Style Tips and Confessions of a Personal Shopper

I met Jackie on the first leg of the Princess Round the World Cruise. Actually we were bobbing in the warm waters of the Arabian Sea when we first said “Hi” . We were on a Desert Safari and Wadi Tour in Oman.Jackie hails form Kent, in England. She’s married to Richard (they’ve just … [Read more...]

5 Key Style Tips for Middle Aged Women

Autumn has arrived in SWA, and I don't know about you, but I love this time of year because it means I can at last start covering up the tell-tale droopy bits of my body that try to tell me I'm getting older.The strappy summer dresses and short sleeved shirts can thankfully be packed up and put … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Everyday Style

 I'm a great one for dishing out advice and then not sticking to it. Especially as I'm writing this sitting at my computer on a stinking hot day in Perth dressed only in a black and pink sarong.I said to Dave over a glass of champagne as we sat watching black swans on the lake only … [Read more...]

9 Super Style Tips for Staying Stylish over 50

I receive many emails from women over 50 who ask me for super style tips about what to wear for different occasions, and they want wardrobe tips for women over fifty, and  great fashion for women over 50.While I'm always happy to help based on my own knowledge, I'm not a fashion expert, so I'm … [Read more...]

5 Tips I learnt from Advanced Style the Movie

I've just been to see Advanced Style, the documentary.It's about several older, stylish women living life to the full as they get older - the Lifestyle Fifty philosophy exactly!Ari Seth Cohen started photographing exotically clad women of an advanced age going about their days on the streets … [Read more...]

7 Style Tips for dressing well after 50

There are days, and I'm sure you have them too, when you pull out your most comfy, battered old jeans and a sloppy cardi or sweatshirt before pulling on a pair of well worn shoes or boots and thinking, 'There that will do for today."But then there are other days when you want to look good … [Read more...]