To Do Lists or Not To Do Lists?

I’m a big lists person. I make lists all the time. The sad thing is making to do lists doesn’t seem to make me more organised.Far from it. Rather it seems to have the opposite effect because I have lists scrawled on scraps of paper in my handbag, a list of things to do in my desk diary, … [Read more...]

17 Reasons Why Camping is Good For You

We’ve just had a lovely weekend away down south. Not in five star luxury, not in three star convenience ... but under canvas in a tent. And it was brilliant. Which has led me to think about the reasons why camping is good for you. Really good for you. Honest!Dave and I didn’t fall out … [Read more...]

What age is elderly? What age is Mature?

Here's the thing. I was an expat wife and a stay at home mum for around 20 years. When the day came and our house was empty except for Dave and myself I felt completely at a loss. I also, overnight, felt quite a lot older.I spoke about the empty nest syndrome and all that it entails on radio the … [Read more...]

Are you Living The Good Life?

As I've been trawling the Perth city streets in search of a new place to live, I've thought a lot about what makes a place, a suburb or an area really desirable or not.Actually, scratch out the word 'thought' and insert 'drawn blood'.I've agonised too much. I'm always in search of elusive … [Read more...]

Inspiring women – Brenda Ellen

Nearly everyday I'm inspired by women in some way. Their strength, their beauty, their creativity, their entrepreneurship and their ability to lead from the hip always makes me want to ask lots of questions to find out what makes them tick!Today I'm interviewing a very inspiring 50+ woman, an … [Read more...]

And so this is Christmas in Australia

This dear Lifestylers, is my last post for 2013. It's not a 'Wrap' of the year, because that's happening over at my other blog, ZigaZag where Tastemaster Rich Keam who won one of the "Best Jobs in Australia" is also helping me out with his best 10 experiences this year. For you my dear friends I … [Read more...]

Life after fifty when the wolf whistles stop and the roaring begins.

I've just written a guest post for another site about all the positive things you learn from aging (I'll let you know when it's published) and it was actually really easy to talk about all the good inspirational stuff that you learn, often from your mistakes, as you journey through life.But it … [Read more...]

Problogger Event and The Meaning of Life

I've just returned from the Problogger Training Conference in Surfers Paradise, Queensland and I have to say that it was like no other conference that I've ever attended. As my hubby, Dave said to me: "You're incredibly lucky that you are so passionate about blogging and that all the speakers have … [Read more...]