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Lifestyle Fifty aims to make connections and share conversations with the vast army of women who are aging but who refuse to get old.

The mantra is to encourage, support, applaud, learn and talk about the challenges and ups and downs of being healthy, happy, fit and stylish as we get older.

Lifestyle Fifty aims to create a connection to a like minded community and empower them.

Millers FAshion

Read more about¬† the campaign I did with Millers Fashion for Mother’s Day here.

Advertising Opportunities on Lifestyle Fifty

    • Sidebar Bannner Advertising
    • Sponsored Posts and Reviews
    • Sponsorship/ Partnership Deals
    • Presentations and Workshops related to writing/blogging or travel
    • Media/ Press Trips
    • Giveaways and competitions
    • Writing Commissions for travel or lifestyle related articles (print media and online)
    • Attendance/review of special events or travel festivals
    • Review of destinations, accommodation, services or equipment
    • Partnerships with tourist boards/airlines to promote destinations
    • Products for editorial consideration – Product plus Giveaway

Why advertise with Lifestyle Fifty?

Readers remember the days of chatting over the backyard fence, and popping around to the neighbour’s house for a cup of sugar way before Facebook and social media took hold of our social conscience. We remember waiting at the bus stop listening to other people’s life story, long before everyone had their own car and nuclear families became the norm. We have seen incredible changes in society and the world and we have experienced highs, lows, heartaches and great joy.

But our society has become youth centric, and women over fifty are not really heard – despite often having more freedom from work and family responsibilities.

Some people believe that we have become the ‘Invisibles’, and yet many older women have more disposable income to spare now, than at any other time in their lives.

We don’t want to feel isolated and invisible. We still have much to offer.

Let’s look at the stats for a minute. Social media growth is being driven by women over 50. “We represent the most dramatic increase of any age group on Facebook from 31% in 2008 to 70% in 2009 and growing stronger every day.” Barbara Hannah Grufferman writing in the Huffington Post.

If you need further proof read All is Well in The Australian Blogosphere by Trevor Young who details the increasing punch of blogs and their influence.

For anyone wanting to advertise to a highly connected, dynamic group of people with money to spend then Lifestyle Fifty is a great place to start.

Please note: While I accept advertising on this site, my readers and their priorities are my first concern.

If you would like information on demographics, page rank, and other statistics please request my comprehensive Media Kit: Email: jo at jocastro dot com

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