7 Top Tips for Cruise Clothes

I'll post the complete World Cruise packing list in a future post, but for the time being some of you have been asking me for tips about what to wear on a cruise and asking "How much, and what can you buy on a cruise to top up your wardrobe if necessary?"If you don't have to fly to your … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Everyday Style

 I'm a great one for dishing out advice and then not sticking to it. Especially as I'm writing this sitting at my computer on a stinking hot day in Perth dressed only in a black and pink sarong.I said to Dave over a glass of champagne as we sat watching black swans on the lake only … [Read more...]

Everyday Style ideas for Frocktober

Vintage, retro, modern, hip, hippy, boho, maxi, midi, mini, floral, striped, and the list goes on.Gotta love the variety of frocks available to a girl. Sometimes I'm really glad I'm not a man, although I can still hear my Grandmother saying, "In my next life I want to come back a man," as she … [Read more...]

Stylish, inexpensive fashion and Win a $50 clothing Voucher.

When I was growing up I was reliably informed by an elderly relative that the colour black was only for funerals.Over the years I've struggled with black because of this deep seated aversion which brings up sepulchral visions for me, and yet black suits me well and I always feel great in … [Read more...]

Top Wardrobe and Style tips from Nikki Parkinson, Styling You

I'm a big fan of Nikki Parkinson who writes a very successful blog called Styling You.Nikki is a really stylish woman, who seems to be effortlessly well groomed for every occasion, and she's also a very smart and savvy businesswoman who's set up her blog based on her passion - which is making … [Read more...]

What Shall I wear Today?

As the weather gets hotter in Western Australia (it's in the '40s as I write), my thoughts turn to what I can find in my cupboard that will be cool, slip on easily, not cling too much, and be elegant enough either if visitors pop round, or if I'm going to be running a blogging workshop.Over on … [Read more...]

What shall I wear today?

I'm really excited to be continuing the series "What shall I wear today?" today because it's such fun getting to know Lifestyle Fifty readers' personal style. Above, I've put together a mish-mash of just some of the outfits that have been contributed so far. The What Shall I wear Today series is a … [Read more...]