What will your Legacy be?

Do you have a legacy you'd like to leave to your children?For instance, how would you like to be remembered?What life lessons do you think you've passed on to your children? Life Stories If our life stories are our legacy then what would you like to pass on to future generations of … [Read more...]

The Show Must Go On with Stuart McGunigall

 It's not everyday that you get to meet a man who has to keep 2000 people entertained for 104 days.That seems an impossible task, but Stuart McGunigall, Cruise Director on the 2016 Sea Princess World Cruise, has it all under control.We caught up with him the other day, to get a … [Read more...]

The Violinist of Venice – A Book Giveaway

Who'd like to win a story of passion, music and ambition?Up for grabs today a book giveaway.  A sweeping historical novel about composer and priest Antonio Vivaldi, a secret wealthy mistress, and their passion for music and each other.Alyssa Palombo is a published writer and this is her … [Read more...]

Dame Edna comes to York. Hello from my little corner of the world.

Hello today from York, an historic town 100kms east of Perth. I'm at the function centre at the racecourse :)Well, I was this time last Monday!I was really lucky to be invited to be a guest speaker at a Ladies’ Day in York held by the Community Resource Centre which around 100 women … [Read more...]

How to live a more simple life

For a long time now we've been contemplating living a more simple life.You know, I think back to when we were first married and we really didn't need or have many material possessions. Life was quite simple - work, eat, sleep and make a lot of merry. Housework didn't enter the equation. … [Read more...]

5 Good Habits You Really Should Start Today

 We all have habits, right? Good and bad. I hope picking your nose isn’t one of them!But it’s true we have habits even if we don't realise we have them, and the good habits really can help make life easier. Why are good habits important? I find that if I stick to a (good) habit, … [Read more...]

How to be more creative on a daily basis

The Perth Writers festival is done and dusted for another year, but my memories are still vivid, and the things I learnt are being practiced daily (cough).I love the event ... it's a bit like being offered a literary chocolate box.Everything is a treat and with so many sessions, both paid … [Read more...]

Lifestyle Fifty Survey Results Made me Cry (with relief)

I have a love-hate relationship with polls. Generally they pop up online when I'm at my busiest and I really don't want to complete them. But then I often feel a loyalty to the person who's asked me to answer a few questions, because I know my small input will probably help them direct their … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from My Little Corner of the World

Merry Christmas Everyone!How amazing that I'm yodelling best wishes across the internets, when it seems just like yesterday that I was doing the same last year. It's true when we are younger with tiny kids or new careers the days might seem long, but the years are short. Now the days are short … [Read more...]

What to buy the man who has everything

I don't know about you, but I always struggle to buy my hubby presents. It's not that I don't know what he likes, I do, but I also know that he always will always say to me when asked : "I'm the man who has everything, I don't need anything."Of course he doesn't have everything, far from it. … [Read more...]