The White Cliffs of Dover and Canterbury

Sea Princess docked in Dover a day early, having had to miss Germany due to bad gales which prevented entry into the port of Warnemunde - which was closed to ships exiting or entering. A Short Visit to Dover and Canterbury in Kent, the Garden of England It felt really strange for me to be … [Read More...]

Cruising The Baltic Sea. Tallinn, Estonia and Riga, Latvia.

The day after we left St Petersburg we arrived at the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn - another gem of the Baltic Sea. We’d been told the old town was the place to visit, and the place to drink vodka, although we were all vodka’d out after two days in Russia ;) and we had plans to do lots of … [Read More...]

The Best of St Petersburg, Russia

Visiting Russia had been high on our ‘one day’ bucket list so when we knew the Sea Princess world cruise would include 2 days in St Petersburg we were more than excited. The Best of St Petersburg was the title of our ship’s tour, and what an incredible two days we had, crammed with wonder after … [Read More...]

Healthy Bones Action Week Challenge

Sponsored Post. Bones Bones Bones! I’ve been invited by Dairy Australia to be a Healthy Bones Action Week Champion which is really exciting and will focus my thoughts on not only making sure that I get enough calcium to support my aging bones but to encourage you to do the same. Although I’m no … [Read More...]

A Snapshot of Helsinki

Ice white air, a myriad of small islands, and pockets of sunlight shafting through rain clouds, which made the sea glitter like silver in the distance, heralded our approach to Helsinki on 30th June 2016. So many islands The islands ranged from tiny solitary granite outcrops to larger … [Read More...]

Why You Should Visit Stockholm

If it’s Wednesday, it must be Stockholm! That's what we said as we woke with the sun peaking through the black-out curtains on Sea Princess,  very early, for the nights are short in this part of Europe at this time of year :) As our world reinvented itself before our eyes, and the Stockholm … [Read More...]

Top Things to do in Copenhagen in Just One Day

We were at the front of the queue to disembark Sea Princess when we arrived Denmark, because we wanted to walk around the city before joining a Princess shore excursion later in the morning, and we trotted swiftly into Copenhagen along the pretty waterfront on a day which promised rain. First … [Read More...]

10 Reasons to go on a World Cruise

We're now over half way on our 104 night World Cruise with Princess Cruises, aboard Sea Princess. And looking back to our very first day seems so long ago. Our welcome aboard was kind of rockstar and any doubts we might have had about cruising (this is our very first) were batted to the sidelines … [Read More...]

7 Tips for a Great Day Out in Bruges

The Belgian port of Zeebrugge was the eleventh port of call on the Sea Princess around the world 104 night cruise. It’s really hard to believe that we’ve been aboard the Sea Princess for over 5 weeks, and since we’ve left Australia every destination we’ve explored has been so … [Read More...]

Dairy Facts – Setting the Record Straight

Sponsored by Dairy Australia. For quite a few years I have to admit that dairy foods have not been top of my mind when it comes to healthy eating. Why is this, when there is so much evidence to support the benefits of dairy foods? I guess it’s because there are so many fad diets around … [Read More...]

What to do in Lisbon if you only have one day

It was a perfect summer’s day, the early morning cool, the sky cloudless as we cruised towards Lisbon on Sea Princess, and although anticipating our day ahead keenly, we had no real expectations about what to expect in Lisbon, as we hadn’t made any firm plans or booked any tours. But we knew … [Read More...]

The Amalfi Coast, Capri, Sorrento and Pompeii

We’ve just spent two amazing days in Italy, docking first at Salerno and then at Civitavecchia. It’s been a whirlwind of ancient sites and breathtaking vistas, and although we only had a taste of Italy it was the most exquisite introduction, and we’ve vowed to return - especially to the Amalfi … [Read More...]

Highlights of Rome in a Day

Saturday 18th June on Sea Princess. The day was heralded by a spectacular Mediterranean sunrise as we looked towards Civitavecchia, our second port of call in Italy. This was to be our first ever visit to Rome and we decided to book on a ship's shore excursion which provided the most … [Read More...]

From Bellboy to Hotel General Manager on Sea Princess

After an amazing 41 years at sea Anthony Pollendine has seen many changes in the cruising world. Starting out first of all as a bellboy working in the elevators, he’s worked his way up from cadet to steward to barman to first pursor, and now holds the very important job of Hotel General Manager on … [Read More...]

Cruising through the Suez Canal

I've just received a Facebook message from my daughter who's travelling in Vanuata, and she said: "Mum, I thnk I've died and gone to heaven! Well, as I sit here on our Stateroom balcony looking out on the Suez Canal having a 4 course specialty breakfast on Sea Princess I wrote back, "I think we … [Read More...]

A Late Bloomer Rocking her Retirement Dream

Sponsored by Nuffnang and Sunsuper’s the Dream Project. Lynn Ruth Miller started a brand new career at the ripe young age of 71 and, at 83, is currently the oldest performing stand-up comedienne on both sides of the Atlantic. Isn’t that incredible? Wow, this is someone who totally rocks the … [Read More...]

The Lost City of Petra, Jordan

We’ve just returned in a state of wonderment after spending a day exploring the ruins of an ancient city which had its heyday more than 2000 years ago. The Lost City of Petra is one of the 7 Wonders of the World and is situated in southern Jordan. It’s an ancient and archaeologically … [Read More...]

World Cruise Veterans. Meet The Parry’s.

The other day I had the chance to chat to Yvonne and Russell Parry from Geelong in Victoria who have amazingly done 25 cruises, equalling 2053 days with Princess Cruises. They started cruising in 2000, and by my caluclations have spent just shy of 6 years on cruise ships. What struck me most … [Read More...]

How Much Dairy Food do Women Over 50 Really Need?

Sponsored Post. Do any of you remember the days of the milkman? Can you recall the jingle jangle of the milk cart as it pulled up outside your front door, very early in the morning, and the milkman (often with a jolly whistle) would deposit fresh milk at the doorstep? "One pint or two, … [Read More...]

Letter from the Sea Princess

Well, we've been on the Sea Princess now for a month and how time has flown. But what a time we've had! So I thought it was time to write you a letter, about what life is like on board. Letter from the Sea Princess. Much of the time on this first leg has been spent on the high seas with … [Read More...]

Desert Safari and Wadi Tour in Oman

One of the joys of having a Sea Princess stateroom with a balcony is being able to jump out of bed in the morning, grab a dressing gown or sarong and watch a new and exciting destination loom into view. Cruising into the port of Mina Qaboos in Muscat, Oman was just magical. It felt as if we were … [Read More...]

A Life on the Ocean Waves

One of the most fascinating and enriching things about being a blogger on a cruise is having the privilege to get to know the crew and find out more about their lives and their work.  Yesterday on Sea Princess we chatted to the friendly Customer Services Director, Angus Wilkinson who told us … [Read More...]