Bon Voyage Sea Princess World Cruise 2016!

Sea Princess World Cruise

Hello and Farewell Sydney!

What a beautiful port from which to embark on the Sea Princess 2016 World Cruise.

Oh Sydney you are beautiful with all your watery blue finery and iconic buildings, moulding the past with the present so effortlessly.

sea princess world cruise

Sadly we only had a little time to explore your alluring assets but we fitted in quite a few things.

First up a walk around the Opera House and the Botanical Gardens (200 years old this year). Then a fabulous dinner pierside at Otto in Woolloomooloo (isn’t that a lovely name? Sounds like a song 🙂

We had a luxurius overnighter at the Four Seasons overlooking Circular Quay with a beautiful view onto the Opera House (above) and a quick march around the historic area of The Rocks early next morning, an area which retains some fascinating old nooks, crannies and architecture (below). Some of the houses have been restored to how they once would have looked – outside toilets and all, and Dave and I showed our age by saying, “Crikey, we remember outside toilets in England from when we were young!”

sea princess world cruise

Finally we just had time for quick breakfast with an old friend – Hello Jules! – whom I first met when I was backpacking around Australia in 1983. We caught up on news at a quirky and upbeat cafe at The Rocks where a Sunday market was in full swing.

What’s that I hear you say about a friend in every port!

We’ll see!

sea princess world cruise

Because we’re visiting 27 different countries on this grand global circumnavigation, taking in 39 destinations – that’s an awful lot of friends to find or re-connect with 🙂

D Day!

Leaving the hotel in a taxi the next morning my excitement was barely containable.

“Where are we going?” I asked the driver urgently as we soon appeared to be driving away from the big white ship the size of an apartment block and heading in the opposite direction.

“Cruise ships no longer depart from the Overseas Passenger Terminal at Circular Quay,” he said probably wondering which planet I’d just dropped from! “They now depart from White Bay.”

We were met dockside by Angus Wilkinson, Customer Services Director who was so friendly and welcoming.

There were loads of returning Princess passengers many of whom waved and said “Hello Angus” as he took us on a tour of the ship. It was like being with the Pied Piper 🙂

He introduced us to Anthony Pollendine the Hotel General Manager and several other key crew members before leaving us to settle in to our stateroom with it’s fabulous private balcony.

Exploring the ship

After we’d unpacked, we explored the ship some more.

We came across The Gypsy Swing Jazz Band playing welcome aboard melodies in the Atrium – that’s Midship on Deck 5 (Ha, don’t think I know it all – I keep getting lost) … Anyway I posted a little video to Facebook of Gypsy Swing – did you catch it? Don’t forget to check Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

How amazing it was just to stand on deck and gaze out over the azure sea and Sydney at large, but not quite as amazing as listening to the sounds of the ocean once we had set sail into the blue yonder.

But first things first … time to muster. At the sound of the ship’s siren everyone gathered with lifejackets at their designated muster stations for the emergency drill, and suddenly it all felt a bit Titanic-ish and I felt just a tingle of adrenalin cursing through my veins – best I pay attention, I thought and not let my mind wander off as I do when it comes to Airplane safety videos.

Yes, yes of course I kept looking around for Leonardo and Kate – but I’ll have to wait to watch movie stars, under the celestial stars on moonlit nights by the swimming pool when new releases are aired on the big screen to find them.

sea princess world cruise
Can’t wait – wish you were with me popcorn in hand.

Anyway, soon we were off. Ganplanks up, ropes were dropped and out we glided under Sydney Harbour Bridge with literally only millimetres to spare, which gives you some indication of how tall this ship is.

As we passed circular quay and the Opera House, the band started playing, champagne glasses clinked and the sail-away celebration began in earnest on the open deck around the pool as we listened to Party Band Passion. People were dancing, the sun set on cue over and behind Sydney Harbour Bridge and dusk slowly drew into an enchanted evening.

sea princess world cruise

The next decision was what to do next. Rest up? No Way? We had blogging to do and finding out how to make the systems (which work well on land) convert to on-board-ship-mode with unreliable internet connectivity caused me to exclaim “Oh for crying in a bucket!” quite a few times.

Please bear with me Lifestylers … it’s all a bit topsy turvy at Lifestyle Fifty Business Central so blog posts might not get to you as regularly as normal, and I may not get to read and comment on your blog posts as often as I’d like. Don’t give up on me though. I’m still with you.

Night Time Excitement

Yes, I expected a cabaret show or two, what I didn’t expect was the variety of entertainment on offer; music and dancing, quizzes, happy hours, dance parties and a sophisticated soiree with the Amethyst Trio in the Crooners lounge which we really enjoyed before dinner on our first night.

sea princess world cruise

You could choose from music in the Atrium, Showtime in the Princess Theatre, have a flutter at the casino, or dance the night away in the Wheelhouse Bar – just a few of the night-time delights.

Things I’m Loving so far

I was really worried the Stateroom would be miniscule, and we would bulge at the seams. We had 3 x 20kgs suitcases full of clothes and etc’s, and 2 heavy daypacks filled with blogging paraphernalia – laptops, cameras, cables, ipads etc. But we unpacked everything into the cupboards and drawers, and left some of the items we wouldn’t be using so much (like raincoats and medical supplies) in suitcases which fitted neatly under the bed.

The food, of course I’m loving the food!

The crew … my hairdresser said to me the other day, “Cruise ship crew are always so happy and helpful!” and she’s right!

The amount of diversity on board – from things to do, lectures to attend and quiet places (like the library) to sneak moments of peace.

The bed – is king size and really comfy.

sea princess world cruise

This morning – bliss – here’s what I loved – having a cup of coffee in bed and gazing out across the sea while reading The Princess Patter and deciding what activities to attend during the day ahead.

sea princess world cruise

I like the fact that there are singles and solo’s get togethers – how fab if you are travelling alone to know you need not be alone.

What’s Up Next?

Pop back for more cruise news … I’ll be bringing you amazing destinations, interviews with passengers and crew members, what life on board is like and much much more.

If you want to find out more about Princess Cruises, you might like to click HERE.

But tell me do? What would YOU most like to read about. I have 104 – oops – 103 days and counting to share with you!

Oh, and if you care, please share this post, or Pin the photo below if you’re on Pinterest – Thank You x

sea princess world cruise

I’m a guest of Princess Cruises but all opinions are my own.


  1. Oh my, words fail me – you get to have coffee in bed with that view every morning!

  2. Wow, what an incredible adventure. I am going to be following with much interest.

  3. Such a wonderful way to leave Sydney and you guys sound as if you are settling in really well. Love the idea of coffee with a sea view!

  4. Gabriellecheater says:

    Soounces so lovely wish I was with you amah

    • Hello Amah, how lovely that you’ve popped by to comment, thank you! Yes, wish you could be with us too. You would really love it 🙂

  5. Mari Cooper says:

    Found my way here to your blog from Cruise Critic Australian Forum. So pleased to have found you, the four blogs I have been following from the Amsterdam RTW cruise have just ended and I thought I would be suffering withdrawals.
    DH and I did our first cruise on Sea Princess Brisbane to NZ Feb 2015, was very wary about cruising but got hooked, we did two more cruises within 12 months, but Sea Princess is still the best ( our 2nd was on Celebrity Solstice which is said to be 5 star, yes a great ship but couldn’t measure up to the SP staff). Looking forward to hearing all your thoughts, reactions, feelings as you cruise around the world.

    • Hello Mari, how lovely to see you here. It was so interesting reading your thoughts about cruising and why you love the Sea Princess. Hope to see you back here again in the comments, and hear more about your journeys and adventures too 🙂

  6. g. cheater says:

    wish we were with you sounds fantastic

  7. Hi. I’m joining the cruise in New York and can’t wait to meet you and share a drink and compare cruise storied. See you on 20th July

  8. HELEN WRIGHT says:

    Hi I look forward to following your journey my sister Margaret and I set sail on the World cruise in 2010 , we sailed to England on the Fairs tar in 1970 for a working holiday this is when we caught our lifetime decease for cruising we worked in low paying jobs but saved our money to enable us to do this .
    My favourite part of the journey was cruising into Venice we towered over everything how special but then everyday is special with Princess Cruises

  9. Judi and Wayne Stephens says:

    Hi. We have travelled on Sea Princess 42 days Asian Cruise, first Princess after 8 on other lines. Have booked on Sea Princess in November to New Zealand and Sea Princess again for World Cruise in 2017. Love Sea Princess, food is outstanding, loads of activities suitable for every taste. Could not recommend more highly

  10. I found your blog looking for the Sea Princess bridge cam and information on the whereabouts of the ship since I knew of the sheltering in Esperance Bay from my Dad’s text message. I am going to follow you so I can keep up to date with what my mum and dad might be getting up to onboard as they are there with you. At 78 and nearly 80, they love cruising!
    Happy days!

    • Hi Vanessa, oh that’s so lovely. I hope I can keep you well updated. Perhaps I’ll bump into your Mum and Dad one of these days – that would be great. Yes, we have been sheltering and had a lovely calm night after a rocky trip from Adelaide.

  11. We recently returned from a 21 day cruise on the Golden Princess from Sydney to Hong Kong for my 60th and loved it. It was only the 2nd cruise we had ever taken (the other one 10 years ago for 5 days) and 21 days wasn’t long enough. Your world cruise sounds wonderful and I absolutely love reading about your adventures and can just imagine being there. So glad you enjoyed Adelaide and the Barossa – a great place.
    Thank you so much for sharing your travels – can’t wait to see more videos and read your travel tales. Have a fantastic time – I know you will.

    • Hello Jenny, so glad you enjoyed your 21 day cruise on the Golden Princess – sounds fantastic! What a wonderful 60th birthday! Hope you continue to enjoy sharing my travels and look forward to seeing you in the comments here soon again 🙂

  12. A great post. I haven’t been on a cruise before but this post certainly makes it seem very appealing!
    It’s great to hear that so much was offered on board in terms of entertainment, I think that’s something really very important be it a cruise or hotel.
    Your sunset photograph captured here is lovely, and it must be wonderful to be surrounded by sea everyday.
    Lovely post.
    Laura xo

  13. We will be doing the world cruise may next year loved reading your adventure so far, so excited for this trip.

    • Thanks Joanne 🙂 Hope you do get to do the world cruise next year. We are loving it. Just heading now into warmer weather as we get closer to Dubai.

  14. Wow – great blog – we are getting excited as we leave for Dubai on Saturday to join the Sea Princess on the leg to Dover. Still getting the farm ready for our farm sitter and deciding which clothes to leave out as we have a 23 kg limit each on the plane home. Love your descriptions

  15. we are booked to do the similar trip 2017, looking forward to it like nothing else, will follow your blog’s good work

  16. Lexie Picken says:

    Hi…I’m a blog novice…we are doing this trip in 2017 and I want to read about the rest of your trip. Sounds like you are all ready to have a great time.How do I find the rest of the travel diary?

    • Hi Lexie, easy peasy … Look along the top of the blog theme at the top, to where it says ‘Cruise Tips”. Click on that link and all the posts I’ve written will come up. Then you can just choose which you’d like to read. Let me know what you think = and happy cruising! It’s great!

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