Why I Love Ponte Pants and 5 Ways to Wear Them.

I'm still wearing my Ponte Pants because Spring has been slow to arrive in WA. But I'll probably go on wearing them at least until summer strikes with her iron-clad hand. Here are 5 different ways to wear ponte pants.I seriously love them. Since I returned from the world cruise they've been … [Read more...]

What to Wear to New Year Parties and Festive Shenanigans

I wonder how many of you will receive Gift Vouchers or perhaps money for Christmas? I'm so lucky that my Mum always puts a little something into my account for Christmas, and if I'm not careful I spend it on groceries, which is not really the point.She wants me to spend it on something personal, … [Read more...]

Bohemian Rhapsody … 5 Boho Style Tips

Hands up who loved Queen's, Bohemian Rhapsody?  Haha! Cue for a song ... "Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? ..."Oh gosh I did, I mean I knew all the words once upon a time. And this song is a great road trip pleaser, isn't it?"Scaramouche, Scaramouche, will you do the … [Read more...]

Millers Seeing Me Project and How to Style One Look Three Ways.

 I was chatting to one of the lovely people at Millers the other day who was telling me that over the years, Millers have struggled to find mature models through the usual casting agencies. "We’ve always wondered why this age group are so under-represented. Particularly when we see so … [Read more...]

What to wear for a long haul flight

Hands up who's jetting off on holiday?Oooh, lucky you. I'm sitting here looking out at a very grey wintery day in Perth.Or perhaps you're not jetting off on a plane but getting ready for a long car drive instead?The look I've put together today could just as easily serve it's purpose for … [Read more...]

Love what you wear! Smart Clothing for a Lunch Date.

I was thinking the other day about how different it is buying clothes now that I'm in my 50's compared to when I was in my 20's. I don't mean from the point of view of body shape, because that has changed beyond recognition, but more from the view point of the expectations I have of my … [Read more...]

How to wear Floral Trousers

Continuing with the 'I'm not a fashion model series' I've been having a little fun with floral print trousers.Since I've got to the age where I feel that time is running out I no longer keep clothes in my wardrobe 'for best' in quite the same way as I used to. In my twenties I definitely had … [Read more...]

Stylish, inexpensive fashion and Win a $50 clothing Voucher.

When I was growing up I was reliably informed by an elderly relative that the colour black was only for funerals.Over the years I've struggled with black because of this deep seated aversion which brings up sepulchral visions for me, and yet black suits me well and I always feel great in … [Read more...]

Magical Moments with Mum for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is coming up and despite it's commercial nature I'm always keen to acknowledge my wonderful Mum. All too often my reflex action is to send her a lovely card and a big bunch of flowers (because she lives in England) and I thought this year it would be nice to show her how much I love her … [Read more...]