Leona Edmiston – Pretty Frocks and Designer Glamour at a great price.

I love a pretty frock. Especially if it's easy to wear and doesn't need ironing. Let me introduce you to fashion designer Leona Edmiston who designs the most gorgeous range of women's frocks and dresses.I often click through to Leona Edmiston dresses when I'm in the market for something new … [Read More...]

How to Save Money by buying on Gumtree

I'm all for saving money where I can, and I do quite a lot of shopping over the internet.But it wasn't until my daughter and her boyfriend bought a camper van, and my son  bought a camper trailer from Gumtree that I realised what a great site it is for finding both new and second hand goods … [Read More...]

Best Boots for Comfort and Style

I think I may have just found the most comfortable boots in the world. I’ve been tramping around South West Australia in my GERTY boots through Autumn leaves and country lanes, and my feet have been loving, not hating me (for a change).You know when the shoe fits ;) It just does.And it … [Read More...]

Personalised Mothers Day Gift Ideas

This post contains affiliate links.Remember the days of burnt toast and runny eggs, when your small children would bring you breakfast in bed when they were little? So special! Talk about personalised mothers day gift ideas - that one was personalised - in many ways.After that came the … [Read More...]

How not to gain weight on a cruise and other essential cruise tips.

There are some things in life that you think perhaps you'll never do and others that take you quite by surprise and you do do. Like bungee jump (never no never), jump a horse over a 3 metre fence (done), climb Mount Kilimanjaro (done), white water raft the sun Kosi in Nepal (done), jump out of an … [Read More...]

Are you open to new windows of opportunity?

As I was drinking my early cup of coffee, looking over the lake this morning a bird flew into the living room. With floor length windows on one side the bird in a frenzy flew against them again and again to try and get out, banging his head, fluttering furiously away from me in my attempts to guide … [Read More...]

What to wear with Tan Ankle Boots this Season – Floaty Dress

This post contains affiliate links.I'm so so happy that the weather has cooled down a little in Perth, and I'm able to start layering and wearing ankle boots again.Last week we looked at teaming womens ankle boots with a little black dress in this post: What to Wear With Ankle … [Read More...]

Which are the Best Cruise Deals? Top Travel Bloggers share their Cruising Stories.

This post contains affiliate links.With so many cruising options available it's hard to know which are the best cruise deals on offer, and which are the best cruise lines for your individual needs.On top of that you then have to choose from last minute cruise deals, luxury cruises, … [Read More...]

Going in Style and A Giveaway.

Sponsored post and prize in partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures.Going in Style is an American heist comedy. I can't wait to see it because I'm sure it's going to tickle my funny bone.Lifestyle Fifty is all about the art of ageing and living the good life, so the concept of Going in … [Read More...]

Why I believe in Mammogram Screening

Sponsored Post - Why I go for a mammogram screening every two years. Every two years I trot off for a free mammogram, and I count myself so very lucky.Firstly - it’s free! Isn’t that wonderful? For over 20 years, BreastScreen WA has provided a free breast cancer screening service for women over … [Read More...]

What to Wear with Ankle Boots – The Little Black Dress

This post contains affiliate links.Wearing ankle boots with a dress wasn’t a trend I thought I could pull off, until my daughter showed me some photos of ankle boots on Pinterest and said, “This is how you do it, Mum.”So for this post I decided to take one pair of ankle boots, one little … [Read More...]

How to Find a Cruise that’s Right for YOU!

This post contains affiliate links.Choosing the Best Cruise. A Guest Post by Kathy Marris.I remember a time when I thought cruises were a little too laid back and boring for my liking. In addition I had this preconceived notion that they were like floating retirement villages for senior … [Read More...]

Cruising like a Boss. Save Money on your Next Cruise

This post contains affiliate links.Cruising continues to be one of the most popular ways to see the world at leisure. In so many ways it's a hassle free way of travel, and these days there are soon many cruises to choose from. To start cruising like a boss you need to look out for ways to … [Read More...]

Healthy Lifestyle Tips for Active Ageing

This post contains affiliate links.Do you think you have a healthy lifestyle?If you're anything like me, keeping fit and healthy takes a bit of planning and dedication these days to keep on the straight and narrow!But keeping busy and active, both physically and mentally as we get … [Read More...]

When One Door Closes: Reinvent Your Life

One of the great things about blogging is the lovely people you get to meet. People who very often have the same outlook on life as you do, and are into the same sort of things. I've known Jo Williams for a few years online, and then met her in person at the Problogger Conference on the Gold Coast … [Read More...]

7 Tips for Stylish Dressing to Make YOU Feel GREAT!

This post contains affiliate links.I've just had a big clear out of my wardrobe which made me think about some of my tips for stylish dressing.A cluttered closet is not conducive to stylish dressing over 50, so some of my old lovelies have been tossed onto the reject pile, and will be … [Read More...]

9 Top Travel Bloggers Talk Cruising -The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

This post contains affiliate links.What is it about cruising that entices people to sail the seven seas? What is it about the idea of cruising that puts them off? I asked 9 Top Travel Bloggers to give their opinions on the good, the bad and the ugly of holidays on the ocean waves. Cruising is … [Read More...]

Are You Prepared for The Unexpected?

This post contains affiliate links.I don't want to be maudlin, but there are certain things in life that are never going to change: Being born, being ill, dying and taxes. But are You Prepared for the Unexpected? And do you have adequate insurance cover in place to help you cope if times get … [Read More...]

10 Habits for a Healthy Mind as we grow older

This post contains affiliate links.One of the things I love about cruising is the amount you can learn on sea days. We cruised with Princess Cruises aboard Sea Princess and were treated to some fabulous enrichment lectures. One I particularly enjoyed was all about Habits for a Healthy Mind … [Read More...]

Wa-Hay! It’s The Mad Hatters Tea Party!

Hello Lifestylers! I'm campaigning! As you all know Lifestyle Fifty is about ageing well and living the good life. With the accent on living! But I’m betting that there aren’t too many people amongst us who haven’t been touched by the horrible Big C in some way or another. Whether you’ve had a … [Read More...]

21 Tips to make Long Haul Flights easier

 Mention the words, "Long Haul Flights" to me and my heart begins to beat faster.I love them, loathe them, dread them and look forward to them in equal measure.They promise excitement, adventure, family reunions, and time to sit back relax and be waited on. But they also … [Read More...]

How to look slimmer than you really are : 20 Top Tips for Outfit Choices

Embrace the body you have! I'm absolutely adamant that you should. It's the only one you've got and it's probably carried you well this far in life. But that's not to say that we can't or shouldn't choose outfits that can help make us look slimmer than we really are - if that rocks your boat. So for … [Read More...]