Merry Christmas and Farewell 2016

It's a funny old time of year really isn't it?On the one hand there's all the razzmatazz of the festive season and the lead up to Christmas Day and on the other there's a feeling of, 'Oh crikey, another year is drawing to a close - how did that go by so fast?'Some of you social … [Read more...]

Merry Christmas from My Little Corner of the World

Merry Christmas Everyone!How amazing that I'm yodelling best wishes across the internets, when it seems just like yesterday that I was doing the same last year. It's true when we are younger with tiny kids or new careers the days might seem long, but the years are short. Now the days are short … [Read more...]

What to buy the man who has everything

I don't know about you, but I always struggle to buy my hubby presents. It's not that I don't know what he likes, I do, but I also know that he always will always say to me when asked : "I'm the man who has everything, I don't need anything."Of course he doesn't have everything, far from it. … [Read more...]

7 Energy Boosting Tips and In The Sack with Mystery Case

 I love Christmas.No let's rephrase that. I love certain aspects of Christmas.I love the eats and treats. I love getting together with friends and family, and I love collapsing on a sun-lounger by the pool or on a lilo in the pool, in an undignified heap when I can no longer eat or … [Read more...]

A handy little gift guide for Christmas

I'm going to come clean with you. I've always been pretty useless at buying gifts.I get crazy ideas in my head about what people would like. I used to buy Dave zooty little 'executive' gifts to perk up his office when he'd much rather be hiking up a mountain with only a sleeping bag and a packet … [Read more...]

Christmas Magic! Shop Till You Drop in Perth Australia!

A very long time ago, Christmas shopping was a major event on the calendar for me.Generally, a couple of weeks before the big day I would head off to the shops with my Mum in England To Go Christmas Shopping. It was a much anticipated occasion, and woe betide if we hadn't saved up enough money … [Read more...]

The Thing That Nearly Ruined Christmas and Tips on How Not to Hoard

Christmas was going far too well.Stresses had been kept to a minimum. There was no huge expectation about mountains of food or hundreds of visitors, and presents had been kept to let’s say ‘non-gargantuan’ proportions.We’d agreed on almost everything. Presents were wrapped.  Nobody had … [Read more...]