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I’ve just been to see Advanced Style, the documentary.

It’s about several older, stylish women living life to the full as they get older – the Lifestyle Fifty philosophy exactly!

Ari Seth Cohen started photographing exotically clad women of an advanced age going about their days on the streets of New York. He started a blog about them called Advanced Style, then wrote a book, and now there’s a movie/documentary.

The movie is anarchic and provocative – it goes against the grain of fashion as we know it – you know, with 15 year old skin and bone waifs teetering along a fashion runway, and instead showcases incredible, aged women relishing style as they get older.

Advanced Style

Pic: Movie flyer

Their lust for life is also incredible.

“I am between 50 and death,” laughed one, who is 93 years old, “But I don’t have my whole life ahead of me anymore … for instance I don’t buy green bananas!”

“There’s so much I can do Now!” said another.

What I love is that these women are not afraid to stand out as they get older.

Advanced Style

Pic: Movie flyer

Sure, they’re not perfect, and they’re certainly not perfect in the eyes of our youth-centric world with its emphasis on skinny, shiny and sleek.

No, they are gaudy and wrinkled and dimpled and not taught at all really. Plus they wear outlandish clothes and peacock colours which actually make them look really great.

They’re not afraid of their imperfections and they are not self-conscious – at all. What they are doing is making the most of every minute despite the inconvenience of an aging body.

“Everything I have 2 of – 1 hurts,” exclaimed one.

The consensus was that their way of dressing was like art – their bodies were part of the artfrom, whatever shape they were. They revelled in their uniqueness and saw their individual style and way of dressing as a life gift.

But also, they don’t take life too seriously …

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Sometimes we feel (and I am guilty of this) that we become invisible as we age. Perhaps this is just part and parcel of fearing to stand out. Instead of being brazen enough to make an impression we blend in and become just like every other grand-mumsy women who’s relinquished bold and accepted bland with sensible after 50.

It’s our differences that make us unique; the way our wrinkles lie, the clothes we choose to wear, our talents and gifts.

Advanced Style

So I wanted to wear purple, and I did! This long dress with its fishtail bottom and shawl from Monsoon is one of my faves for a night out on the town.

Don’t be afraid to show them.

Here’s what the Press are saying about the Advanced Style documentary: Press and Media Reviews

5 Tips I learnt from Advanced Style

Embrace age and feel good about yourself.
Have fun with fashion – dress up and use the streets as your runway!
Make the most of every minute.
If one part of your body hurts, praise another part that doesn’t.
Make the most of your unique life gifts – whatever they are.

Why not think about times in your past when you wore something different, or wanted to do something different- what’s stopping you now?

What will you wear today to look stylish ?

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  • Life Images by Jill

    I think I need to go and see this movie too. I must admit I am becoming invisible and don’t want to stand out. I hate that old “mutton dressed up as lamb” syndrome. But perhaps there is a way of making a statement, whatever your age and let’s face it we have reached an age where we shouldn’t worry about whatever other people think of us!
    Thanks for another great post Jo.

    • Johanna

      Thanks Jill – and yes, we are far beyond having to worry about our body image – so we might as well dress up, enjoy the good bits we have left and make a statement – Go see the movie – you’ll love it 🙂

  • Helen Punch

    I will definitely go and see this movie – it sounds very inspiring and just what I need!

    • Johanna

      It’s delightful Helen, and very inspiring 🙂

  • Johanna

    Definitely your sense of humour Rae! You’d laugh at times, and also enjoy the fabulous sense of living for the moment.

  • Rae Hilhorst

    That would have to be my sense of humour. Movie looks great, think I will have to go and see xxx

  • Kathy Marris

    I must go and see this movie as I think I would enjoy it. I read an article the other day in a newspaper that basically flouted the rules of how a woman over a certain age should dress. It said that fashion choices should be an individual thing and if you want to wear bright bright colours and red red lipstick into your old age, then go ahead and do it! I’m inclined to agree with this as long as you feel good about yourself.

    • Johanna

      Hi Kathy, yes I agree … it’s all about feeling good yourself – if you do, then you feel confident and confident has its own beauty.

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