What not to wear when you’re of a certain age

Okay so you have in your mind a whole list of things that you think you shouldn't wear now that you're older."It will make me look like mutton dressed up as lamb," you bleat.But you know what? I say now that you're of a certain age you really should wear whatever you want. At least whatever … [Read more...]

Why I Love Ponte Pants and 5 Ways to Wear Them.

I'm still wearing my Ponte Pants because Spring has been slow to arrive in WA. But I'll probably go on wearing them at least until summer strikes with her iron-clad hand. Here are 5 different ways to wear ponte pants.I seriously love them. Since I returned from the world cruise they've been … [Read more...]

5 Key Style Tips for Middle Aged Women

Autumn has arrived in SWA, and I don't know about you, but I love this time of year because it means I can at last start covering up the tell-tale droopy bits of my body that try to tell me I'm getting older.The strappy summer dresses and short sleeved shirts can thankfully be packed up and put … [Read more...]

What to Wear to New Year Parties and Festive Shenanigans

I wonder how many of you will receive Gift Vouchers or perhaps money for Christmas? I'm so lucky that my Mum always puts a little something into my account for Christmas, and if I'm not careful I spend it on groceries, which is not really the point.She wants me to spend it on something personal, … [Read more...]

Everyday Style ideas for Frocktober

Vintage, retro, modern, hip, hippy, boho, maxi, midi, mini, floral, striped, and the list goes on.Gotta love the variety of frocks available to a girl. Sometimes I'm really glad I'm not a man, although I can still hear my Grandmother saying, "In my next life I want to come back a man," as she … [Read more...]

What to wear to a Wedding

I'm off to a very important wedding, and I need your help Lifestylers to choose an outfit.But seeing as I have had a lot more experience in choosing the wrong things to wear to weddings, I'm going to rephrase What to Wear to a Wedding with What Not To Wear to a Wedding, in an attempt to remind … [Read more...]

Millers Seeing Me Project and How to Style One Look Three Ways.

 I was chatting to one of the lovely people at Millers the other day who was telling me that over the years, Millers have struggled to find mature models through the usual casting agencies. "We’ve always wondered why this age group are so under-represented. Particularly when we see so … [Read more...]

Boho Chic for the Weekend Hippy in You

There's nothing I like more than a little boho chic, and it goes back to my hippy youth I guess. In those days I had strange fashion sense, I can remember dyeing a sheet, cutting a hole in the top and stringing a piece of rope around my waist before trotting off to a disco. I must have looked like … [Read more...]

A perfect fit trench coat to make all your worries disappear.

Today Don't sweat the small stuff Just be you.Do you have days when you just feel like you've given up on the will to live? It might be because of niggling worries that overtake you, or a big setback or just a fed-upness that won't go away. Lots of little things can put me into the 'oh crikey … [Read more...]

Magical Moments with Mum for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is coming up and despite it's commercial nature I'm always keen to acknowledge my wonderful Mum. All too often my reflex action is to send her a lovely card and a big bunch of flowers (because she lives in England) and I thought this year it would be nice to show her how much I love her … [Read more...]