How to wear Ponte Pants and look a Million Dollars

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Wearing tight fitting clothes is always a conundrum as we get older. Yes, they can accentuate lumps and bumps and Yes, they can have us looking like mutton dressed up as lamb if we’re not careful.

What are Ponte Pants?

Now I know a lot of you feisty Lifestyle Fifty readers will retort, “I don’t think or worry about being mutton dressed up as lamb anymore” because you tell me in your comments and emails (!) but what I’m saying is that I believe there is a classy way to wear young styles so that they translate well onto an aging body.

Let’s talk jeggings, leggings, skinny jeans and most importantly today, Ponte Pants.

Ponte Pants are a mixture of leggings, leggings and skinny jeans all rolled into one.

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How to wear Ponte Pants and be comfortable as well as stylish

How to wear ponte pants

I think any type of tight fitting garments should be balanced with clothes which draw the eye towards something appealing. Now if you’ve got great legs and a great arse then perhaps you can get away with skinny jeans and jeggings and ponte pants with just a T-shirt tucked into the top. But not me, no siree. I need to cover a few things up.

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Fashion for women over 50

I love wearing tight pants which hold me in and I love my stretchy Ponte pants from Millers which are so versatile and provide me with lots of different looks teemed with tops and jackets from my existing wardrobe.

Some readers have been buying the NIC + ZOE women’s perfect ponte pant and teaming it with the NIC + ZOE womens’ luxe jersey layer top.

Lifestyle Fifty reader, Karin sent in a request which read : “Would love to see an autumn / winter fashion update for the not so wintery states ( Brisbane QLD ). You always look fabulous and I have taken many of your tips on board. Also heading to Europe again in July so any on trend fashion tips would be appreciated.”

Well, for travelling Karin, I don’t think you can beat comfort as the base requirement so stretchy pants are great for planes, trains and buses. For a not-so-cold winter’s day they are also good because you can wear them with ballet pumps or boots, and it it’s warm then team them with a floaty kaftan rather than a jacket.

So today I thought I’d put together some different looks using just one pair of Ponte pants with various tops and jackets from my own wardrobe, and then give you an inexpensive online resource where you can ‘Get the Look.’

Let’s mix things up.

Who’s to say you can’t wear Ponte Pants with a short jacket? I know I know, the small fact of arse cover, but what if we put on a longer length T shirt that comes down over the bum and hides any nasty camel’s toes at the front too (sorry girls, it has to be said.)

I like the black T shirt underneath because it gives a longer, more slimming line, but I also like a bit of glamour so the bling detail fits well (mine was from Salvos) and a pop of colour with the jacket to brighten the whole thing up (my jacket was from Marks and Spencers). The items on the right hand side of the picture are from Millers.

How to wear ponte pants

Get the Look – RHS – Waterfall boucle jacket, butterfly graphic 3/4 Tee, Ponte Pants from Millers.

So let’s mix things up a bit more. Why not wear the pants on their own with a loose fitting but contrasting kaftan top? This look gives you a more summery look but with lots of tummy space – great for eating out You could wear flat ballet pumps or black sandals if the weather was warm. I’m wearing Amy mid wedge boots also from Millers.

How to wear Ponte Pants

And then for colder days you could cover the kaftan top with a longer jacket or cardigan. My jacket is from the Danni Minogue range at Target but I think this Millers black ruffle cardigan would make a glamorous evening addition.

How to wear Ponte Pants

Get the Look – RHS – Ruffle Cardigan, Millers

Or add a mid-tone kaftan mostly in monochrome and that gorgeous bright red melton jacket from Millers below, along with the black Amy boots I’m wearing in the pictures above.

how to wear ponte pants

Above, clockwise from top left: Ponte Pants, Red Melton Coat, Amy Mid Wedge boots (black), Detailed Kaftan Top was $35 from  Millers.

For a more casual winter look you could layer things and wear the pants with a loose fitting longer T shirt and a short length jacket with longer boots to match the colour of the jacket. Or ditch the jacket and add a more comfy loose fitting jumper with a bit of swing to the bottom, and include a soft pashmina to wrap around your shoulders against the chill.

how to wear ponte pants

Items pictured from my wardrobe except previously gifted grey Tee and black ponte pants from Millers.

And be bold with colour. Sure you could just as well wear a black melton coat from Millers over the look below, but look how colour brightens the whole shaboodle up. A sparkly scarf with some complementing colours is another versatile winter addition to jazz up a grey wintery day.

How to wear Ponte Pants

All items I’m wearing in these pics are from my own wardrobe except previously gifted jade jackets W Lane) Ponte Pants, grey T and Amy Wedge boots (Millers).

Have you a pair of black ponte pants in your wardrobe – what do you wear them with? If you don’t have a pair, why not grab a pair and start experimenting. Or have a look at some of the similar clothes I’ve mentioned today by clicking on the Millers link.

You’ll find a whole heap of different Ponte Pants to buy Here.ponte pants for women

I hope you’ve enjoyed these wardrobe tips today 🙂 Please note prices I’ve mentioned are subject to change, but were correct at time of going to press.

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  1. Funny that you should write about ponte pants. I’ve had a pair that I bought on sale stashed in my wardrobe for about three years and still haven’t worn them. I think balancing out the tight bottom half with a more flowy, tunic style top is key to making them work – and that’s for any age group.

  2. Carol barnard says:

    Jo, you are looking fabulous xxxxx and thanks for the ideas xxx

  3. Thanks Jo. I think I am off to Millers for some Ponte pants (never heard of the name – but they look great). I really like your first look with the sparkly shirt and the pinky/red jacket. Very nice.
    Thanks Jo for another great “style” blog post.

    • Glad you enjoyed Jill and also that you’re off to Millers. I’ve written in the comment to Janet what Ponte Pants actually are! Thanks for your compliment too 🙂

  4. I didn’t know they were called ponte pants! UNIQLO here has heaps of them and I wear the 3/4 ones as it is too hot for the long ones. I must admit to covering up my curvy bits with longer and flowing tops though 🙂

    • Me neither Janet! Not until I saw them listed as that on a website last year. I’ve looked it up, because I know you’ve started something here and someone else has asked too … so here goes … Ponte Pants are a pant-legging hybrid made with a double-knit process. They’re firmer than leggings, yet more stretchy than jeans or trousers. You, by the way look great in the longer flowing tops especially with your lovely long legs.

  5. Sandra Tondut says:

    Hi Jo! How you going? Enjoying life in Perth? Had to smile to myself when I saw you top from Salvos! You’re a girl after my own heart Love to checkout the Op Shops when I have time to find ‘something different’ or just a really good bargain. Having said that, I also like to treat myself to a few upmarket items. Fun to mix and match! Cheers, Sandy xx

    • Hello Sandra from lovely Chateau Tondut! Nice to see you here 🙂 Yes loving it here for the time being … miss the big B though. Glad you like a bargain too, I must feature more and get readers to spill the beans on their bargain buys too maybe?

  6. Funny I have just bought some, only so that I could wear my boots, and not wearing boots with a skirt and showing of my crinkled knee caps x

    • Haha Rae, you beat me too it. I’m into them because of winter hairy legs I think crinkled knee caps sounds less alarming though 😉

  7. Lynne Stanley says:

    Love my skinny jeans, you do need to get it right though. Tucked in boots, with a longish top works for me. The proportions need to be right. Realised my legs were looking too short, as my top was too long. You look great in yours.

  8. Love the pink jacket look. Fab! I don’t have any ponte pants but I’m rocking some black jeggings right now 😉 What’s the difference between jeggings and ponte pants?!!

    • Thanks Annabel. Bet you look great in jeggings 🙂 Well the difference is that jeggings are generally more of a jean like material and pontes are a stretchy jersey.

  9. Yes I have two pair. One pair in black and one pair in dark grey which I wore to death when we were caravanning and the weather was cool. They were so comfy to travel in and as long as your legs aren’t too fat they look fine with a long length t shirt or jumper. I wouldn’t be without them. 🙂

  10. Hi Jo, you are looking great in those Ponte pants !!! I wear mine to the office so often, so often that I think I might get myself to Millers and grab another pair !!! I have a Millers close by my house so I’m thinking I might wander on down on my next day of. Thanks for heads up with the Millers tip, didn’t know they actually sold them until I read your blog. XXXX

    • Hi Christine, thank you 🙂 And I’m so glad I’ve introduced you to a good source of Pontes! Thanks for popping by to comment 🙂

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