Style Tips

We can all dream of just popping out to the shops and buying a completely new outfit with matching accessories, just for the hell of it, can't we? In reality, for me at least, it's not going to happen - and deep down, I'd feel no guilty pleasure at spending a fortune on loads of new stuff, I'd … [Read More...]

Skin Products I Love

Every now and then I catch sight of myself in the mirror when I haven't sort of composed my face into a nice uplifted grin that pulls up my downward-dog gravitational wrinkles. And I think: Who is that woman? Yikes! I didn't plan on ageing this way. That marionette line and that sagging jowl … [Read More...]

Sweet Chocolate Treats on The Golden Princess

Are you a chocolate lover? Yes? Oh goodie, me too! Come along with me today as we hop on board the Golden Princess with master chocolatier Norman Love. If you scroll on down, you'll find one of his everso-slightly-naughty Chocolate Journeys recipes. It was a hot sunny day in Melbourne, the … [Read More...]

Scrubba-Dub-Dub and a Giveaway

"You've been gifted what to review?" Dave asked with laughter in his voice. "A washing bag. A Scrubba," I replied "But you don't like doing laundry?" he said before we both fell about laughing. Now while the world's smallest washing machine might have an unusual name it's probably because … [Read More...]

Will Princess Cruises help you Come Back New?

To be completely honest with you I've never put a cruise holiday at the top of my bucket list. I'd always (falsely) assumed it was for those who wanted to  sit around, eat, drink and be relatively immobile, save for a quick march around the ship's deck, while sailing the seven seas in search of … [Read More...]

Travel Friendly Shoes Made For Walking and A Giveaway!

Sponsored Post. When I was 17 I can remember saying to my Mum, "I never want to go on a boat or a plane and I never want to leave Devon." Eleven international relocations, and over 20 countries later ( even though these days I spend a lot of time at the computer) I've had to eat those words … [Read More...]

10 Tips for Everyday Style

  I'm a great one for dishing out advice and then not sticking to it. Especially as I'm writing this sitting at my computer on a stinking hot day in Perth dressed only in a black and pink sarong. I said to Dave over a glass of champagne as we sat watching black swans on the lake only … [Read More...]

How to Age Fabulously (in a mindful way)

"I'm not sure I want to go," I wailed when a show at the Fringe Festival was touted as the venue for a Friday date night a few years back. "Isn't it a bit seedy? Rompy burlesque, dodgy comedians and all that. Ugh it kind of makes me cringe in my seat, I'd rather spend money on doing something … [Read More...]