104 Days, 25 Countries, 35 Destinations! Incredible World Cruise!

For all the individual stories about the amazing destinations we visited, plus tips and useful hints for cruising - please click HERE for the full Resource Page, where you'll find everything that I've written on cruising. I was a guest of Princess Cruises but all opinions are my own. … [Read more...]

Backpacker or Bling? What’s your retirement dream?

Sponsored by Nuffnang and Sunsuper’s the Dream ProjectAs many of you know, I’m fortunate enough to be on a world cruise at the moment. I’m visiting 27 different countries on a 104 night adventure circumnavigating the globe.I’ve met some amazing retired people who are living their … [Read more...]

Trip of a Lifetime with Princess Cruises!

If you came into money what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you go with?I always thought if we ever had a windfall, then I'd go on a cruise, around the world, with my darling boy, Dave.We've been together nearly 34 years, married for most of them, and oh my goodness I haven't … [Read more...]