15 Ways to Stress Less and Spend Less on Housekeeping.

The lead up to Christmas isn't always bright lights, champagne and laughter, is it? Do you often find yourself asking: "How can I spend less on housekeeping?" and "How can I do more but stress less?" I know I do. Too often the lead up to Christmas sees me in a spin and money disappearing from … [Read More...]

What to give the woman who has everything

  It's all to easy to lapse into default at Christmas isn't it? When you're wondering what to give the woman who has everything, or who appears to have everything, it's really hard not to slip into gifting 'the smellies' option. Er, know what I mean? To tell you the truth, I've seen … [Read More...]

Healthy Cheese Snacks and My Botched Bake Off.

Sponsored Post. When I was on the World Cruise it was so easy to pop to the buffet for a healthy snack, all nicely prepared for me, and I could pick and choose exactly what I wanted. Let me tell you it’s been hellish getting back into the hunting, gathering and cooking frame of mind, so I’ve … [Read More...]

17 Reasons Why Camping is Good For You

We’ve just had a lovely weekend away down south. Not in five star luxury, not in three star convenience ... but under canvas in a tent. And it was brilliant. Which has led me to think about the reasons why camping is good for you. Really good for you. Honest! Dave and I didn’t fall out … [Read More...]

How to lose weight in a sustainable way when you’re over 50

When I was younger all it took to lose a little weight was to cut down on portion size, cut out alcohol and do a little more exercise for a short period of time. Now I'm over 50 it takes much longer to lose weight in a sustainable way, and it's much harder to shed the blubber, so most of the time … [Read More...]

Can’ts into Cans, Dreams into Plans, and Stylish Leather Handbags.

I'm Lovin' Life this week and not just because I'm really lucky to have a new stylish leather handbag! Maybe you've been looking for a fabulous handbag? Perhaps been searching for 'stylish leather handbags' all over the place but not finding what you want? Looking for a beautiful laptop bag or a … [Read More...]

Why Travel? 10 Reasons to get you packing your suitcase.

Travelling is a great eye opener. I've been travelling the world for most of my life, but now my gypsy heart is happy to have roots in Western Australia. But Why Travel?  I hope this post gives you the reasons to get packing your . “Get out of the house!” That’s what my hubby is always telling … [Read More...]

The Very Regal Emerald Princess Comes To Fremantle

Hello Everyone from Emerald Princess, and welcome to another Lovin' Life Linky. If you're new around here, you'll know that Thursdays is a kind of Thank You letter to the Universe kind of day, when a bunch of awesome bloggers write posts about why we're lovin' life, and encourage you to do the … [Read More...]

How to Keep Fit Without Stressing

If you’re like me, you’d far rather be reading, writing, watching a  great movie or drinking wine with friends than exercising. The thought of getting all hot and sweaty and going for a jog, doesn’t really set my fires alight. So I’m constantly trying to trick myself into getting the exercise I … [Read More...]

What I’m Loving This Week – Lovin’ Life

I hope you've all had a good week. I can't believe how fast this one's flown. And it's already time for the Lovin' Life link-up again. I'm wondering what you've all been up to, and would really love to hear about the things you've done or loved this week, or if you'd like to link up something you've … [Read More...]

Downsizing. To downsize or not, that is the question.

For most of my adult life I’ve been searching for dream homes. Gulp. Now I'm facing the idea of downsizing. I love houses, and have to admit to being very lucky, having lived in a couple of (what I consider) dream houses which for various reasons at various times we had to leave when we moved to … [Read More...]

What I’m Loving This Week – A Lovin Life Linky

Each Thursday I'm going to write a post sharing with you some of the things that I'm loving about life, and invite you to think about what you've loved about life during the week that's flown. A sort of Thank You Universe letter. It might be a random selection of happiness or something specific … [Read More...]

The Reluctant Cuckoo, a Novel out of Africa

I first met Cathy Donald at a book club in South Africa. Our children went to the same school and I was invited by another friend to join a book club she belonged to. New to Cape Town I was keen to meet people and the club provided the perfect opportunity to chat, eat great food, drink wine and … [Read More...]

What age is elderly? What age is Mature?

Here's the thing. I was an expat wife and a stay at home mum for around 20 years. When the day came and our house was empty except for Dave and myself I felt completely at a loss. I also, overnight, felt quite a lot older. I spoke about the empty nest syndrome and all that it entails on radio the … [Read More...]

7 Top Tips for Cruise Clothes

I'll post the complete World Cruise packing list in a future post, but for the time being some of you have been asking me for tips about what to wear on a cruise and asking "How much, and what can you buy on a cruise to top up your wardrobe if necessary?" If you don't have to fly to your … [Read More...]

What’s it really like onboard a Princess Cruises ship?

How's your week going so far, Lifestylers, I hope you're busy in a good way, not trying to be perfect (you did get the newsletter on Friday, didn't you?), and enjoying being You, the very unique You that you are. We're already looking forward to the weekend and wondering what to plan and do. Have … [Read More...]

Help! Drunk Monkeys Are Running Around My Brain.

I'm having a bit of a 'bleugh' day today. I don't feel particularly well, and as a result everything seems that bit harder. So I'm having a bit of a moment, and telling myself to remember just "Go Smile", keep up the good fight, and be happy, like I was above. (That's Stuart McGunigall, Cruise … [Read More...]

Why I Love Ponte Pants and 5 Ways to Wear Them.

I'm still wearing my Ponte Pants because Spring has been slow to arrive in WA. But I'll probably go on wearing them at least until summer strikes with her iron-clad hand. I seriously love them. Since I returned from the world cruise they've been my go-to garment of choice because they're so … [Read More...]

7 Ways to Use Strawberries as part of your Health and Beauty Regime

Too often we complain about things going up up and up in price, but I don't know if it's the same where you live but strawberries are crazy inexpensive with us in Perth right now. Which means I keep on buying packs of them, and getting ever more inventive with them, and I'm going to end up looking … [Read More...]

How to Create a Perfect Party Cheeseboard

Sponsored Post. It was my daughter’s birthday at the weekend. She turned 25 years old.  My gosh, I was rummaging through old photos and dug out the one above of when she turned 6 and just had to post it! (Sorry Em!) Oh my - where did the time go? In days gone by, when she was small, her … [Read More...]

I’m on the Radio!

When I first started blogging, all I wanted to do was travel, then sit on a beach under an umbrella or in the bush under a shady tree, and write and write and write to entertain anyone who was generous enough to take the time to read my ramblings. Gradually I started including lifestyle … [Read More...]

Why a Walk in Nature is Good for You

Walk in Nature When we first arrived in Western Australia the State seemed so vast and the scenery so unknown to us that when a friend in Bunbury mentioned she'd been to see the tulips at Araluen Botanical Park near Perth, I thought how odd. In my ignorance, I associated mass plantings of … [Read More...]