Why a Walk in Nature is Good for You

Walk in Nature When we first arrived in Western Australia the State seemed so vast and the scenery so unknown to us that when a friend in Bunbury mentioned she'd been to see the tulips at Araluen Botanical Park near Perth, I thought how odd.In my ignorance, I associated mass plantings of … [Read more...]

What’s Your Favourite Cocktail?

One of the lovely things about being on a cruise is that after a hot day sightseeing you can come back on board, kick off your shoes, put on your sarong and enjoy a long cool cocktail as the ship leaves yet another beautiful destination.There’s no driving to worry about, no taxis to pay, no … [Read more...]

Dedicated Writers Reap Rewards

New to Bunbury in 2010 I was keen to connect with other writers, and one day in a cafe close to where we were living at the time I met Ingrid who introduced me to Glennys and we decided to start-up a writer’s group.The group grew quickly to include 12 of us, and back in 2010 we began talking … [Read more...]

A Late Bloomer Rocking her Retirement Dream

Sponsored by Nuffnang and Sunsuper’s the Dream Project.Lynn Ruth Miller started a brand new career at the ripe young age of 71 and, at 83, is currently the oldest performing stand-up comedienne on both sides of the Atlantic.Isn’t that incredible?Wow, this is someone who totally rocks the … [Read more...]

How to Create a Happy and Meaningful Life.

One of the great things about the Sea Princess World Cruise is the number of enrichment lectures on offer. I've trotted off to lots of them already, and love listening to Aija Bruvere who hails from Riga in Latvia, talking about issues that are close to our hearts.I mean who wouldn't want to go … [Read more...]

What will your Legacy be?

Do you have a legacy you'd like to leave to your children?For instance, how would you like to be remembered?What life lessons do you think you've passed on to your children? Life Stories If our life stories are our legacy then what would you like to pass on to future generations of … [Read more...]

Backpacker or Bling? What’s your retirement dream?

Sponsored by Nuffnang and Sunsuper’s the Dream ProjectAs many of you know, I’m fortunate enough to be on a world cruise at the moment. I’m visiting 27 different countries on a 104 night adventure circumnavigating the globe.I’ve met some amazing retired people who are living their … [Read more...]

Win a NutriBullet!

I've tried juicing and after a while felt it wasn't really for me, but now I've truly found my soul blending mate in the form of NutriBullet.What's even better Lifestylers is that I have one to Giveaway - scroll on down to the end of the post to find out how you could be in with a chance to win … [Read more...]

How Travel Can Empower You and a Giveaway

Ever since I can remember travel has been a part of my life.When I was a child we moved around England because of my father’s job, and I went to 9 different schools.Making new friends, learning to adapt and fit in, accepting different ways of doing things stood me in good steady when I began … [Read more...]

Dame Edna comes to York. Hello from my little corner of the world.

Hello today from York, an historic town 100kms east of Perth. I'm at the function centre at the racecourse :)Well, I was this time last Monday!I was really lucky to be invited to be a guest speaker at a Ladies’ Day in York held by the Community Resource Centre which around 100 women … [Read more...]