Fun Things to do in Fremantle

After some bumpy days at sea due to some wild weather, the Sea Princess World Cruise took us from an unplanned overnighter in the bay of Esperance, to Fremantle for our next  port of call. We are a little in love with Fremantle, or Freo as it’s known to the locals, because our home is only half … [Read More...]

The Exciting Southern Ocean and 5 Tips for Rough Weather

Our first portion of the World Cruise onboard Sea Princess took us from Sydney to to Melbourne and then across the Australian Bight to Adelaide. All things considered the sea was pretty calm and the weather fairly decent for the beginning of winter. Right now we are on our way to Fremantle … [Read More...]

A Day in The Barossa Valley

The thing is with cruising is there's just so much to do! If you'd told me that before we jumped on board, I would have said, "Nah, don't be daft. It's all about relaxing, sipping cappuccinos on striped sun loungers looking out to sea, eating fabulous food, and seeing a cabaret show or … [Read More...]

The Importance of Dairy Foods in Your Diet after 50

Sponsored Post. Did you know that it’s estimated that the average woman loses up to 10 per cent of her bone mass in the first five years after menopause? I didn’t. But sometimes when I stand next to my grown up children I do get the distinct feeling that I might be shrinking in height, so I’m … [Read More...]

What to do in Melbourne for a day

Melbourne. The first port of call on our amazing 104 day around the world tour with Princess Cruises, and what a wonderful city in which to start to start our adventure. Here's a short video ... It's a wonderful blend of architectural heritage, vibrant cafes, cosmopolitan restaurants, … [Read More...]

Bon Voyage Sea Princess World Cruise 2016!

Hello and Farewell Sydney! What a beautiful port from which to embark on the Sea Princess 2016 World Cruise. Oh Sydney you are beautiful with all your watery blue finery and iconic buildings, moulding the past with the present so effortlessly. Sadly we only had a little time to explore … [Read More...]

Two Days to Go! Sailing Away on a World Cruise. The Itinerary.

We're very nearly OFF! The bags are packed, except for the final bits and pieces and the last weigh in. Oh help me please every Deity under the sun when my suitcase hits the scales. The anticipation is so intense that I can't sleep, but I'm really looking forward to the first night on the Sea … [Read More...]

Win a NutriBullet!

I've tried juicing and after a while felt it wasn't really for me, but now I've truly found my soul blending mate in the form of NutriBullet. What's even better Lifestylers is that I have one to Giveaway - scroll on down to the end of the post to find out how you could be in with a chance to win … [Read More...]

Trip of a Lifetime with Princess Cruises!

If you came into money what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you go with? I always thought if we ever had a windfall, then I'd go on a cruise, around the world, with my darling boy, Dave. We've been together nearly 34 years, married for most of them, and oh my goodness I haven't … [Read More...]

The Violinist of Venice – A Book Giveaway

Who'd like to win a story of passion, music and ambition? Up for grabs today a book giveaway.  A sweeping historical novel about composer and priest Antonio Vivaldi, a secret wealthy mistress, and their passion for music and each other. Alyssa Palombo is a published writer and this is her … [Read More...]

5 Quick Tips for Travelling in Europe

The weather in Europe is beginning to hot up, and I'm guessing that some of you might be thinking about holidays overseas and maybe taking off for a lovely Mediterranean summer? If not, why not? My new moto is #Yolo - You Only Live Once! With the nip in the air in Australia beginning to … [Read More...]

11 Ways to Refresh Your Wardrobe for Winter

I've lived in a cold climate and I've lived in a hot one too. A few weeks ago I was in the UK and it was really cold, which was pretty easy to dress for really as coming from Australia I just kept layering my thin-blooded body with every bit of warm clothing I could lay my hands on. But in … [Read More...]

How Travel Can Empower You and a Giveaway

Ever since I can remember travel has been a part of my life. When I was a child we moved around England because of my father’s job, and I went to 9 different schools. Making new friends, learning to adapt and fit in, accepting different ways of doing things stood me in good steady when I began … [Read More...]

5 Key Style Tips for Middle Aged Women

Autumn has arrived in SWA, and I don't know about you, but I love this time of year because it means I can at last start covering up the tell-tale droopy bits of my body that try to tell me I'm getting older. The strappy summer dresses and short sleeved shirts can thankfully be packed up and put … [Read More...]

The 7 Ages of Travel by Red Nomad OZ

Laugh and nod along to a humorous slice of travel memoir in this Guest Post by well known and popular travel blogger, Marion Halliday (aka Red Nomad OZ). My 7 Ages of Travel Reflecting on my past – and anticipating my future – lifetime travel experiences leaves me with two indisputable … [Read More...]

Dame Edna comes to York. Hello from my little corner of the world.

Hello today from York, an historic town 100kms east of Perth. I'm at the function centre at the racecourse :) Well, I was this time last Monday! I was really lucky to be invited to be a guest speaker at a Ladies’ Day in York held by the Community Resource Centre which around 100 women … [Read More...]

How to live a more simple life

For a long time now we've been contemplating living a more simple life. You know, I think back to when we were first married and we really didn't need or have many material possessions. Life was quite simple - work, eat, sleep and make a lot of merry. Housework didn't enter the equation. … [Read More...]

Dressing for your body shape

Do you ever walk into a clothes shop and reach the changing room with far too many items to try on but then walk out of the store disappointed, thinking that nothing fits and it's all your fault - must lose weight, must tone up, what happened to my waist, why have I got such big boobs or no … [Read More...]

5 Good Habits You Really Should Start Today

  We all have habits, right? Good and bad. I hope picking your nose isn’t one of them! But it’s true we have habits even if we don't realise we have them, and the good habits really can help make life easier. Why are good habits important? I find that if I stick to a (good) habit, … [Read More...]

45 Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Things

Confession ... when I'm in England I love reading the tabloid newspapers.  If I'm staying with Mum I get up, put the kettle on and run for the Daily Mail which arrives with a satisfying thud on the doormat each day.. Some of the British papers though can be pretty alarmist.  In fact, if you … [Read More...]

How to be more creative on a daily basis

The Perth Writers festival is done and dusted for another year, but my memories are still vivid, and the things I learnt are being practiced daily (cough). I love the event ... it's a bit like being offered a literary chocolate box. Everything is a treat and with so many sessions, both paid … [Read More...]

Smart Casual Style Tips for Autumn

  When the invite says "Smart Casual" what do you wear? I think it's a fashion term which offers us a huge amount of choice, but also some restrictions too. It's got lots of connotations, and I bet you've had to ask someone else what they're wearing to an event which says "Smart Casual" … [Read More...]