The Very Regal Emerald Princess Comes To Fremantle

Emerald Princess

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Emerald Princess – all aboard!

I’m loving life this week because I was invited on the biggest princess Cruises’ ship to sail local waters this summer -The spectacular Emerald Princess. The Emerald came to WA first, sailing from Europe, to make her historic first call in Australia, arriving in Fremantle – in Western Australia – can you believe!

Emerald Princess

We (as in WA) are so very often, the “God you’re so remote” or the forgotten Aussie state! But not so on Tuesday. We had a FIRST from afar.

The Emerald Princess is on her way to Busselton as I write, then Melbourne and then Sydney where she’ll be based to start cruising the world again. The ship holds 3082 guests, and is 290 sleek metres long with a crazy amount of staterooms with balconies.

Emerald Princess

It was such fun being part of the media group and touring the ship, nosing into her nooks and crannies, and yes comparing The Emerald to Sea Princess, which after 104 days on the World Cruise, we call “Our Ship”. Lol! But I expect there are a great many more of you out there who feel proprietary about ships having sailed on them 🙂

The Princess motto is that you’ll #ComeBackNew, which I can vouch for, because after a long cruise we found that we really refreshed mentally and physically, and we reconnected with each other on a more personal level too. So these placards spoke to our souls on arrival.

Emerald Princess

Then after various security formalities we put on our identity badges and were taken off for a tour of the ship.

I loved the 180 degree views up on deck 18. Could see myself sitting up here with a good book in the daytime, and looking out to sea.
Emerald Princess

Of course it’s the pools and outside areas which capture the attention of most people. So here you are future cruisers. This is what it’s like. The Emerald Princess has 4 passenger pools and 7 whirlpool spas. At this point I was a little bit wishing that I could stow away (I had my cossie in my handbag just in case! LOL)
Emerald Princess

And another pool, with a nice poolside bar of course. Exit? Not for me thank you very much!

Emerald Princess

Even working-out on a ship isn’t too tough, at least not with a great view like this. Sometimes you do feel like you’re powering the ship when you get going!

Emerald Princess

Our tour took us up to the adults only sanctuary retreat. We loved this area.

Emerald Princess

“This is me then for the afternoon”, I said. “Not going anywhere! Ahh, bliss.”

Emerald Princess

“C’mon you have to go,” Dave said. “The tour is leaving without us.”

“Don’t care. Haha! Not leaving. Bring me a cocktail! I’ve found my spot for the afternoon!”

Emerald Princess

Well you can see what I mean, can’t you? Emerald Princess

Emerald Princess

“Lemon water (and there was cucumber water too) would be fine if push comes to shove, thank you.”

Emerald Princess

No tour of a Princess ship would be complete without viewing the beautiful atrium,  a very grand meeting place, where all sorts of events happen during the day. And for me, the grand staircases – so opulent and reminiscent of The Titanic. You feel like royalty walking up and down these stairs 🙂 Talk about Lord and Lady Muck 😉

Emerald Princess

Emerald Princess

Can you spot my super supportive husband, Dave taking photos?

Emerald Princess

There are so many other places to play hide and seek. With three main dining rooms, Share by Curtis Stone, The Salty Dog Gastropub, Crab Shack, Crown Grill, Cafe Caribe, Vines Wine Bar, Horizon Corut buffet, Trident Grill, Prego Pizzeria and Scoops ice cream bar, as well as 24 hour room service and bacony dining, you won’t EVER be hungry.

Just watch the waistline though – you might like, 25 Tips to keep fit relax and come back new, which includes tips on keeping fit which I wrote during our 104 days at sea.

Emerald Princess

There are showrooms, lounges, and theatres showing Broadway style production shows. The ship at 290 metres is actually more than half the length of the Sydney Harbour Bridge arch span (503 metres) and around 59 metres high, about the same height as Sydney’s Queen Victoria Building, so our tour couldn’t take in everything during the time we had available.

Because we were soon to be whisked away for lunch 🙂

We had an amazing lunch at the 125 seat restaurant, Share by Curtis Stone which is a really stylish venue and has superb views over the ship’s wake and out to sea. The menu offers a six-course degustation experience, with vegetarian options available too.

Emerald Princess

Emerald Princess

Emerald Princess

Okay, I’m getting to the food, which was fab. We had a lovely charcuterie plate to start with, followed by a baby romaine leaf salad tossed in a caraway buttermilk dressing complimenting grapefruit and nasturtium flowers – almost too pretty to eat.

This was followed by Pork Ravioli, a green curry filling coated in a lemongrass cream and topped with crunchy chicharones. As my friend said: “The head says no to this mix of flavours but the taste buds say Ooh Yes!”

Emerald Princess

Finally the whole lot was topped off with the most gorgeous toffee cheesecake paired with a red wine reduction, homemade raisins and macerated grapes. YUM!

Emerald Princess There are pictures of celebrity chef Curtis Stone dotted around the place. I loved the photo of Curtis with his Gran, who he says ‘opened up my eyes to the love of cooking,’  and then there’s a nostalgic photo of one of his first ever hand written recipes. Cute! (Now I know why I hoard my children’s memorabilia – just in case! Well, you never know, do you.)
Emerald Princess

If you, like me, love Curtis Stone’s Recipes recipes, then you might like this cookery book. Disclaimer: I only promote what I love. This is an affiliate link and if you purchase from it I stand to earn a small commission but at no expense to you.

Emerald Princess

And finally, after a lovely few hours on the still blue sea at Fremantle it was time to say goodbye. And that as they say was a wrap.

G’Bye all on Emerald Princess. We had the most fantastic day. Thank you so much!

Emerald Princess

Dave, Meg Koffel (PR Manager Princess Cruises), Christian Dortch (Curtis Stone’s Corporate Chef), and me.

Yep, so lucky to be Lovin’ Life this week 🙂 What are you loving?

7 Emerald Princess Fast Facts

  1. There are 1200 crew members on Emerald Princess.
  2. There are 1539 staterooms of which 675 have balconies, and 178 are mini suites with private balconies.
  3. There are 31 wheelchair accessible staterooms.
  4. Each room offers the Princess Luxury bed.
  5. Emerald Princess’ visit to Fremantle will probably have injected close to $500,000 into the local economy.
  6. More than 11,000kgs of fresh produce will have been loaded onto the ship during her day in port.
  7. Emerald Princess will spend her inaugural five month season of cruises from Sydney sailing on 13 roundtrip cruises to destinations in the South Pacific, New Zealand and around Australia.

My experience was hosted by Princess Cruises. For more information, or if you’d like to find out more about an 11 night roundtrip cruise on Emerald Princess to New Caledonia and Vanuatu departing Sydney on January 21, 2017 – check out Princess Cruises here.


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  1. Carol Michelle says:

    Hope we do meet on a cruise one day. Dusty pink surpringly complements many colours. One of my favourites.

  2. Carol Michelle says:

    Thank you for the great photos and tour of the Emerald Princess. We are looking forward to boarding her in Sydney on the 12th December and again in a March next year. We love cruising and cruise with Princess often. They look after you so well and the staff are friendly. We went to Hawaii last year in April on the Sea Princess and I think when we got off in Sydney you must have been boarding for your world cruise. It was very tempting for us to stay on but the ship was full and we had some other cruises booked. Maybe one day we will meet on a cruise. Btw I was eyeing your pink boots. Have never seen pink boots but if I had they would be in my wardrobe. Love your style.

    • How funny Carol, that we might have passed each other without realising 🙂 And yes, perhaps one day we will meet on a cruise. Wow Hawaii would have been fantastic 🙂 Thanks for your compliments on my pink boots – they are unusual, but go with a lot of my clothes! They’ve been put away for summer now 🙁

  3. Well that’s a bit fancy!! So are your boots for that matter.
    I’ve never been on a cruise. I want to (in theory) but I fear the deep ocean waters. I’d sleep with a life vest on.

    • Oh Leanne! I can just see you propped up on your pillows with your life vest on! But, your life jacket is stowed right under the bed, so it’s pretty close if you’d like to sleep easy 😉 Thanks, I’m pretty fond of those fancy pink boots too. I’ve had the darlings for quite a while.

  4. Looks all kinds of fabulous.

  5. Janet Camilleri aka Middle Aged Mama says:

    So bigger than the Golden Princess then?!

  6. I’m a fan of Princess Cruises however we are yet to travel around Australia. Living in Brisbane I hope one day to do the cruise around from the East Coast to Fremantle. The boat looks fabulous – and you do too! We haven’t had a cruise for a couple of years so my feet are starting to itch! #teamlovinlife

    • Hello Sue, I know what you mean about itchy feet – it doesn’t take me too long either! The Princess Cruise which goes around the top of Australia visiting some tropical places on its way to Freo is one I’d love to do too.

  7. Such a huge ship. It would probably take you a day to get around it! I’m extremely jealous Jo, particularly the free lunch part – it looked delicious. From your photos all of the ships look very similar in design, but they are definitely built with comfort in mind. I’m looking forward to our next cruise in 2017.

    • Hi Kathy, yes I think it would take quite a while to find everything on Emerald Princess – there’d be something new to discover for quite a few days! The Curtis Stone lunch was delicious – he really knows how to cook that boy! LOL! Well, his corporate chef and team do too. Yes, we had a great day and I hope you have a fabulous cruise in 2017 🙂

  8. Amazing Jo! I’ve never been on a cruise ship and only seen one docked from afar, so have no idea how large they are or what they offer. I can’t imagine enjoying a cruise but they’re really becoming popular again and not just with retirees etc…

    I guess having everything you need at your fingertips and not having to pack and unpack over a period of time offers a lot of benefits.

    • Before we went cruising Deb, we hadn’t really looked into the benefits, and had been swayed by a lot of cruising myths in the past. But there are so many really great positives to cruising, and no planes, not having to pack or unpack and being on a magnificent floating resort as you sail around the world are three fairly big positives. Hope you get to experience a cruise too 🙂

  9. Wow Jo – that’s one impressive ship! I haven’t been on a cruise as yet, but this does look really lovely …. Great to see your hubby taking photos and being supportive too 🙂

    • Hi Lyndall, yes I’m very lucky that Dave is so supportive and into my blogging endeavours. It’s getting to the stage where he has better ideas than I do 🙂

  10. I hadn’t heard of the Emerald Princess until I saw you mention it Jo! Such lovely photo’s – good on you Dave! I would be like you lying in that sun bed by the pool and not wanting to leave. I mentioned on FB that I’ve eaten at SHARE by Curtis Stone when I was on board the Sun Princess back in June. Absolutely beautiful food!! Loving that photo of him with his Grandma and the hand written first recipe. 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    • Hi Min, yes thank you, I did see your comment, and how great that you experienced SHARE on Sun Princess in June, thanks for ‘sharing’ with us! I bet is was equally as delicious and ingenious and inspiring.

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