Two Days to Go! Sailing Away on a World Cruise. The Itinerary.

We’re very nearly OFF!

The bags are packed, except for the final bits and pieces and the last weigh in. Oh help me please every Deity under the sun when my suitcase hits the scales.

The anticipation is so intense that I can’t sleep, but I’m really looking forward to the first night on the Sea Princess hopefully being lulled to sleep by the ocean waves.

Of course I’m incredibly excited for all the Bru-Ha-Ha of departure. Waving Sydney goodbye from the deck. The tears, the laughter, the feeling of sailing into adventure. I wonder if a band will play – I wonder if there will be flags fluttering in the breeze? I wonder if there will be lots of people waving the ship farewell like in the movies?

So what’s it really like? Spill the beans iIf you’ve been on a cruise. Please won’t you tell me what to expect (pop on down to the end of this post to the comments section ๐Ÿ™‚

The Sea Princess has just sailed into Auckland. We’ll be seeing her in Sydney on Sunday! She looks an amazing ship and there will be so much exploring to do.

Sea Princess

“Sea Princess arriving into Auckland today ready to take a record number of Kiwi’s on the 104-night World Cruise” Princess Cruises.

Thank you to everyone who commented on the first post here, “Trip of a Lifetime”ย and for being so keen to follow our adventures on the blog here. I promise you won’t be bored.

A lot of you asked for a map and the itinerary, so without further ado …. ย here’s where we’ll be sailing to.

Princess Cruises Around the World Cruise


World Cruise Map Princess Cruises Around the World Cruise

In addition, here are some really interesting facts ย and figures which you might find interesting.

  • Sea Princess is sailing on a 104-night global circumnavigation from Australia taking in 39 destinations in 27 countries over a distance of 28,709 nautical miles (the equivalent of 53,169 kilometres).
  • Did you know that Princess Cruises is the only cruise line to offer a roundtrip world cruise from the southern hemisphere?
  • The cruise line has carried more than 30,000 Australians on full or part world cruises since it began offering annual world cruise voyages from Australia in 2008. With two world cruises offered in 2012 and 2013, the 2016 departure is the 11th Princess world cruise.
  • Of the 2000 guests sailing from Sydney on the world cruise, close to 1300 will do the full world cruise (Me, I’m one of them – Yipee!)
  • Australians spend more days at sea with Princess Cruises than any other cruise line.
  • Next year, Princess will offer three world cruise options: a 104-night round world cruise on Sea Princess, a 75-night Circle Pacific cruise on Golden Princess as well as an 84-night Circle South America cruise on Sea Princess.ย  Fares start from $13,299 per person twin share for the 75-night Circle Pacific voyage (around $177 a day). You can check our more detailsย Here.

Food and Beverage Factsย 

  • Every day on a world cruise, 2000 guests consume on average about 12 tonnes of food including:
  • 400kg of beef
  • 400kg of chicken
  • 150kg of shellfish
  • nearly 1600kg of fresh fruit
  • 1700kg of fresh vegetables
  • 260 dozen eggs
  • more than 50kg of chocolate
  • 120kg of cheeses
  • 600L of milk
  • In addition, guests consume more than 1000 bottles of beer per day (about 60 per cent are Australian brews), approx 350 bottles of wine per day (of which most are Australian) as well as about 280 cans of soft drink and 360 x 1.5 litre bottles of water, each day.
  • In Sydney, almost 200 tonnes of food and beverage items will be loaded on the ship, mostly from local vendors.

You know what my biggest worry at this stage is? How not to put on weight because I know I’m going to want to try All Of The Food. Has anyone got any diet related tips for cruises?

Anyways for now, So long Lifestylers ๐Ÿ™‚ Next time we speak it will be on board the Sea Princess. I wonder if I’ll be writing to you from our cabin, from the business centre, the library or a coffee shop? Can’t wait to see you there ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m sailing as a guest of Princess Cruises but all opinions are my own.

If you were booking a cruise – where would you most like to visit?


  1. This itinerary looks amazing Jo. You are going to visit a lot of different countries and have the adventure of a lifetime. I’m thinking I would love to do South America at some stage, but Tahiti will also be incredible. I am so jealous! Bon voyage!!! Keep us posted.

    • Thank you Kathy ๐Ÿ™‚ Yes, will keep you posted, and thank you for following along ๐Ÿ™‚ It will be an adventure of a lifetime for sure.

  2. Oh wow! That’s a long way! Hope you get to wear all your dresses and maybe even pick up a few more.

  3. Oh Wow Jo – that list is amazing. But you do realise that you’ll have to forego Christmas for the rest of your life, because they’ve all come at once ๐Ÿ™‚ Have an amazing time and, don’t worry, we’ll be following you xx

  4. Oh LOL Pam! Yes, no more pressies for me, Ever! That’s okay. It will be worth it! Thanks for your kind words and look forward to seeing you in the comments (thank you)

  5. This is sooo cool. Were you allowed to bring a +1? Are you responsible for any of the enrichment programme—i.e. how to start a blog? how to write a travel article? etc.? That looks like a fabulous itinerary, especially since you have some port stays that are two days. I’ll definitely be following along. There are some people who live on cruise ships. If you aren’t also paying rent somewhere, that could even make sense. The one time I didn’t gain weight on a cruise, I made sure I walked/jogged 5 miles a day—that’s a lot of times around the deck jogging track—and I tried to resist temptation and just eat a normal breakfast (yogurt and fruit), a salad for lunch and then I pretty much ate what I wanted at dinner. Bon voyage.

    • Hi Suzanne, thanks so much for your tips – I shall definitely pay attention to them. Solid ๐Ÿ™‚ Sadly we are still paying rent … should have been better organised.

  6. Have a wonderful time. Re not gaining weight I can only suggest walking between meals. That should work out well because you can take photos while you walk. Oh and Dancing – that is much more fun!

  7. Wow, you’re the first person that I know to ever do a world tour on a cruise ship. I shared this with my husband and he said “that’s crazy”, i’m still trying to get him to do a 30day cruse around the USA… sigh! Well, i’ll certainly be following your Blog and living through your adventures…. have a wonderful time doll!

  8. My first comment! I really enjoy your blog and am green with envy at this trip. We sailed Singapore–Fremantle on Sea Princess last year and loved it.. My only advice would be to try *everything* on board – go to the horse races (hilarious). darts competitions, trivia etc. I even learned to play Texas hold em poker ๐Ÿ™‚ Have you got a Fitbit or similar? You’ll be amazed at how much walking you do without even thinking about it.

  9. Lynne Stanley says:

    That sounds fabulous. I know you will love it. Always so much to do on board. Lunch time was the time I could so easily over indulge, all those lovely cakes. You will make many new friends, it will be holiday if a life time. Enjoy every minute, and keep us informed.

  10. Hi Jo! My parents are also doing this cruise and Mum will be celebrating her 75th birthday out near Easter Island. I will be following you on your journey here and on IG – have an amazing time!!

  11. My experience of a cruise was 7 days Mediterranean cruise I would go on a cruise every year if I could afford it but sadly from S.A. it is rather pricey. My advice try everything in board walk a lot dance the night away and swim in that beautiful pool I see in the background. Oh and enjoy the food its a trip of a lifetime time after to get in shape. My trip is definitely the St Petersburg part would love to do that enjoy Dave and Jo

  12. Wow, this Princess cruise looks amazing! I’m so jealous! I look forward to reading more of your posts and enjoying it vicariously through you.

  13. Thrilled to see all the Ports of Call listed – really brings it home what lies ahead –
    Like everyone else – I’m really looking forward to reading all your travelling tales –
    I so love the fact we’re going to be privy to having a front row seat with you for the journey ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Thanks for sharing your itinerary, Jo. What an adventure lies ahead for you! It will be fascinating to see the world through your eyes and the deck of the Princess.

  15. Carol Colborn says:

    Exciting…but I wonder why there’s little of Asia or Africa? As for diet, I hope they have a fitness center on board!

  16. You have the same concern I would: Putting on weight. Fortunately cruise ships have lots of “active” activities. I did spin (stationary cycling) classes every day and that helped. I was surprised to see this is your FIRST cruise and for your 1st you’re going for 104 days?!?! Brave!!! Daring!!! Adventurous!! Have an awesome time!

  17. What a great itinerary! Hope you enjoy cruising as that is a long introduction if you don’t ๐Ÿ˜‰ We’ve cruised a lot and love it – only had one band send us off and that was in Slovenia, so don’t get too disappointed if the fanfare of departure is limited to your on-ship festivities. Will be interesting to hear your reports (hope the cruise line included free internet – it can be a bit pricey).

  18. I’m really looking forward to following your journey! I remember your first post and am very impressed.
    Shame you’re not stopping in Athens – we could have hooked up.
    I’ll be following you along the way – will you have internet?
    I’ll be doing a 4 day cruise around some of the Greek islands in July – but it’s ‘work’ because I’ll be promoting and selling my debut novel.

    • That’s fantastic Rebecca! What is your debut novel? How lovely it would have been to hook up in Athens, yes it’s a shame we’re not visiting – well, next time. Have a lovely Greek Island cruise ๐Ÿ™‚ And Thanks for following along on mine ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. What an amazing journey! This truly is the trip of a lifetime. Can’t wait to hear about it.

  20. That is an amazing itinerary! I’m really looking forward to following your adventures. My sister and I want to go to New Zealand next year – maybe we could then do this cruise itinerary. You have my travel wheels spinning.. Bon voyage!

    • So glad that your travel wheels are a spinning and you’re thinking cruising Kay – will keep you posted, and let’s hope you do cruise to New Zealand next year and do this itinerary (slightly changed and even better in 2017 I believe)

  21. Beautiful journey around the World. I hope it will be great and you can take in as much as you hope.

  22. Carol Falcon says:

    Looks fabulous Jo – please do a full blog on Oman as that is somewhere I have long wanted to visit. Have fun! x

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