60th Birthday Messages, 60th Birthday Present Ideas and Thoughts on Turning 60.

I’ve been absolutely bowled over and humbled by the 60th birthday messages I’ve received on my very special Big 0 day! Not only from friends and family who’ve contacted me personally, but also on Facebook.


Thoughts on Turning 60

Thank you everyone who sent me messages, flowers and presents – I’m truly grateful, and feel very celebrated. Although I have to admit I’ve been dreading turning 60! Don’t ask me why, but being in my sixties sounds so much older than being in my fifties. Perhaps it’s because it’s the pensionable era. I don’t know.

Thank you Facebook too – it’s at times like this that I’m so appreciative to be reunited with people around the world who I can’t see in real life.

Aside Note: If you’d like to see pictures of what we got up to on the actual day and more of the beautiful Cape Lodge – check out the pics I’ll soon be putting up on theΒ Lifestyle Fifty on Facebook page. (Please “Like” or “Follow” the page on Facebook too, won’t you?)

Cape Lodge, Yallingup

Anyway, thinking about being another year older I’ve decided that I’ll hang on to Dolly Parton’s words on turning 60:

“I’m not sixty, I’m ‘sexty’!” she said.

And if you’re 60 or over I hope you’ll put on a bit of lippy and a pretty dress – and remember that quote every time you feel a little invisible.

By the way. You are so Not Invisible!

60th Birthday Messages

If you’re stuck for ideas about what to write in a greeting card for someone turning 60 (or older for that matter) I thought it might be a good time to share some funny 60th birthday wishes, and some heartwarming messages too.

Funny 60th Birthday wishes

  1. “You’re not 60. You’re 18 with 42 years of experience.” Anonymous
  2. “The best birthdays of all are those that haven’t arrived yet.” Robert Orben
  3. “Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time.” Jean Paul Richter
  4. “Whatever with the past has gone, the best is always yet to come.” Lucy Larcom
  5. “You can’t turn back the clock. But you can wind it up again.” Bonnie Prudden
  6. “Youth is the gift of nature, but age is a work of art.” Garson Kanin
  7. “The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” Oprah Winfrey
  8. “The older I get, the more I realise that just keeping on keeping on is what life’s all about.” Janis Ian
  9. “Age does not diminish the extreme disappointment of having a scoop of ice cream fall from the cone.” Jim Fiebig
  10. “The key to successful ageing is to pay as little attention to it as possible.” Judith Regan
  11. “Middle age is when a narrow waist and a broad mind begin to change places.” Anonymous
  12. “Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty – they merely move it from their faces into their hearts.” Martin Buxbaum

60th Birthday Quotes

The quotes above are shared from a handy little book entitled: Keep Calm You’re Only 60 by Summerdale Publishers 2011. If you’d like to have a few more smiles you can find out more and buy the book by clicking on the picture below …Β  .

60th Birthday Present Ideas

If you’re looking for humorous gift ideas for the woman who has everything, you might like these …

… or how about a funny T-Shirt – These come in different colours, just click on the pictures to find out more.

Thoughts on Turning 60

I’m very fortunate to have just had a wonderful birthday in South West Australia with He Himself.

Dave treated me to champagne, a night away and dinner, and the lovely hotel management at Cape Lodge made sure there were birthday balloons in the bedroom.

Just the thing for a late night game of hand-balloon-tennis in the bedroom (seriously, yes, we did, with our shoes as the net). #sonotsixty!

When we lay on the bed exhausted by balloon tennis, after a lovely meal and a couple of glasses of champas, I started thinking about what turning 60 means.

Although my thoughts are not deep or philosophical, here’s what immediately came to mind.

  1. It’s a great privilege to have another birthday, no matter what number it is.
  2. I really do subscribe to the idea that you are as old as you feel.
  3. Some mornings when I get out of bed and feel my joints creak and ache as they get into their working positions, I do feel my age, but at heart I am still 25. How about you?
  4. How lovely it is to be past the age where I cared what everyone thought of me. These days I might pay heed to helpful advice or constructive criticism, but deep down I don’t give a fig what people think about me. I believe their business is not my concern πŸ˜‰
  5. It’s great to know that I’m actually over the empty nest syndrome and that my children have grown into kind, independent adults who need me sometimes, but only on their terms and when they say so. This lets me off the hook from any overbearing feelings of responsibility which of course I felt when they were smaller (and in their teens!).
  6. I’m happy to be 60 because it’s leading to the years where I’ll have a little more time to pursue different interests, and perhaps stretch my capacity a little more. I’m looking forward to using this extra time to become more helpful to the Lifestyle Fifty community and our ‘near’ society as a whole.
  7. When can I get my free bus pass?
  8. Now I’m sixty I can wear purple and swear! LOL! There is a funny side to getting older.
  9. Now I’m sixty I’m more than ever aware that time is not a given.
  10. I’m going to focus everyday on making the most of the everyday minutes, paying attention to nature, being in the moment with my loved ones, and not wishing my life away in any respect.

Are you sixty? Even if you’re not … what thoughts about getting older and not wasting mid-life could you share with us in the comments?

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60th Birthday Messages for gift cards and 60th birthday present ideas.

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  • Kathy Marris

    Happy 60th Jo! I love your attitude and I love your style. You certainly are a “young 60”! I can echo you thoughts on being 60. It is only a number and yes you are only as old as you feel. Although I’m constantly aware that I’m 61 I still feel rather young and my age will never stop me from doing what I want to do – and that is live life to the fullest.

    • Johanna

      Thanks Kathy πŸ™‚ You still look rather young and act it – go you! I’m right on your tail!

  • Life Images by Jill

    Happy 60th Jo and welcome to the 60s club. I hated turning 60 and was annoyed later that I didn’t organise a big birthday bash. It really did make me feel invisible. But now, I think just get on with it, there is so much out there still to explore and do – it is scary sometimes to think that time is running down – so just get out and do it! We must never stop learning or stop challenging ourselves. Happy 60s Jo xx

    • Johanna

      Thanks Jill – I know, it is scary thinking about time running down.

  • Debbie

    Just fabulous Jo! Happiest of birthdays to you. Love the quotes and messages, I must remember them for a few years time

    • Johanna

      Thanks Debbie πŸ™‚ Glad you liked the quotes and little messages too πŸ™‚

  • Kalpanaa

    Happy Birthday! What a gorgeous sixty you are. Where’s the purple and the swearing?

    • Johanna

      Thank you Kalpanaa! Haha – I think actually the purple is not going to be worn all that much and ahem, the swearing might be happening already!!

  • jodie filogomo

    Happiest of birthdays!!
    I absolutely love all of these quotes, because inside we still feel so young!!

  • Jennifer Jones

    Happy 60th Borthday Jo. Sounds like you had a lovely time celebrating. I celebrated my 60th by doing a 1000k pilgrimage in Spain. Mainly to celebrate arriving at 60 with my health and a good level of fitness. I’ve just discovered your blog through Sizzling Towards 60 and I look forward to becoming a regular reader

    • Johanna

      What a great way to celebrate your 60th Jennifer. That’s a longgg walk. Fantastic! Thanks for becoming a regular reader πŸ™‚

  • Reply

    Happy birthday Jo and I can remember my 60th celebrations from last year. It was the best time and I have fully embraced my new decade. Life is so wonderful these days that the age of a woman really has little bearing on who she is. Of course, having a party to celebrate life is a must! I love all of your ideas and being Sexty as you are already Sizzling! Thanks for sharing at #MLSTL and continue to enjoy your special day.

    • Johanna

      You are the poster girl for celebrating the sizzling sixties Sue! Thanks for your good wishes.

  • Michele

    I plan to take a big trip for my 60th birthday. For my husbands 60th we went to Ireland and had a fabulous time. Age is just a number. Sixty is the new 40.

    • Johanna

      Totally agree Michele. Ohh hope you are planning a great trip.

  • Victoria

    I loved the funnies about being 60. As I always say every day on this side of the ground is a good day. Great post.

    • Johanna

      Thanks Victoria. Yes, every day is precious.

  • Reply

    You are one of the youngest looking 60 year olds I know Jo – and the thought of you playing balloon tennis in your lovely hotel room made me smile. BTW I love the blouse you’re wearing in the pics – it’s a really pretty print. Happy Birthday and as far as I’m concerned you don’t look a day over 30 πŸ™‚

    Between Sue turning 60 last year, and you this year, I’m thinking it looks like a pretty good age and stage! Thanks for linking up with us at #MLSTL and I’ve shared this on my SM xx

    • Johanna

      Hi Leanne, thanks so much for your lovely words πŸ™‚ x So kind x The blouse is a previous season from W. Lane – yes, it was the colours which attracted me too.

  • Bren Lee

    Happy Belated! Looks like you had a wonderful timing celebrating it! I’m pushing 50 now and am embracing the aging process. Too many people get upset and depressed. To me, age is but a number. I’m only as old as I feel. However, I am looking forward to some of those over 50 discounts! πŸ™‚

    Great post!

    • Johanna

      Thank you Bren! Hope the run in to fabulous fifty is indeed fabulous for you. I agree, age is just a number and not worth getting depressed about.

  • Deb

    How appropriate that I saw this post on my 60th birthday! I love those quotes and will definitely try to always be ‘sexty’ and not ‘sixty’ !

    • Johanna

      Wow, that’s so cool that this post arrived on your 60th birthday Deb! Glad you will try to be ‘sexty’ too!

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