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I receive many emails from women over 50 who ask me for style tips about what to wear for different occasions.

They especially ask for basic wardrobe tips for women over fifty, and inspiration for wearable fashion for women over 50, because sometimes around this age we lose our connect with what once suited us, and what could suit us in the future.

While I’m always happy to help based on my own knowledge, I’m not an out and out fashion expert, so I’m always delighted when the experts contact me with advice about styling from which I can learn too.

Over 50s fashion from Kirsty

Today’s post is by a much more talented fashionista than me – the very lovely Kirsty from Shop and Style Specialists. Today she’s sharing with us some super-helpful style tips about how to be stylish in our 50’s and beyond.9 super Style tips

Super Style Tips for Staying Stylish

Julianne Moore, Anna Wintour, Arianna Huffington and my personal favourite Helen Mirren are women who prove that style is accessible at any age. They are women who just refuse to be invisible.

The good news is that it’s not all about money and labels. Style isn’t a price tag. It goes much deeper than that. It’s all encompassing; it’s not just one thing. It’s not just a jacket or a shoe. Not just a hairdo or a trend. It’s an overall presence and regardless of age, weight, height, size or shape, stylish women have one thing in common. Confidence.


How does she do that?

We’ve all looked at someone else and thought, ‘How does she do that?’ We want to look and feel like the women who look effortless, chic and fresh at any given moment, no matter the occasion. Usually it’s just little things that make the difference. The way an outfit is put together, the cut of the pant, the fit of a jacket. These women always seem comfortable in their own skin, as well as their clothes.

And the trick? It’s about knowing yourself as much as anything else.

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How to dress elegantly at 50

Each one of us has our very own style personality. It’s a mirror of our true identity and it reflects what we truly love to wear. Unfortunately, because we tend to look for external rather than internal gratification, most of us aren’t being true to our own style personalities. We wear things that look good in a catalogue, on a hanger or even on someone else instead of wearing things that truly look good on us.

Whatever your size, shape or age you can dress with style and confidence. I’m 45 years old, have three-month-old twins, run my own business and am project managing a house build. Even though my stomach muscles separated during pregnancy, I have little to no sleep and I still look four months pregnant, every time I walk out of the house I make sure I look fresh and feel confident.

As a result, I know a few things about how to style yourself happier than you’ve ever been before.

If you want to be stylish over 50, read on.

Vivienne Westwood knows we can be stylish over 50

After all, we women of a certain age are currently in fashion, so to speak. Vivienne Westwood, Dolce & Gabbana and Diane von Furstenburg are all attempting to attract a mature woman, just to name a few. Even Fast Fashion has realised that we are the new target market. After all, we’ve worked hard, we’re smart, brave and bold. And we have our finances together.

That’s why you can walk into any Fast Fashion store (Valley Girl, Temt, H&M, Zara, Topshop, Forever 21etc.) and find plenty of pieces that suit a middle-aged gal.

Fashion over 50 – Trash the style myth

Let’s break a myth right now, being stylish over fifty doesn’t mean dressing younger. It means dressing with elegance, charm and grace with equal parts of spunk, sass and wit.

It’s always wise to ensure you have some amazing basics in your wardrobe. Understanding your body shape is crucial to choosing the right shapes for you. This, and a few of my favourite tips and tricks will have you looking and feeling gorgeous at any age.

How to be a stylish woman

  1. That Dress

There must be a least one stunning ‘go to’ dress in your wardrobe. A short sleeved, knee length sheath dress, well shaped at the waist is perfect. Lace overlay is great as the top layer smoothes over any lumps and bumps. I like Review for feminine lace frocks. Another favourite is the DVF wrap dress – stunning on all figures. Try Aussie Leona Edmiston, plenty of choices with short, long and ¾ sleeves.

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2. The Perfect Pant

A straight, wide leg pant is not only the most flattering on most figures, but also the most versatile. One of my favourite tips to elongate legs is to always wear the same colour shoes as pants. This will make you look taller and thinner – You’re Welcome! Go for a straight leg crepe pant that will hold it’s shape and smooth over bumps (we love that). And remember to do the ‘sit down’ test in the dressing room before you purchase. Try Veronica Maine and Cue.

3. Far From Basic Blouse

Chiffon all the way. Choose a V-neck with a tied bow detail for classic elegance. Ruffled is also wonderful. Ensure the sleeves are cuffed if long and a gather at the shoulder is a must. Shaped is best and can work perfectly with either pants or jeans. Ralph Lauren is a favourite here, but also keep a look out at the Fast Fashion stores.

4. The Right Jacket

I love an amazing fitted jacket. It should go perfectly with your corporate wardrobe and your favourite jeans. This piece is worth getting tailored if you need to. It’s the piece you’ll most likely need to dry clean, but it’s also the piece that will be the most stunning and versatile of all the basics. It needs to be shaped perfectly to your body. The lapels should be long and thin. Two to three buttons at the most that are understated, not gaudy. For most body shapes the length should be hip/mid bottom. The fit across the shoulders is crucial, and for most women a slightly padded shoulder is perfect.

5. Perfect Jeans

Again, opt for a straight leg. Choose dark coloured denim, and be careful of embellishments like whiskers that go horizontally across your hips, they make you look wider. Jeans West has a great price point and quality and the staff usually know their jeans. You may think Guess is for a younger crowd, but try them out, their jeans are amazing – I wouldn’t be without them.

6. Shoes, OhMyGosh! Shoes!!

Getting older is no good reason to wear ‘man shoes’. You know the ones I mean. Those big, flat, wide ugly man shoes that turn your feet into mini canoes. There are plenty of comfortable pretty shoes out there. Please give them a home! Kitten heels are back, ballet flats are everywhere and low wedges are as stunning as they are comfy. Try Wittner and Nine West, or even better go to and design your own! Including heel height.

7. Classic Jumper

Too many times I see ladies in baggy, oversized jumpers. These will only ever make you look larger. Instead opt for a correctly fitted, classic cashmere jumper. Try ASOS for a range of colours and prices. Camel is a traditional cashmere colour. I like cream and soft pink as well.

8. Underwear

Don’t skimp on it just because you think no one will see it. We can all see the effects of it. Ill-fitting underwear leaves bumps and marks and is just uncomfortable. But did you know that an incorrectly sized bra can make you look a dress size larger? Get fitted and spoil yourself with new lingerie. There’s nothing sexier than wearing French lace every day. Try Oroton for fit and comfort, but if you’re really serious and only French lingerie will do, go for Simone Perele.

How to dress younger at 50

Here’s a trend, you’re not too old for …

9. The Jumpsuit

I heart jumpsuits! They are so elegant, comfortable, stunning, versatile, stylish, sexy… I could go on and on… From casual brunch to cocktails, a jumpsuit can take you anywhere. Teamed with a tailored jacket it can even go from desk to date. There’s plenty to choose from online.

Style tips for women

Remember this is just the start of what could be your most stunning wardrobe yet. Once you have these basics you can add your own flavor with t-shirt, scarves, gloves, sunglasses and bags. Every outfit should have one major focal point. Be it the sexy shoes, amazingjacket, stunning sequined top or funky Prada glasses, one piece should ultimately stand out. Don’t let your outfit fight with it’s self for attention – you’ll get lost in the mix.

Try not to be too safe. Stylish clothes for over fifties means being confident in your choices and don’t stick with what’s expected. I love a cashmere sweater with leather look leggings and ankle boots, or a leopard print handbag with a pink cocktail dress.

Don’t look around for the next generation of style icons. It’s us. Our lives, our experiences and our wisdom is the new sexy. Fifty is no longer invisible. So go and turn some heads. That’s what we do now.

super style tips

If you’d like to know your style profile, complete with style personality, body shape and colours contact Kirsty at Shop and Style Specialists or call 0421 661 393. Receive a 20% discount when booking your style profile and wardrobe sort when you mention this story. Or join the SaSSy Style Club and receive monthly fashion looks styled just for you, a phone chat with your stylist and unlimited style advice (you can text or email a stylist when you’re out shopping on your own). Higher levels of membership get more great perks.

Perth SasSSy Style Club

Kirsty has recently established a new social group in Perth for those who are obsessed by all things fashion. The group is called Perth SaSSy Style Club and is for everyone interested in looking and feeling amazing! From fashionista’s to business owners, people starting out in the fashion industry, photographers, models and those of us who just LOVE shopping, this group is for you.

The group will meet once a month for coffee catch ups and shopping. Each month there will be an exciting special guest (or two) who will share their amazing journey in the fashion industry. We look forward to hosting stylish events like fashion workshops, runways, guest bloggers, clothes swaps and anything else we can think of that will be fun and fabulous. Kirsty will be giving away a 30 minute stylist shopping session at each event, and sharing styling tips and tricks of the trade. There will most likely be champagne, and heels, probably lots of heels. 😉   In Perth? Want to sign up? Here you go: Sassy Style Club

Over to you Lifestylers – got a style tip you’d like to share? Fire away …

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  • Grazyna

    Great blog! I am loving it!! Will be back later to read some more.

    I am taking your feeds also

  • Catherine Augunas

    What a lovely read and some great tips, for everyone really, not just over 50. Very similar to my planned ‘French girls’ wardrobe overhaul. Classic key pieces that mix and match perfectly

    • Johanna

      Thanks Catherine, yes the best tips relate to any age range really don’t they.

  • Patty Comeford Adams

    Hello there,
    This is a great article! You have lots of good tips on how to stay super stylish for over 50. Loved it!
    My website:

  • Tosha Merill

    I didn’t know that there were so many different styles of womens clothing that are supposed to be stylish when we get to be older than 50. Some of these styles I am going to have to try for myself, because it would be neat to have a larger closet again. I should look into more clothes in a verity of stores.

  • Reply

    OOoh! I love the sound of that sassy style club! Sometimes I love to dress up and other times I just can’t be bothered! It’s so fun when you’re in the mood though and dressing right does take years off you and boost your confidence no end 🙂

    • Johanna

      I’m having one of those days when I’m in a house dress with untidy hair and I’ve only just brushed my teeth and it’s 5pm! But I have been busy honest Annabel! So I know what you mean. Yes getting glammed up does wonders for our confidence.

  • Kirsty Noakes

    Couldn’t agree more Kathy. Stylists use the structure in clothing to create the shapes we want. Tailoring and fit is definitely key.

    • Johanna

      I always used to think that baggy tops would hide my worst bits, Kirsty, but I’m changing my mind as I begin to understand what a multitude of sins something beautifully tailored can hide.

      • Kirsty Noakes

        You’re right Jo. Very few body shapes look good in baggy or loose fitting clothes. I’ll show you more during our wardrobe sort. It’s quite often an ‘ah-ha’ moment! 🙂

  • Christine Webb

    Thanks for the great little read Jo. Always like to catch up on my Lifestylefifty after my golf on a Tuesday whilst sipping a glass of wine !!!

    • Johanna

      Glad you enjoy reading Lifestyle Fifty Christine, and thank you 🙂 I’d like to think that’s how everyone enjoys reading it – after a busy day with a nice glass of wine!

  • KathyMarris

    I couldn’t agree more with the fashion tips. I think as we age we need to find a look that suits our shape and go with that. If pants are your thing find good fitting ones (not ones that bag around your bottom!) If dresses are your thing find a length that either hides your legs if they aren’t your best feature or go for broke and show off your pins if you have good legs. I also believe in wearing clothing with a bit of shape, in good fabrics and not unshapely baggy clothing.

  • budget jan

    I’ve always liked jumpsuits (I like the blue one shown) so I am going to explore them.

  • Laurie Stone

    Great tips. I love the one about wearing the same shoe color as the pants. As someone 5’3″ I need all the height I can get!

    • Johanna

      Hi Laurie, yes that was a great tip from Kirsty, hey. I’m also paying good heed to it 😉

    • Kirsty Noakes

      Glad you liked it! It’s one of my favs!

  • Life Images by Jill

    Fabulous fashion tips. I need all the help I can get. But I do think that feeling and looking confident and being happy in your own skin goes a long way to looking good.

    • Kirsty Noakes

      Agree with you 100% Jill 🙂

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