What shall I wear today? Oh Boho!

Remember the hippy days? I bet you do. Carefree tresses, daisy prints, long flowing skirts, leather sandals, leather bags, and of course a carefree rebellious approach to putting a look together.Don't know about you, but these days I don't really do hippy per se, but I do like to dress a little … [Read more...]

What Shall I Wear Today? Summer Dresses.

Hello Everybody, and welcome to another What Shall I Wear Monday!Yay! Today's the day when Lifestyle Fifty women readers, gorgeous normal women, show us what they're wearing. They send in a pic, and tell us what they like or don't like about the look they have on, and then offer their tips about … [Read more...]

The Essential Little Black Dress.

Sometimes you come across a dress that just says, "Take me! Love me! Wear me!"For me, I have to say that isn't very often because I'm choosy and when I wear a dress, I always feel I have to sit up straight, pull my tummy in, be aware of my posture etc etc or I'll look like a dumpy frump. We all … [Read more...]

What Shall I wear Today?

As the weather gets hotter in Western Australia (it's in the '40s as I write), my thoughts turn to what I can find in my cupboard that will be cool, slip on easily, not cling too much, and be elegant enough either if visitors pop round, or if I'm going to be running a blogging workshop.Over on … [Read more...]

What shall I wear today?

I'm really excited to be continuing the series "What shall I wear today?" today because it's such fun getting to know Lifestyle Fifty readers' personal style. Above, I've put together a mish-mash of just some of the outfits that have been contributed so far. The What Shall I wear Today series is a … [Read more...]

What shall I wear today? 3 Lifestyle Fifty readers spill their everyday clothing secrets.

Wow, Lifestylers you are amazing! Last week I threw open the challenge to post photos of yourselves to┬áLifestyle Fifty on Facebook (or email me) with photos of you in everyday wear, and what a wonderful response there's been from you fun, funky, feisty women.This week I'm featuring 5 … [Read more...]