What’s Your Favourite Cocktail?

One of the lovely things about being on a cruise is that after a hot day sightseeing you can come back on board, kick off your shoes, put on your sarong and enjoy a long cool cocktail as the ship leaves yet another beautiful destination. There’s no driving to worry about, no taxis to pay, no … [Read More...]

Skincare Tips for Ladies over 50 and More from the Lotus Spa

Skincare tips for Ladies over 50. My first experience of the Lotus Spa on Sea Princess was one of complete relaxation - I had a deep tissue massage which lasted 50 minutes. Usually I’m dragging my feet past the spa on the way to the gym for a much more intense workout, so to lie back and relax, … [Read More...]

Paradise Found in French Polynesia

As Sea Princess prepared to cruise out of Valparaiso in Chile we looked from our Stateroom Balcony over the city and just as we were waxing lyrical about the city, our neighbour popped his head around the balcony and said, “Fancy a beer?” and so we joined Kerry and Di for a sundowner next door as … [Read More...]

Fit, Fab and 50 Challenge Review

Sponsored Post.  What a week it’s been, not only have we visited Peru and Santiago on the cruise, but I’ve been paying attention to my bones - and I think (and hope) that many of you reading this will have also been involved too. Involved in what, I can hear some of you asking? The Healthy … [Read More...]

25 Tips to Keep Fit, Relax, and Come Back New

A Princess Cruises World Cruise offers a host of ways for you to keep fit, relax and help you to 'Come Back New'. At first I didn't believe how many things there would be to do on Sea Princess, thinking my days at sea might be spent around the pool with a good book, but now, almost near the end … [Read More...]

Style Tips and Confessions of a Personal Shopper

I met Jackie on the first leg of the Princess Round the World Cruise. Actually we were bobbing in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea when we first said “Hi” . We were on a Desert Safari and Wadi Tour in Oman. Jackie hails form Kent, in England. She’s married to Richard (they’ve just … [Read More...]

Dedicated Writers Reap Rewards

New to Bunbury in 2010 I was keen to connect with other writers, and one day in a cafe close to where we were living at the time I met Ingrid who introduced me to Glennys and we decided to start-up a writer’s group. The group grew quickly to include 12 of us, and back in 2010 we began talking … [Read More...]

How to take better holiday videos

We've been so lucky to meet many talented people on the Sea Princess World Cruise, and two of them include the ship's videographers Sophie and Waide, two film makers who are loving travelling the world and capturing the unique stories of each country we visit. They're always out and about … [Read More...]

World Cruise Highlights

What an amazing world cruise! Sea Princess has been sailing a 104-night global circumnavigation from Australia taking in 37 destinations in 25 countries over a distance of 28,709 nautical miles (the equivalent of 53,169 kilometres). The highlights have been too many to mention with visits to … [Read More...]

Loved our time in Paracas and Lima, Peru.

  Sea Princess made two ports of call in Peru, a country that encompasses the arid Pacific west coast to the towering peaks of The Andes and Amazonian rainforest, and both of these places had us wishing we could stay longer and explore more. Lima, Peru The port of Callao was our … [Read More...]

How Panama Hats are made and more in Manta, Ecuador.

On April 16 2016, an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 occurred around 190 km north of the town of Manta,  The very large thrust earthquake was the worst natural disaster to hit Ecuador since the 1949 Ambato earthquake and at least 661 people were killed and 27,732 people injured. Manta was … [Read More...]

The Panama Canal with Sea Princess

Wow! What an exciting day! Cruising through the Panama Canal was absolutely mind-blowing, and throughout the day we learnt about the history and the engineering, as well as being treated to some wonderful and varied scenery. The Panama Canal The Isthmus of Panama is a slim land bridge separating … [Read More...]

Colourful Cartagena, Colombia

We waved farewell to Bermuda and sailed away between the navigational markers that mark the safe passage between the reefs surrounding the island. I watched the island recede and marvelled at the crystal clear sea which appeared in so many shades of blue from the inky navy of the deeper passages … [Read More...]

Runway Fashion At Sea

The Runways at Sea staged on Sea Princess are always great fun, and a great way for guests to gain some new fashion ideas and inspiration. Passengers are invited to be models and a grand event is held in the Atrium at the heart of the ship. It's always well attended and people line the stairs and … [Read More...]

Beautiful Bermuda you stole my heart.

There are some places that capture your heart on first sight. And for me, Bermuda was one of those places. Unlike the great cities of Europe with their history and grand architecture, or the glittering extravagant palaces I’d expected of St Petersburg, I hadn’t known what to expect of … [Read More...]

Dining Onboard Sea Princess World Cruise

Food Glorious Food! We'd heard from friends that the food experience on cruises was something very special, and when we first encountered Princess Cruises we were left in no doubt that our 104 night round the world adventure was going to be filled with the most wonderful dining experiences. So … [Read More...]

New York, Hints, Tips and First Impressions

Sea Princess approached Manhattan Island as the sun began to rise. People were up early and on deck hugging cups of tea and snapping photos. There was a feeling of intense excitement in the air, and people were chattering about what they were planning to do and see over the next two days. The … [Read More...]

Boston Culinary Tour and 23 Italian Foodie Tips

After leaving Sydney, Nova Scotia we cruised for a day and then Sea Princess berthed at the Black Falcon cruise terminal in Boston on a clear and sunny morning. Boy were we excited as Boston was to be our first American destination - ever! Our day in Boston was to have a foodie focus for we’d … [Read More...]

Tips on Planning Cruise Shore Excursions

Among the many aspects of a Sea Princess World Cruise which excited us, the ports of call were obviously pretty much top of the list! We are visiting so many bucket list destinations, and we realised early on that planning what we were actually going to be able to see in a limited time-frame was … [Read More...]

Sydney and Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia

We sadly waived goodbye to the townsfolk of Cobh in Ireland, having enjoyed a wonderful day in the Emerald Isles, but now we were on our way again, and cruising to Nova Scotia. Just like the Titanic, Cobh was Sea Princess’s last port of call before heading across the Atlantic Ocean, but unlike … [Read More...]

The Titanic, Australiana and more in Cobh, Ireland

I’m writing this post sitting in Horizon Court Buffet on Sea Princess, looking out at thick fog as we cross The Atlantic leaving Cobh, Ireland. The fog horn is blasting out every couple of minutes, and it’s very eerie, but I’m bursting with some wonderful warm memories of Cobh, pronounced … [Read More...]

The White Cliffs of Dover and Canterbury

Sea Princess docked in Dover a day early, having had to miss Germany due to bad gales which prevented entry into the port of Warnemunde - which was closed to ships exiting or entering. A Short Visit to Dover and Canterbury in Kent, the Garden of England It felt really strange for me to be … [Read More...]