7 Tips for Stylish Dressing to Make YOU Feel GREAT!

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I’ve just had a big clear out of my wardrobe which made me think about some of myΒ tips for stylish dressing.

A cluttered closet is not conducive to stylish dressing over 50, so some of my old lovelies have been tossed onto the reject pile, and will be winging their way to a charity shop soon.

Poor sad things πŸ™ Not the clothes below though πŸ™‚ They’re still pretty chirpy!

Stylish Dressing after 50

But I hope the discarded garments find lovely new owners who will treasure them, and wear them often, instead of just sitting stuffed in a dark cupboard and looked at – as they have been in my wardrobe for more than a year.

That’s my new trick of the trade when it comes to chuck-outs.

If I can look at a piece of clothing and admit I haven’t worn it in a whole year, then in all likelihood I’m not going to wear it next year either.

Tips for Stylish Dressing

Keeping – Lace-look top and ponte pants. Block colours = big tick. Top skims tummy and dreadful camel toes! Boots turn up the glamour.
Tips for Stylish Dressing

Keeping: Ponte Pants tucked into boots make legs look slimmer and longer. Long black top skims lumpy areas. Short, sharp, smart jacket gives illusion of being slimmer. Oh, and Dave? Yes, he’s definitely a keeper too!

Tips for Stylish Dressing

Keeping – Ponte Pants and Panama Hat – chucking out the stripey T. Doesn’t fit well around the bust area and shoulders. And sometimes it has to be said, horizontal stripes don’t do you any favours.

Tips for Stylish Dressing

Keeping – a pretty Boho type dress which gives the illusion of slimming my top half with the lovely detail. And my FRANKiE4 sandals are keepers too.

Tips for Stylish Dressing

Keeping – slim white pants look good with a longer top and the cardigan in the same colour gives me added length. FRANKiE4 sandals complete the look with a nice ‘pop’ of colour.

Tips for Stylish Dressing

Now as always, you know I’m not the oracle when it comes to all things fashion, but I know what I like and what suits me. Anyway, I’ve noticed in this decluttering process that there are several characteristics which certain garments have that give them space in my wardrobe world, and I hope the following tips might help you too.

The clothes that made the grade had these things in common …

  1. They are made of good quality fabrics that haven’t ‘balled’ or ‘frayed’ or otherwise deteriorated.
  2. Fitted garments that are well tailored and fit well will always do us justice.
  3. Floaty dresses in my wardrobe are truly feminine or Boho, and do not have spaghetti shoulder straps or loud prints.
  4. Surprisingly (for me) it seems my most loved clothes come from about four shops. Two in the UK (Klass and Monsoon) and two in Australia (Millers Fashion and JacquieE) Which leads me to the conclusion that if you find a shop which suits your style and your size, then stick with it.
  5. My capsule wardrobe staples are in a limited colour palette (black, white and orange) and mostly in block colours (I think I got this tip from Kate Middleton who always looks so elegant dressed in one shade, generally without a print in sight). They also lend themselves to some individual accessorising to give them more Va-Va-Voom.
  6. Little tailored jackets or bolero cardigans are great for layering, so I find it hard to chuck them out. Because they cut my body off at a narrow point and create the illusion of a slimmer figure I love them very much. Remember a top ending on the hips lengthens the body, but a broken line across the tummy can then distract the eye to make you look slimmer.
  7. They are clothes I can put on without wondering what to wear with them, and generally I don’t need to wear high heels with them. In the above photos you can see my beloved FRANKiE4 sandals – orange and tan and white, and boots (very old – in fact one lot I think I was bequeathed when an ex girlfriend of our son’s left them at our house, and then we moved country – oops, hope she’s not reading!)

Tips for Stylish Dressing

This scarf and dotty top have to GO! So too the wild woman of Borneo hair do!

Tips for Stylish Dressing

Ahh, now Angus (Customer Services Director whom I met on Princess CruisesΒ Sea Princess) is a keeper, but he’s sailing the seven seas! Lol! However my pink jacket and black ponte pants are staying put.

What tips do you have for Stylish Dressing over 50?

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  1. Nothing like a good throw out! I find life is much easier if like you, I have brands that I can rely on where I know the fit will be right for me as well as the style. When I want to play with something different I will often do that from a quality second hand shop where the investment is minimised and thus the risk factor πŸ˜‰

  2. I love all of your looks Jo and you have inspired me to really take stock of my wardrobe. I start and then I just put everything back! I love solid colours and I’m really hoping to get the ‘capsule wardrobe’ idea down pat. Thanks for the inspo and have a fabulous week.

  3. You reminded me that I do need to have a good throw out Jo … mind you a year in the cupboard without being worn – I have things that have just about taken root they’ve been there that long☹️

    • Hi Ingrid, oh LOL! That’s funny! Come to think of it, I saw a few long spindly root-like things in my wardrobe before chuck out too! So that’s what they were πŸ˜‰

  4. ps – I didn’t know this tip about the shorter length jacket – so thanks!

  5. sadly I have no tips for dressing well over 50…or over 60….so I’d better keep logging into your blog Jo. I have lots to learn.

  6. I’m glad that Dave is in the “keep” pile LOL! I love that first pic of you, you look amazing x

  7. I tend to stick to plain colours on the whole – predominantly because I buy a lot of stuff from shops like TS14+ and their patterned clothes are so obvious that you see them wherever you go. It’s less obvious if you’re in a plain black shirt etc…

    • Hi Deb, yes I think a capsule wardrobe with some basic plain coloured pieces are a great ‘foil’ for when you wear the show pony pieces – which look so much more dramatic then as a result.

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