easy cheesecake recipe

The best ever easy cheesecake recipe

Half a lifetime ago I contributed to a wonderful cookbook masterminded by my friend Catherine for the British School Manila. We were living in The Philippines at the time and our children attended the school. In fact we were there for nearly four years, had an amazing time and met some incredible … [Read More...]

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10 Tips for long haul travel

I don't know if you're like me, but I like to be prepared when I go on holiday. Firstly, I don't want to spend time having to buy stuff that I forgot to pack. Secondly, I don't want to become ill due to being unfit, and Thirdly, I want to have enough energy to do EVERYTHING! We've just … [Read More...]


Should you use a Skin Serum?

I'll admit it. I'm vain enough to want to keep my skin looking as good as possible as I age. In many respects I can't help thinking that genetics are to thank for skin that ages well, but I also believe there are products we can use to help retain our skin's glow and elasticity, although of … [Read More...]

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10 Reasons to Book a Cycle Cruise Holiday

Regular readers of Lifestyle Fifty will know that we've just returned from a trip of a lifetime to Europe during which we visited 12 different countries, and went on a fantastic cycle cruise with the Katarina Line in Croatia. And now that the weather is cold, wet and windy in South West … [Read More...]

eup tips for women over 50

Super Makeup Tips for women over 50

I have to admit that I don't wear make up every day, and often I go for a very minimal look. A bit of BB cream, a dusting of bronzer, lipstick, a quick brush of muddy coloured eye shadow, then a wave of the mascara wand and I'm ready to go, but recently I was lucky to be invited by Katie from The … [Read More...]

feel good look great

Feel good look great … by laughing.

As I get older I realise how important it is to laugh. Every day. And I love being with people who make me giggle about life's little absurdities, and if I can't be with someone in real life then I'll take my laughing medicine from friends online. This appeared on my Facebook Friend Lynne's … [Read More...]

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Get involved with the Sisterhood, Sister!

So on Friday evening, instead of glugging back half a bottle of wine over dinner with my dearest before plumping down like a stuffed turkey in front of the TV on a cold wintery night I went to an organised Girls' Night Out. I answered "Yes" to the invitation with gay abandon, until the event … [Read More...]

Travel Clothing, W Lane

How to choose Travel Clothes and Rock It!

When it comes to packing for a holiday I'm a bit of a ditherer. A pile of mostly unsuitable clothing gets dumped on the spare bed and over a couple of days pieces are eliminated until I have a capsule wardrobe of almost passable travel clothing. Of course I'd like to get off a plane wearing … [Read More...]


I just want to go home

Is it ok to say that I'm pretty much over boats, buses and planes? Can I admit that after five weeks away in stunningly beautiful places, and a little out of my comfort zone at times, I want to go home? My dear old Mum isn't well, my mobile won't top up with credit due to some crazy credit card … [Read More...]

a better you at lifestyle fifty

20 Days to a better you – Day 1 – Dance in the rain, don’t wait for the rain to pass

  20 Days to a better you - Day 1 I'm on holiday in Europe at the moment, and this post was written and scheduled before I left. Hope you like it :) It's raining, it's pouring, the old man may be snoring, but I'm not! In my tangerine dressing gown and pink fluffy slippers (not a pretty … [Read More...]


Learning to exhale in Europe

I was keyed up with a mixture of anticipation, excitement and anxiousness as we set off on our European adventure.Don't ask me why, maybe it's my age. But anyway, let's say I was worrying about lots of little things.Out of the comfort zone and into adventureAnd I realise that I'd … [Read More...]


Travelling Outfits – What to wear for Springtime in Europe

It's away we go and off on an adventure. So, on with the travelling outfit from W. Lane. 'Wear I go ' and what am I wearing? I really hope that as my main 'posh' outfit, that it's going to stay the course; 10 countries in 14 days, and then Croatia - with Expat Explore. Thanks to W. Lane for … [Read More...]

Natalie Scott

How to prevent gaining weight on holiday

When we reach our fifties, many of us are lucky enough to find a little more time for holidays and getaways. Which is great, but they are also booby time traps for gaining weight. You know the feeling? "Ah well, I'm on holiday ... so I might as well eat what I like and worry about the love … [Read More...]

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Inspiring women – Brenda Ellen

Nearly everyday I'm inspired by women in some way. Their strength, their beauty, their creativity, their entrepreneurship and their ability to lead from the hip always makes me want to ask lots of questions to find out what makes them tick! Today I'm interviewing a very inspiring 50+ woman, an … [Read More...]

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Great Competition Giveaways – Are you Ready?

I love being able to share the fireworks so when I'm offered products to giveaway to Lifestyle Fifty readers (or to my travel blog ZigaZag readers) I jump at the chance to share the love around a little bit with competition giveaways. This giveaway competition consists of some fabulous personal … [Read More...]


How to manage Change when you hate transition

A couple of weeks ago my hubby said: "It's the right for me to take a work sabbatical. So let's take this opportunity to go to Europe for a few months." Waaaaaaaaah! Fanblimmintastic! Was my first excited reaction. But I'm not twenty something without life baggage and commitments, and within … [Read More...]

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10 Makeup Tips and Tricks as you get older

I'm such a slap-it-on dinosaur when it comes to making up, that it was with great pleasure to find a really helpful guest post  plop into my email box the other day. I realised, that I haven't given my make up much thought for the last (gasp) 10 years at least, and have been stuck in a very basic … [Read More...]

Robyn Davidson Small

Robyn Davidson The Camel Lady

Last night we went to watch the (very good) movie 'Tracks', which is the film about Robyn Davidson's epic 2,700 kilometre trek from Alice Springs across the Australian outback to the Indian Ocean in 1977. Have you seen it yet? You should definitely go if you enjoy stories about intrepid … [Read More...]

Kelly Exeter (Swish Design) organiser of Perth Problogger Event Feb 2014

How to write a book in 18 days or How to Make Your Dreams Come True!

Hello Lovelies, ok I know that not all of you want to write a book, let alone in 18 days, but this post by guest writer Kelly Exeter is about much more than putting your thoughts onto paper. It's more about * Not Procrastinating * and *Going After Your Dreams*. Now whether that does involve … [Read More...]


Discount Vouchers up for grabs! Verily we come!

The Winner of the Lifestyle Fifty Verily Fashion voucher for $120 has just been announced and a very big Well Done to ... Annabel. Her voucher is winging its way across the stratosphere. "As a thank you to the rest of the Lifestyle Fifty ladies for entering I would like to offer  a 10% discount … [Read More...]


Tips for a Lifestyle Business by Inspiring Women

This is the beginning of a series about inspiring women, and their tips for a lifestyle business. We're talking to women who have either battled against the odds, overcome heartache or hardship or just grabbed the bull by the horns and embarked on a new path later in life when the kids have left … [Read More...]

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Inspiring Quotes from ProBlogger Darren Rowse to help you Release Your Mojo!

When I arrived in Australia 5 years ago, I struggled to get any freelance writing work. It seemed as if my world was caving in  because throughout our nomadic existence moving around the world following Dave's career and work projects, the one thread that always held me together was writing. I … [Read More...]