Why Go On A Princess Cruises World Cruise?

This post contains affiliate links.As Sea Princess nosed her way into Sydney at dawn on 28th August 2016 I began to reflect on lots of things in a quasi philosophical way.As we get older it's all too easy to wrap ourselves in an invisible veil of diminished expectation, and comfortable … [Read more...]

104 Days, 25 Countries, 35 Destinations! Incredible World Cruise!

For all the individual stories about the amazing destinations we visited, plus tips and useful hints for cruising - please click HEREĀ for the full Resource Page, where you'll find everything that I've written on cruising. I was a guest of Princess Cruises but all opinions are my own. … [Read more...]

25 Tips to Keep Fit, Relax, and Come Back New

A Princess Cruises World Cruise offers a host of ways for you to keep fit, relax and help you to 'Come Back New'.At first I didn't believe how many things there would be to do on Sea Princess, thinking my days at sea might be spent around the pool with a good book, but now, almost near the end … [Read more...]

World Cruise Highlights

What an amazing world cruise! Sea Princess has been sailingĀ a 104-night global circumnavigation from Australia taking in 37 destinations in 25 countries over a distance of 28,709 nautical miles (the equivalent of 53,169 kilometres).The highlights have been too many to mention with visits to … [Read more...]

10 Reasons to go on a World Cruise

We're now over half way on our 104 night World Cruise with Princess Cruises, aboard Sea Princess. And looking back to our very first day seems so long ago.Our welcome aboard was kind of rockstar and any doubts we might have had about cruising (this is our very first) were batted to the … [Read more...]

World Cruise Veterans. Meet The Parry’s.

The other day I had the chance to chat to Yvonne and Russell Parry from Geelong in Victoria who have amazingly done 25 cruises, equalling 2053 days with Princess Cruises.They started cruising in 2000, and by my caluclations have spent just shy of 6 years on cruise ships.What struck me most … [Read more...]

Bon Voyage Sea Princess World Cruise 2016!

Hello and Farewell Sydney!What a beautiful port from which to embark on the Sea Princess 2016 World Cruise.Oh Sydney you are beautiful with all your watery blue finery and iconic buildings, moulding the past with the present so effortlessly.Sadly we only had a little time to explore … [Read more...]

Trip of a Lifetime with Princess Cruises!

If you came into money what would you do? Where would you go? Who would you go with?I always thought if we ever had a windfall, then I'd go on a cruise, around the world, with my darling boy, Dave.We've been together nearly 34 years, married for most of them, and oh my goodness I haven't … [Read more...]