The Secret to Healthy Ageing may be Hiding in our Fridges

Sponsored Post.There’s nothing I love more than a hunk of fresh bread, some real butter and a slice of mature cheddar cheese.If you come to visit you’ll always find cheese in our fridge.If you ask me why, I’ll tell you we love cheese, because it tastes great and because it’s so … [Read more...]

How to Create a Perfect Party Cheeseboard

Sponsored Post.It was my daughter’s birthday at the weekend. She turned 25 years old.  My gosh, I was rummaging through old photos and dug out the one above of when she turned 6 and just had to post it! (Sorry Em!) Oh my - where did the time go?In days gone by, when she was small, her … [Read more...]

Healthy Bones Action Week Challenge

Sponsored Post. Bones Bones Bones! I’ve been invited by Dairy Australia to be a Healthy Bones Action Week Champion which is really exciting and will focus my thoughts on not only making sure that I get enough calcium to support my aging bones but to encourage you to do the same.Although I’m no … [Read more...]

Dairy Facts – Setting the Record Straight

Sponsored by Dairy Australia.For quite a few years I have to admit that dairy foods have not been top of my mind when it comes to healthy eating.Why is this, when there is so much evidence to support the benefits of dairy foods?I guess it’s because there are so many fad diets around … [Read more...]

How Much Dairy Food do Women Over 50 Really Need?

Sponsored Post.Do any of you remember the days of the milkman? Can you recall the jingle jangle of the milk cart as it pulled up outside your front door, very early in the morning, and the milkman (often with a jolly whistle) would deposit fresh milk at the doorstep?"One pint or two, … [Read more...]

The Importance of Dairy Foods in Your Diet after 50

Sponsored Post.Did you know that it’s estimated that the average woman loses up to 10 per cent of her bone mass in the first five years after menopause?I didn’t. But sometimes when I stand next to my grown up children I do get the distinct feeling that I might be shrinking in height, so I’m … [Read more...]