Why hanging out with young people is good for you

19 Reasons Why Hanging out with Young People is good for you

Last night I was lucky enough to be asked to speak on a Meet the Blogger panel at a Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) event at Murdoch University. To say I was a little nervous would be an understatement, and I was called as the first blogger to get up and talk which had my tummy … [Read More...]

perfect fit trench coat

A perfect fit trench coat to make all your worries disappear.

Today Don't sweat the small stuff Just be you. Do you have days when you just feel like you've given up on the will to live? It might be because of niggling worries that overtake you, or a big setback or just a fed-upness that won't go away. Lots of little things can put me into the 'oh crikey … [Read More...]

dolphins lifestyle fifty

Lucy in the sea with dolphins – and where to see dolphins in Australia

I love it when I get emails and photos from readers, especially when they're filled with the joys of living an active, healthy and engaged lifestyle. I met Lucy a few years ago, via the internet. Here's a post I wrote some time ago about online friendships. She lives in the United States, and I … [Read More...]

blogging tips how to find ideas

Blogging Tips – How to find Great Ideas

Welcome to Bloggie Friday, the day when we talk about all things blogging and blogging tips. If you're not into writing or blogging, kindly look away and click Here Perhaps for a mystery post from the archives. Enjoy! "S'pleasure ;) I receive lots of emails from beginner bloggers asking, "How … [Read More...]

how to wear ponte pants

How to wear Ponte Pants and look a Million Dollars

Wearing tight fitting clothes is always a conundrum as we get older. Yes, they can accentuate lumps and bumps and Yes, they can have us looking like mutton dressed up as lamb if we’re not careful. Now I know a lot of you feisty Lifestylers will retort, “I don’t think or worry about being mutton … [Read More...]

retirement ideas

Retirement ideas – The art of Protirement

It seems the new retirement trend is not to put our feet up and close the door on contributing to the economy, but to actively jump in with both feet and pursue our passions to make a little money and keep us busy. Retirement ideas - liberating or confining? Okay, while many might view this as a … [Read More...]

blogging tips

10 Blogging Tips to Surprise and Delight your readers

One of the reasons I love blogging is that it keeps me continually on my toes and learning. Learning not only about technical stuff to do with the internet but also how to be a better human being, because ironically although blogging means being holed up alone in a room with a computer for long … [Read More...]

my top 20 movies

My Top 20 Movies and The Clouds of Sils Maria

I was lucky to be invited to a movie premier the other day and trotted off in a bit of finery to see The Clouds of Sils Maria, a movie I hadn't heard about. Going to see movies which we may not have especially earmarked as must-see is good for us I reckon, and takes us out of our movie comfort … [Read More...]

self worth

Do you struggle with feelings of low self worth?

I had an email from a reader the other day that brought tears to my eyes. She said that she was struggling to find her style now that she's into her sixties and at the crux of the matter she really didn't think she was worth spending money on anymore, and deep down couldn't be bothered about how she … [Read More...]

blogging tips lifestyle fifty

Blogging Tips : How to write a popular blog

Why do you get excited about reading some blogs and turn away from others? Which newsletters have you signed up for because you can’t bear the thought of missing out on a single blog post update? These are questions we should keep asking ourselves in the quest to write meaningful, engaging content … [Read More...]

keep fit and healthy tips

21 Must-Do Outdoor Pursuits for the Young at Heart

Today I started a new keep fit and healthy regime. Well, I don't actually like to call it a regime, because to tell you the truth it's a bit of a "Me-Time-Project" and as such I'm looking forward to it. You'll have to wait until Friday for the first episode, and I hope some of you might join me for … [Read More...]

Mother's Day

10 lovely ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother's day comes twice a year for me. Once when I appreciate all that my Mum has done for me on the British date which is in March, and then again a couple of months later in Australia when I'm the one being acknowledged on Mothering Sunday in May. I feel very blessed. I realise that not … [Read More...]

Blogging Tips

Blogging Tips – Omit the Noise but Leave the Signal

Hello everyone and welcome to Bloggie Friday. If you're not into blogging, please don't go away, why don't you catch up on some of the posts you might have missed in the past - you'll find a selection of posts to help you with the 'art of aging and living the good life' right here: Popular … [Read More...]


The Nepal Earthquake

The sight of bloodied children on stretchers, news of so many dead, photos of utter devastation, images of thick dust and rubble now the only remains of centuries old architecture - have been haunting my days and nights. The scenes of desperation as small teams of people tear through bricks and … [Read More...]

How to live the good life

Are you Living The Good Life?

As I've been trawling the Perth city streets in search of a new place to live, I've thought a lot about what makes a place, a suburb or an area really desirable or not. Actually, scratch out the word 'thought' and insert 'drawn blood'. I've agonised too much. I'm always in search of elusive … [Read More...]

inexpensive fashion

Stylish, inexpensive fashion and Win a $50 clothing Voucher.

When I was growing up I was reliably informed by an elderly relative that the colour black was only for funerals. Over the years I've struggled with black because of this deep seated aversion which brings up sepulchral visions for me, and yet black suits me well and I always feel great in … [Read More...]

health checks after 50

What health checks should I have after the age of 50?

This is a sponsored post by Health Insurance Comparison I don't know about you, but as I've moved into my 50's an awful lot more time seems to be spent getting health maintenance checks done. I like to think that's what it takes to keep this vintage model on the road, and I'm a strong believer in … [Read More...]

Mothers Day

Magical Moments with Mum for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is coming up and despite it's commercial nature I'm always keen to acknowledge my wonderful Mum. All too often my reflex action is to send her a lovely card and a big bunch of flowers (because she lives in England) and I thought this year it would be nice to show her how much I love her … [Read More...]

boots wide call out99418_3_456_580

Why I’m chucking out my tarts trotters : Shoes Story

One of my chief aims with Lifestyle Fifty has always been to encourage women to grow older creatively and to take charge of their lives. And the 'taking charge of life bit' made me take a good long hard look at all my tarts trotters lined up (not so) neatly in my wardrobe - scratch that, I should … [Read More...]

study for a new career

Sponsored Video : Study for a new career at home

Sponsored Video Open Colleges. Have you, in recent years, wanted to retrain, or study part-time to do something different? I know I have, and while blogging involves constant studying to stay up to date, I've often been tempted to add on a course which would give me certified qualification - but … [Read More...]

Top 10 personal Bloggers

How to write an unplugged post and my Top 10 Personal Bloggers

"Don't talk about our dirty laundry," was something my father used to tell me when I was growing up. I learnt to zip up and keep quiet about anything that went on in our family, stoic in my British reserve. Looking back on the things that went on in our house I'm not sure that was such a good … [Read More...]

How to have effortless style

How to have Effortless Style

If you could see me sitting here at Perth City Library (we don't have internet access in 'the cave') you would see that I look like a wreck. Er if you want to know more about life in 'the cave' please subscribe (for free) to receive the most recent Newsletter. Sign up for the Lifestyle Fifty … [Read More...]