Cruising through the Suez Canal

I've just received a Facebook message from my daughter who's travelling in Vanuata, and she said: "Mum, I thnk I've died and gone to heaven! Well, as I sit here on our Stateroom balcony looking out on the Suez Canal having a 4 course specialty breakfast on Sea Princess I wrote back, "I think we … [Read More...]

A Late Bloomer Rocking her Retirement Dream

Sponsored by Nuffnang and Sunsuper’s the Dream Project. Lynn Ruth Miller started a brand new career at the ripe young age of 71 and, at 83, is currently the oldest performing stand-up comedienne on both sides of the Atlantic. Isn’t that incredible? Wow, this is someone who totally rocks the … [Read More...]

The Lost City of Petra, Jordan

We’ve just returned in a state of wonderment after spending a day exploring the ruins of an ancient city which had its heyday more than 2000 years ago. The Lost City of Petra is one of the 7 Wonders of the World and is situated in southern Jordan. It’s an ancient and archaeologically … [Read More...]

World Cruise Veterans. Meet The Parry’s.

The other day I had the chance to chat to Yvonne and Russell Parry from Geelong in Victoria who have amazingly done 25 cruises, equalling 2053 days with Princess Cruises. They started cruising in 2000, and by my caluclations have spent just shy of 6 years on cruise ships. What struck me most … [Read More...]

How Much Dairy Food do Women Over 50 Really Need?

Sponsored Post. Do any of you remember the days of the milkman? Can you recall the jingle jangle of the milk cart as it pulled up outside your front door, very early in the morning, and the milkman (often with a jolly whistle) would deposit fresh milk at the doorstep? "One pint or two, … [Read More...]

Letter from the Sea Princess

Well, we've been on the Sea Princess now for a month and how time has flown. But what a time we've had! So I thought it was time to write you a letter, about what life is like on board. Letter from the Sea Princess. Much of the time on this first leg has been spent on the high seas with … [Read More...]

Desert Safari and Wadi Tour in Oman

One of the joys of having a Sea Princess stateroom with a balcony is being able to jump out of bed in the morning, grab a dressing gown or sarong and watch a new and exciting destination loom into view. Cruising into the port of Mina Qaboos in Muscat, Oman was just magical. It felt as if we were … [Read More...]

A Life on the Ocean Waves

One of the most fascinating and enriching things about being a blogger on a cruise is having the privilege to get to know the crew and find out more about their lives and their work.  Yesterday on Sea Princess we chatted to the friendly Customer Services Director, Angus Wilkinson who told us … [Read More...]

How to Create a Happy and Meaningful Life.

One of the great things about the Sea Princess World Cruise is the number of enrichment lectures on offer. I've trotted off to lots of them already, and love listening to Aija Bruvere who hails from Riga in Latvia, talking about issues that are close to our hearts. I mean who wouldn't want to go … [Read More...]

What will your Legacy be?

Do you have a legacy you'd like to leave to your children? For instance, how would you like to be remembered? What life lessons do you think you've passed on to your children? Life Stories If our life stories are our legacy then what would you like to pass on to future generations of … [Read More...]

Dubai – City of Gold, from Rags to Riches

After 10 days at sea, on Saturday 4th June, we were thrilled to see tall fantastical buildings looming out of a sand mist in the port of Dubai. Eerie, other worldly, it was as if a desert mirage had appeared in a dream, and it wasn't until we neared the port that we saw evidence of … [Read More...]

Backpacker or Bling? What’s your retirement dream?

Sponsored by Nuffnang and Sunsuper’s the Dream Project As many of you know, I’m fortunate enough to be on a world cruise at the moment. I’m visiting 27 different countries on a 104 night adventure circumnavigating the globe. I’ve met some amazing retired people who are living their … [Read More...]

Fashion at Sea. Cruise style on the Sea Princess.

The Atrium filled up with people who began crowding the stairs and leaning expectantly over the bannisters as preparations were made for the Runway at Sea Fashion Show on the Sea Princess. It was a glitz and glamour affair with commentary, professional photographers and of course little old … [Read More...]

The Show Must Go On with Stuart McGunigall

  It's not everyday that you get to meet a man who has to keep 2000 people entertained for 104 days. That seems an impossible task, but Stuart McGunigall, Cruise Director on the 2016 Sea Princess World Cruise, has it all under control. We caught up with him the other day, to get a … [Read More...]

Specialty Dining on the Sea Princess.

In the past, when I've thought about cruise ships, great food has featured prominently in my idea of lazy days at sea. Well actually, so have colourful exotic cocktails around the pool and exciting destinations, for that matter, but let's just stick to food for the moment. Food Glorious … [Read More...]

Fun Things to do in Fremantle

After some bumpy days at sea due to some wild weather, the Sea Princess World Cruise took us from an unplanned overnighter in the bay of Esperance, to Fremantle for our next  port of call. First up a little video of some of the things we got up to and you might expect :) We are a little in … [Read More...]

The Exciting Southern Ocean and 5 Tips for Rough Weather

Our first portion of the World Cruise onboard Sea Princess took us from Sydney to to Melbourne and then across the Australian Bight to Adelaide. All things considered the sea was pretty calm and the weather fairly decent for the beginning of winter. Right now we are on our way to Fremantle … [Read More...]

A Day in The Barossa Valley

The thing is with cruising is there's just so much to do! If you'd told me that before we jumped on board, I would have said, "Nah, don't be daft. It's all about relaxing, sipping cappuccinos on striped sun loungers looking out to sea, eating fabulous food, and seeing a cabaret show or … [Read More...]

The Importance of Dairy Foods in Your Diet after 50

Sponsored Post. Did you know that it’s estimated that the average woman loses up to 10 per cent of her bone mass in the first five years after menopause? I didn’t. But sometimes when I stand next to my grown up children I do get the distinct feeling that I might be shrinking in height, so I’m … [Read More...]

What to do in Melbourne for a day

Melbourne. The first port of call on our amazing 104 day around the world tour with Princess Cruises, and what a wonderful city in which to start to start our adventure. Here's a short video ... It's a wonderful blend of architectural heritage, vibrant cafes, cosmopolitan restaurants, … [Read More...]

Bon Voyage Sea Princess World Cruise 2016!

Hello and Farewell Sydney! What a beautiful port from which to embark on the Sea Princess 2016 World Cruise. Oh Sydney you are beautiful with all your watery blue finery and iconic buildings, moulding the past with the present so effortlessly. Sadly we only had a little time to explore … [Read More...]

Two Days to Go! Sailing Away on a World Cruise. The Itinerary.

We're very nearly OFF! The bags are packed, except for the final bits and pieces and the last weigh in. Oh help me please every Deity under the sun when my suitcase hits the scales. The anticipation is so intense that I can't sleep, but I'm really looking forward to the first night on the Sea … [Read More...]