Specialty Dining on the Sea Princess.

sea princess

In the past, when I’ve thought about cruise ships, great food has featured prominently in my idea of lazy days at sea.

Well actually, so have colourful exotic cocktails around the pool and exciting destinations, for that matter, but let’s just stick to food for the moment.

Food Glorious Food

There’s never any need to be hungry on the Sea Princess, in fact there’s a delectable variety of dining options on board from specialty dining to traditional dining to staying in your stateroom and ordering room service.

We booked into the Sterling Steakhouse (Premier Seafood and Chop House) a couple of nights ago for a specialty, upscale dining option which was absolutely sumptuous. The menu was pretty special.

sea princess

There’s a small cover charge but my goodness its totally worth it. Make sure you arrive hungry because you’re going to be up for 4 large-portioned courses that are difficult to say no to.

The restaurant is quiet, hushed and discreetly elegant, and is on Deck 14 with a great ocean view.

For the main course steaks and chops are of course the feature.

sea princess

Lupe wheeled over a trolley displaying all the various cuts of steaks and explained each one.

Gosh, I didn’t realise you could get so many differnt cuts.

“New York Steak and Rib Eye are favourites,” Lupe told us, “But the filet is very good and we can cook it exactly to your liking.”

sea princess

Filet mignon surf and turf

This I doubted because I’m often disappointed with the way my steak is cooked, but he was right, the surf and turf I ordered was absolutely perfect.

Here’s what we ordered …

sea princess

Tiger prawns with whiskey, chilli and garlic marinade

To start grilled tiger prawns in whiskey, chilli and garlic marinade served with fried onion rice.

New York Strip 12oz thick cut sirloin.

Filet Mignon surf and turf.

Grilled asparagus, cream of spinach, sautéed wild mushrooms.

And if I’d had room I would have had the raspberry creme brulee.

Since that lovely evening I’ve been trying to eat plain salad (not working) go to Zumba classes (working) and walk 5 times around the deck (not working because of the wild weather we’ve been experiencing around Australia).

Oh Lordy Lordy help me Lardy!

I’m travelling as a guest of Princess Cruises but all opinions are my own.

Have you any food stories to tell about your own dining experiences on cruise ships?


  1. Vicki | The Fashionable Mum says:

    I could eat those prawns right now!

  2. They must have to cater to every dietary requirement imaginable so would love to know Jo, do they have any vegan only restaurants on board too?

    • You’re right Linda, so many dietary requirements to cater for. I’ll check out the vegan options, but there isn’t a vegan only restaurant on board.

  3. It looks a great place to have a specialty meal.

  4. How many weeks are you on the cruise Jo? I think you might have to put the brakes on the eating. I am sure it would be difficult with all the fabulous food on offer. Those tiger prawns look delicious. Salad, zumba and walks sounds like the way to go so you can be naughty sometimes with what you eat and drink.

    • Away 15 weeks Jill so yes, will have to be careful and keep up the exercise and say not to the cakes! Not easy I might add 😉 Thanks for popping by 🙂

  5. Stop it! I’m salivating all over my laptop screen here! the specialty dining is a standout on cruise ships. I remember I had one of the best dining experiences ever aboard the Sapphire Princess in their Italian restaurant. Mind you I was so full when I walked away, it was more like a waddle! Keep enjoying the wonderful food Jo. 🙂

    • Haha Kathy! Oh I bet the Italian was amazing too! We’ve had German and Indian themed nights so far, which have been incredible and like you I’m practicing the Waddle over the Rhumba!

  6. On reading and subscribing to your blog for the first time, was surprised to find that I was on the same ship, but only doing the Sydney to Perth section. Sorry I did not bump into you. But I do agree about the great food. Pity about the bad weather.


    • Hi Norma, oh that’s so sad we didn’t get to meet 🙁 Yes, sad about the bad weather, but hope you enjoyed it all the same (we did 🙂 ) Please keep in touch 🙂

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