How not to gain weight on a cruise and other essential cruise tips.

There are some things in life that you think perhaps you'll never do and others that take you quite by surprise and you do do. Like bungee jump (never no never), jump a horse over a 3 metre fence (done), climb Mount Kilimanjaro (done), white water raft the sun Kosi in Nepal (done), jump out of an … [Read more...]

Which are the Best Cruise Deals? Top Travel Bloggers share their Cruising Stories.

This post contains affiliate links.With so many cruising options available it's hard to know which are the best cruise deals on offer, and which are the best cruise lines for your individual needs.On top of that you then have to choose from last minute cruise deals, luxury cruises, … [Read more...]

How to Find a Cruise that’s Right for YOU!

This post contains affiliate links.Choosing the Best Cruise. A Guest Post by Kathy Marris.I remember a time when I thought cruises were a little too laid back and boring for my liking. In addition I had this preconceived notion that they were like floating retirement villages for senior … [Read more...]

Cruising like a Boss. Save Money on your Next Cruise

This post contains affiliate links.Cruising continues to be one of the most popular ways to see the world at leisure. In so many ways it's a hassle free way of travel, and these days there are soon many cruises to choose from. To start cruising like a boss you need to look out for ways to … [Read more...]

9 Top Travel Bloggers Talk Cruising -The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

This post contains affiliate links.What is it about cruising that entices people to sail the seven seas? What is it about the idea of cruising that puts them off? I asked 9 Top Travel Bloggers to give their opinions on the good, the bad and the ugly of holidays on the ocean waves. Cruising is … [Read more...]

21 Tips to make Long Haul Flights easier

 Mention the words, "Long Haul Flights" to me and my heart begins to beat faster.I love them, loathe them, dread them and look forward to them in equal measure.They promise excitement, adventure, family reunions, and time to sit back relax and be waited on. But they also … [Read more...]

Why Travel? 10 Reasons to get you packing your suitcase.

Travelling is a great eye opener. I've been travelling the world for most of my life, but now my gypsy heart is happy to have roots in Western Australia. But Why Travel?  I hope this post gives you the reasons to get packing your .“Get out of the house!” That’s what my hubby is always telling … [Read more...]

The Very Regal Emerald Princess Comes To Fremantle

Hello Everyone from Emerald Princess, and welcome to another Lovin' Life Linky. If you're new around here, you'll know that Thursdays is a kind of Thank You letter to the Universe kind of day, when a bunch of awesome bloggers write posts about why we're lovin' life, and encourage you to do the … [Read more...]

What’s it really like onboard a Princess Cruises ship?

How's your week going so far, Lifestylers, I hope you're busy in a good way, not trying to be perfect (you did get the newsletter on Friday, didn't you?), and enjoying being You, the very unique You that you are.We're already looking forward to the weekend and wondering what to plan and do. Have … [Read more...]

Why Go On A Princess Cruises World Cruise?

This post contains affiliate links.As Sea Princess nosed her way into Sydney at dawn on 28th August 2016 I began to reflect on lots of things in a quasi philosophical way.As we get older it's all too easy to wrap ourselves in an invisible veil of diminished expectation, and comfortable … [Read more...]