How I make money blogging

A lot of folks ask me -  How on earth do you make money blogging?My immediate reaction is to say, "Well, I don't make very much," and I never really set out to make money from blogging. I just wanted to write  about things which I was interested in and which might be helpful to others. I … [Read more...]

Blogging Tips and Social Media Tricks -1

Happy Friday Lifestylers, and welcome to a brand new regular series for anyone who's either a blogger or regularly on social media like Facebook.Bloggie Friday is the place to ask any burning questions you might have about blogging or social media, and hopefully learn some new tips or perhaps … [Read more...]

How Blogging can change your life.

When we arrived in Australia I was 50 years old and my children were 17 and 19.  Coming from South Africa to Australia to create a new life was a dream come true, and we were lucky to be able to make South West Australia our new home.A new life beckoned.Although we immediately warmed to … [Read more...]

Blogging for older people. How I started blogging after 50.

When I first started writing Lifestyle Fifty, I was worried that there may not be enough tech savvy over fifty year olds to make writing a blog about aging worth while, but what I'm loving is that I keep discovering more and more of you who are just that. Tech savvy, or trying to be.And although … [Read more...]