Make up in 5 minutes

5 Quick Makeup Tips for Makeup in 5 Minutes

I'm not one for drawers of make-up, but I do have a vanity case that's a bit like an Aladdin's treasure trove. Out of this muddled stash I generally choose seasonal items to put into two small make-up bags. One bag is generally at the ready for my everyday look, and the other is a little more … [Read More...]

swooping magpies

How to protect yourself from Swooping Magpies

I love birds I really do. Look here's me looking very happy with a host of sqauwking screeching rainbow lorikeets landing (and pooing) all over me. And it's healthy to get out amongst nature, right?  You know, feed the birds, run with the wind and all that. We need to keep active, engaged and … [Read More...]

PicMonkey Collage

16 Ways to Glam up and Dress like a Rock Chick

I'm not saying I was the perfect child who never put a foot wrong, but yes I had ponies, bikes and Barbies. I did kiss a certain David behind the school shed when I was 9, when his girlfriend was at home with a cold, but I never smoked a cigarette until I was 20. After a few wild years I went … [Read More...]

Hair Romance Cover sml

Classic Hairstyles : Let’s do the Gibson Roll

It's the little spiky bits on my head that I don't like as I get older. You know the ones (shh, the grey wire wool bits that just don't stay down). I know they're not going to go away, so I might as well embrace them - I've even considered Brylcream - Oh-mi-gosh - remember that? Smarmy, wasn't it … [Read More...]

solo travel

7 Tips for Solo Travel in your 50’s

Not everyone wants to travel alone, but sometimes circumstances dictate that we need to. At other times it might be a conscious decision to leave the rut of routine and responsibility and head off with no more than a backpack or suitcase on your own without anyone else to think about. Whichever … [Read More...]

Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island : Looking for a dream holiday destination?

Ahoy there me Hearties! Now I know that some of you like palm fringed beaches, and that others of you enjoy walking. I know that you like the idea of getting away from it all and I'm aware that you enjoy good food.  I also know that a lot of you go ... "Ahhh," when it comes to … [Read More...]

Pic Monkey 1

11 Reasons to embrace Change

Do you ever have dreams that wake you up and have you wondering? I've had two recently. One is a recurring dream that happens every time there's the sniff of change in my life and the other is a new one which had me in a night time sweat. Number one goes something like this. We're travelling … [Read More...]

ZZ LF 10

How to Dress to Impress

So Lifestylers (and those of you who know me as I really am) this one is going to have you laughing in the aisles because over on Facebook, one of the titles that I've been asked to blog about is: How to Dress to Impress. I must be giving the wrong impression ;) because actually I can probably … [Read More...]

IMG_0780-Port Lincoln Tourist Park TEXT

How to choose the right caravan for the Retirement Dream

I don't know about you, but after a couple of glasses of wine of an evening we often muse: "What would it be like to travel around Australia in a caravan? Could we join the band of Grey Nomads doing the same thing." Actually at some point in there my hubby inserts the word TENT which I scratch … [Read More...]

retire to bali

Would you retire in Bali?

It's no secret that I love Bali, so I often muse what it would be like to retire in Bali one day. Of course it's one of Australia's most popular and inexpensive tropical holiday destinations; from Perth we can be at Denpassar airport in less time than it takes to fly to any other major city in … [Read More...]

Nola Marino july 2014

Nola Marino spills the beans about health, happiness and style.

Today, I'm fortunate to be interviewing a really inspiring woman who lives in South West Australia. Nola Marino is a member of the Australian house of Representatives. She was elected as the Federal Member for the seat of Forrest on November 24, 2007. She's a Government Whip and makes frequent … [Read More...]

what to wear to a conference

How to dress for a conference (like Problogger)

I'd be lying if I said that casually throwing a few things in the suitcase last minute would be my style for the upcoming ProBlogger Conference at Surfer's Paradise in Queensland. Because, well, cor blimey - there will be over 450 other bloggers attending (mostly female) along with speakers and … [Read More...]

20130515_124907 x 550 x 2crop

How Blogging can change your life.

When we arrived in Australia I was 50 years old and my children were 17 and 19.  Coming from South Africa to Australia to create a new life was a dream come true, and we were lucky to be able to make South West Australia our new home. A new life beckoned. Although we immediately warmed to … [Read More...]

what does 200 calories look like

What does 200 calories look like?

Chatting to a friend who's a nurse the other day I was horrified when she mentioned that 75% of the patients in the hospital where she worked were there due to lifestyle related diseases or problems. She went on to say that Australia has overtaken America as the fattest nation. I was a little … [Read More...]

how to sleep well

How to Sleep Well at Night

I had the best night's sleep last night, better than I've had for ages. Want to know how? (Oh, it doesn't have to do with reclining on a sunlounger in tropical Bali, although I wish it did!) Sleep is hard to come by I don't know about you but sleep these days is disturbed, interrupted and very … [Read More...]

Style tips for dressing well

7 Style Tips for dressing well after 50

There are days, and I'm sure you have them too, when you pull out your most comfy, battered old jeans and a sloppy cardi or sweatshirt before pulling on a pair of well worn shoes or boots and thinking, 'There that will do for today." But then there are other days when you want to look good … [Read More...]

Mary walk 1

Why you should Live life to the fullest when the kids leave home

 Today we feature a heartfelt guest post from lovely Lifestyle Fifty reader, Mary Martin from 'HugMomma' in which she urges us to view life as an adventure and live life to the fullest. "Life: It's messy... it's beautiful. The memories we carry with us are not at all that define us - the memories … [Read More...]

easy cheesecake recipe

The best ever easy cheesecake recipe

Half a lifetime ago I contributed to a wonderful cookbook masterminded by my friend Catherine for the British School Manila. We were living in The Philippines at the time and our children attended the school. In fact we were there for nearly four years, had an amazing time and met some incredible … [Read More...]

Pic MOnkey 9

10 Tips for long haul travel

I don't know if you're like me, but I like to be prepared when I go on holiday. Firstly, I don't want to spend time having to buy stuff that I forgot to pack. Secondly, I don't want to become ill due to being unfit, and Thirdly, I want to have enough energy to do EVERYTHING! We've just … [Read More...]


Should you use a Skin Serum?

I'll admit it. I'm vain enough to want to keep my skin looking as good as possible as I age. In many respects I can't help thinking that genetics are to thank for skin that ages well, but I also believe there are products we can use to help retain our skin's glow and elasticity, although of … [Read More...]

LF 1

10 Reasons to Book a Cycle Cruise Holiday

Regular readers of Lifestyle Fifty will know that we've just returned from a trip of a lifetime to Europe during which we visited 12 different countries, and went on a fantastic cycle cruise with the Katarina Line in Croatia. And now that the weather is cold, wet and windy in South West … [Read More...]

eup tips for women over 50

Super Makeup Tips for women over 50

I have to admit that I don't wear make up every day, and often I go for a very minimal look. A bit of BB cream, a dusting of bronzer, lipstick, a quick brush of muddy coloured eye shadow, then a wave of the mascara wand and I'm ready to go, but recently I was lucky to be invited by Katie from The … [Read More...]