21 Tips to make Long Haul Flights easier

  Mention the words, "Long Haul Flights" to me and my heart begins to beat faster. I love them, loathe them, dread them and look forward to them in equal measure. They promise excitement, adventure, family reunions, and time to sit back relax and be waited on. But they also … [Read More...]

How to look slimmer than you really are : 20 Top Tips for Outfit Choices

Embrace the body you have! I'm absolutely adamant that you should. It's the only one you've got and it's probably carried you well this far in life. But that's not to say that we can't or shouldn't choose outfits that can help make us look slimmer than we really are - if that rocks your boat. So for … [Read More...]

What not to wear when you’re of a certain age

Okay so you have in your mind a whole list of things that you think you shouldn't wear now that you're older. "It will make me look like mutton dressed up as lamb," you bleat. But you know what? I say now that you're of a certain age you really should wear whatever you want. At least whatever … [Read More...]

To Do Lists or Not To Do Lists?

I’m a big lists person. I make lists all the time. The sad thing is making to do lists doesn’t seem to make me more organised. Far from it. Rather it seems to have the opposite effect because I have lists scrawled on scraps of paper in my handbag, a list of things to do in my desk diary, … [Read More...]

I’m a Dairy Girl. These are the reasons WHY.

This post is sponsored, but even if it wasn't, I'd still be a Dairy Girl :) I have to admit, I love dairy foods. Always have. Yep, can safely say, I'm a dairy girl. And I see dairy products as an irreplaceable component of my diet. Milk, cheese and yoghurt are very often the ‘main event’ … [Read More...]

Sun Safety and Melanomas. What you Need to Know.

There’s a moment in everyone’s life when you suddenly stop sweating the small stuff. When the world seems to stop spinning and remains motionless on its axis. When breathing stops. Just for a moment at least. That searing moment of vision when I realized the truth about immortality, and … [Read More...]

The Secret to Healthy Ageing may be Hiding in our Fridges

Sponsored Post. There’s nothing I love more than a hunk of fresh bread, some real butter and a slice of mature cheddar cheese. If you come to visit you’ll always find cheese in our fridge. If you ask me why, I’ll tell you we love cheese, because it tastes great and because it’s so … [Read More...]

How to lose weight you may have put on over Christmas

  My hand is up, I have to admit, I’ve fallen off the healthy eating rails this Christmas and my waistline has expanded. I enjoyed every minute of eating all the good things over the festive period in England with my family but now I need to cut back on the naughtiness - so if you're … [Read More...]

Merry Christmas and Farewell 2016

It's a funny old time of year really isn't it? On the one hand there's all the razzmatazz of the festive season and the lead up to Christmas Day and on the other there's a feeling of, 'Oh crikey, another year is drawing to a close - how did that go by so fast?' Some of you social … [Read More...]

13 great books to make you laugh or cry.

If you're like me, you love reading but never get enough time to read very much! So if you're stuck for some last minute Christmas gift ideas or need a Christmas Santa idea for yourself, I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of 13 great books to make you laugh or cry - books that … [Read More...]

How to look younger and healthier without resorting to cosmetic surgery

To Be or Not to be Young and Beautiful? When it comes to cosmetic surgery, it has been said that America is the cosmetic surgery of the world, that Britain is more technically advanced, and that many beauty procedures are cheaper in the Philippines and South Africa.. While major body work, as … [Read More...]

How to incorporate Dairy into your Daily Diet

Sponsored Post. When I was growing up we could ride horses almost before we could walk, and our spare time was filled with ponies and gymkhanas and visiting our friends on farms. My cousin is married to a dairy farmer in England, deep down in the lush green western corner of North … [Read More...]

15 Ways to Stress Less and Spend Less on Housekeeping.

The lead up to Christmas isn't always bright lights, champagne and laughter, is it? Do you often find yourself asking: "How can I spend less on housekeeping?" and "How can I do more but stress less?" I know I do. Too often the lead up to Christmas sees me in a spin and money disappearing from … [Read More...]

What to give the woman who has everything

  It's all to easy to lapse into default at Christmas isn't it? When you're wondering what to give the woman who has everything, or who appears to have everything, it's really hard not to slip into gifting 'the smellies' option. Er, know what I mean? To tell you the truth, I've seen … [Read More...]

Healthy Cheese Snacks and My Botched Bake Off.

Sponsored Post. When I was on the World Cruise it was so easy to pop to the buffet for a healthy snack, all nicely prepared for me, and I could pick and choose exactly what I wanted. Let me tell you it’s been hellish getting back into the hunting, gathering and cooking frame of mind, so I’ve … [Read More...]

17 Reasons Why Camping is Good For You

We’ve just had a lovely weekend away down south. Not in five star luxury, not in three star convenience ... but under canvas in a tent. And it was brilliant. Which has led me to think about the reasons why camping is good for you. Really good for you. Honest! Dave and I didn’t fall out … [Read More...]

How to lose weight in a sustainable way when you’re over 50

When I was younger all it took to lose a little weight was to cut down on portion size, cut out alcohol and do a little more exercise for a short period of time. Now I'm over 50 it takes much longer to lose weight in a sustainable way, and it's much harder to shed the blubber, so most of the time … [Read More...]

Can’ts into Cans, Dreams into Plans, and Stylish Leather Handbags.

I'm Lovin' Life this week and not just because I'm really lucky to have a new stylish leather handbag! Maybe you've been looking for a fabulous handbag? Perhaps been searching for 'stylish leather handbags' all over the place but not finding what you want? Looking for a beautiful laptop bag or a … [Read More...]

Why Travel? 10 Reasons to get you packing your suitcase.

Travelling is a great eye opener. I've been travelling the world for most of my life, but now my gypsy heart is happy to have roots in Western Australia. But Why Travel?  I hope this post gives you the reasons to get packing your . “Get out of the house!” That’s what my hubby is always telling … [Read More...]

The Very Regal Emerald Princess Comes To Fremantle

Hello Everyone from Emerald Princess, and welcome to another Lovin' Life Linky. If you're new around here, you'll know that Thursdays is a kind of Thank You letter to the Universe kind of day, when a bunch of awesome bloggers write posts about why we're lovin' life, and encourage you to do the … [Read More...]

How to Keep Fit Without Stressing

If you’re like me, you’d far rather be reading, writing, watching a  great movie or drinking wine with friends than exercising. The thought of getting all hot and sweaty and going for a jog, doesn’t really set my fires alight. So I’m constantly trying to trick myself into getting the exercise I … [Read More...]

What I’m Loving This Week – Lovin’ Life

I hope you've all had a good week. I can't believe how fast this one's flown. And it's already time for the Lovin' Life link-up again. I'm wondering what you've all been up to, and would really love to hear about the things you've done or loved this week, or if you'd like to link up something you've … [Read More...]