What Shall I Wear Today? Summer Dresses.

Hello Everybody, and welcome to another What Shall I Wear Monday!

Yay! Today’s the day when Lifestyle Fifty women readers, gorgeous normal women, show us what they’re wearing. They send in a pic, and tell us what they like or don’t like about the look they have on, and then offer their tips about where to buy the clothes.

Summer dresses

Today please say a big warm “Hello” to lovely reader Janet Camilleri who writes a lively blog about life with a husband, two teenagers, various pets and finding her feet after redundancy as a “Middle Aged Mama” wanting to look good! Phew!

Anyway, today Janet lets us in on a little secret about her summer dress below.

what shall I wear today- jo-castro

“In Summer, I love to wear what I call “everywhere dresses”. They’re cool, they’re comfy, they don’t need ironing and can go just about anywhere with the right accessories,” Janet says. “I have a real “thing” for blue this Summer, and this dress (pictured above) is no exception. I’m wearing it with a nude Kelly Hill bag, and nude sandals from Rivers.”

Janet bought the dress at Rivers a couple of months ago for  $24.95,  and loved it so much she went back and bought the same dress, in a different colour!

 “Here I am (below) wearing the same dress, this time in black and jewel tones.”

what shall I wear today- jo-castro

And Janet’s little secret?

“But what is REALLY amazing is that I am wearing … can I have a drum roll please … a SIZE 10! Rivers must have really weird sizing because I’m more of a 14 or 16 – it’s been quite a few years since I last bought a Size 10 in anything (unless it was for Miss 17!)”

“I work from home, so both of these dresses are ideal for everyday wear. With the right shoes and accessories they can also be dressed up for meetings with clients.”

Janet’s Blog

By the way, Janet’s blog Redland City Living is undergoing a name change to Middle Aged Mama but she’ll still be writing about her life and life in Queensland. You can also find her  on Facebook & Twitter

 “I’m a middle aged mama with a passion for fashion and looking good, no matter what your budget. As an “almost empty-nester” (the kids still live here but they’re hardly ever home!), I feel like I am re-discovering all that life has to offer,” Janet says.

What do you think?

Don’t you think Janet looks great? Cool, relaxed and comfortable in a day-to- day-go-anywhere, do-anything dress that really suits her and joy oh joy, doesn’t need ironing!

Thanks Janet for being a good sport and joining in the What Shall I Wear Today Monday challenge 🙂

If you’d like to join in What Shall I Wear Today, please email me a photo of yourself with a little description about what you’re wearing, why you like it, where you bought it and any little stories that might go with it. Can’t wait to hear from you.

Ok everyone – who likes this style of dress? Would you buy one, do you have one, or what is your Everyday Dress so far for 2014? Please do tell in the comments 🙂


  1. Janet certainly looks coo, comfortable and happy in her Rivers dress. What a bargain. For me, I don’t do narrow straps anymore, but this dress looks great on Janet and the fact that you don’t have to iron it is a bonus! A great dress for throwing into a suitcase and putting on at the other end to go out to dinner.
    Somewhere along the way I have gotten away from wearing dresses for everyday wear. I cam not quite sure why – maybe because I work in a male dominated environment which doesn’t suit dresses! I really should go and look for a nice summer dress.

    • Thanks for your comments Jill – Janet does look great in it doesn’t she! I like the fact that you could throw it in a suitcase and shake it out the other end. I’m also not good with narrow straps these days, so I’d probably want a very lightweight bolero shrug to wear with it, but then it wouldn’t be so cool. I’ll be interested to see if you do go back to wearing a summer dress and what you choose – pic please if you do!

    • Jill it’s just too darn hot to cover up even if I do have tuckshop lady arms!!!! I was thinking the other day that now I wear dressed all the time – 12 months ago I always wore separates! Funny how our styles / tastes change 😉

  2. I missed your blog over the summer break Jo, glad to see you’re back on board – and I am truly honoured to be your special guest today. Thank you lovely lady!
    I will add though, that I had a bit of an “accident” with the navy frock over the break. The top was looking a bit “pill-y” so I went over with our little gadget to try and freshen it up – and accidentally chunked out the fabric around the neckline – I was devastated. Because it’s a knit fabric it won’t fray or get worse, but it’s only fit to wear at home these days 🙁

    • Oh dear, Janet! That’s a shame! Oh dear, such things do happen, and sometimes it’s nice to have a cool, easy to wear dress designated as home-attire-only – then there’s not to much shilly shallying about what to put on in the morning, and if someone pops round you’re not still in a dressing gown (as I sometimes am working from home 😉 )!!

    • Oh, thanks for missing my blog, Janet – you’re a darling:) x

  3. Looking good Janet! What a great concept Jo. I might just have to submit something that I like to wear in Summer. I love wearing cool little dresses in the warm weather.

  4. Janet’s dress looks very comfortable. Since it’s winter in Utah, my outfits are more for our kind of weather. Today I wore my cross country skiing outfit. Let me know when this is appropriate attire for your blog.

    • Gosh, Neva I can barely comprehend winter and snow in the heatwave of this WA summer! A photo of you in your cross country skiing outfit is appropriate anytime – Lifestyle Fifty readers come from all around the globe, so many will relate to a reminder that it’s not all summer dresses and sarongs!

    • *Snow* … I haven’t seen snow in over 5 years! Must do something about that 😉

  5. This dress ticks all the boxes for me: it looks pretty, feels comfortable, was sensibly priced, and most importantly, it doesn’t need ironing! Thanks, Janet, for sharing what you’re wearing. Oh, and Neva from Utah (comment above) please do post ypur winter outfits. That way we can pretend to have a little bit of winter in the midst of our sweltering West Aussie summer!

  6. I love a summer dress – nothing is cooler and they make me feel feminine and fun too – not an easy ask for a busy makeupless mum of three 🙂

    • They are so cool to wear, and you look gorgeous in feminine summer dresses, Annabel. I’m sure Lifestyle Fifty readers willremember the pic of you in the pretty red dress for ‘What Shall I Wear Today’ a couple of months ago. Being a busy mum of three must mean you have precious little time for yourself – so I guess Janet’s no iron option is something that would make your list too 🙂

    • It’s a challenge looking stylish when you’ve got little ones Annabel – dresses are a great “go to” item, without having to bother mixing and matching separates.


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