Why you should Live life to the fullest when the kids leave home

 Today we feature a heartfelt guest post from lovely Lifestyle Fifty reader, Mary Martin from 'HugMomma' in which she urges us to view life as an adventure and live life to the fullest. "Life: It's messy... it's beautiful. The memories we carry with us are not at all that define us - the memories … [Read more...]

11 Tips for Success from Dale Alcock

Last week I went to a fascinating fund raising luncheon in support of the South West Academy of  Sports.The guest speaker was Dale Alcock, General Manager of the ABN Group (Alcock Brown Neaves), a local West Australian success story, and the theme of his speech was about tips for … [Read more...]

How to save money and afford to hire a cleaner

I don’t know about you, but I hate cleaning. I see lots of blogs about keeping our nests clean and tidy, about how to be retro mummies, or how to clean your house like a demon - but I don't read them because I loathe anything to do with housework.I avoid it at all costs.Perhaps I should be … [Read more...]

How to stop worrying, and start living

Stop Worrying. I keep telling myself that I'm not superwoman, nor am I a cavewoman being pursued by a woolly mammoth, but it doesn't help.You see, as I've got older I seem to have become a worrier. So I've been looking at how to stop worrying. The spooks in the night Often I wake in the night … [Read more...]