What to wear with Tan Ankle Boots this Season – Floaty Dress

This post contains affiliate links.I'm so so happy that the weather has cooled down a little in Perth, and I'm able to start layering and wearing ankle boots again.Last week we looked at teaming womens ankle boots with a little black dress in this post: What to Wear With Ankle … [Read more...]

What to Wear with Ankle Boots – The Little Black Dress

This post contains affiliate links.Wearing ankle boots with a dress wasn’t a trend I thought I could pull off, until my daughter showed me some photos of ankle boots on Pinterest and said, “This is how you do it, Mum.”So for this post I decided to take one pair of ankle boots, one little … [Read more...]

Dressing for your body shape

Do you ever walk into a clothes shop and reach the changing room with far too many items to try on but then walk out of the store disappointed, thinking that nothing fits and it's all your fault - must lose weight, must tone up, what happened to my waist, why have I got such big boobs or no … [Read more...]

What to Wear to New Year Parties and Festive Shenanigans

I wonder how many of you will receive Gift Vouchers or perhaps money for Christmas? I'm so lucky that my Mum always puts a little something into my account for Christmas, and if I'm not careful I spend it on groceries, which is not really the point.She wants me to spend it on something personal, … [Read more...]

Bohemian Rhapsody … 5 Boho Style Tips

Hands up who loved Queen's, Bohemian Rhapsody?  Haha! Cue for a song ... "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? ..."Oh gosh I did, I mean I knew all the words once upon a time. And this song is a great road trip pleaser, isn't it?"Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the … [Read more...]

Why the Australian bush is good for your soul. A Sneaky Peak into My Little Corner of the World.

One of the things I love about being a blogger is that I get to go to some really interesting places and then write about them. Not only that, it's often to do things which are a little on the wildside in out of the way places, where I can get close to wildlife, enjoy the Australian bush and … [Read more...]

The Most Versatile Travel Shoes I’ve Ever Owned

What if I suggested that it really is possible to take just one pair of shoes with you on an energetic trip abroad?'Not possible!' I hear all you shoe fanatics volley back at me!Okay, okay I agree, because I'll always pack more than one pair of shoes, if for no other reason, than I can and … [Read more...]

Best travel shoes and how to choose them

If you're anything like me then picking out the right shoes for travelling can be a bit of a nightmare because I like shoes for every occasion. So I decided to rein myself in for our recent trip to England and Kuala Lumpur and get some expert advice about the best travel shoes and how to choose … [Read more...]