From Drab to Fab and The Benefits of Skinny Jeans

Why wear skinny jeans? What are the benefits of skinny jeans?

Are there any if you’re not tall and skinny? Yes of course there are, and I say forget waif-like model stereotypes it doesn’t matter what your shape, you can wear them whatever your shape 🙂

The benefits of skinny jeans and how to wear skinny jeans.

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Multi-tasking wardrobe

A multi-tasking wardrobe is a hero wardrobe in my books. Not having to worry about what goes with what and always finding something to wear that fits and looks good. That’s the ticket.

It’s no secret that I have several pairs of skinny jeans, and I like to have a selection of easy wear tops and blouses to go over them – which gives me lots of choice without having to anguish about what to put with what.

The right pair of skinny jeans not only flatters, giving you a great silhouette, but they can also take you from daytime casual to cocktails with a little switch.

Find the jeans you love, and stick with that brand. If necessary buy them in black, navy and white. 


Then all you need to do for a variety of looks is to switch tops and shoes.

For a casual daytime look wear a floral print top over your jeans, or perhaps top them with a longish plain coloured, loose fitting t-shirt and wear this with a tailored jacket which has a nipped in waist (wear the jacket open).

For nights out wear them with a snazzy block-coloured top (block colours can be so classy) maybe with a little bling for sparkle.

I’m a little bit in love with this showpony top in a beautiful rosy wine – it’s in  a lightweight fabric and has long sleeves – winning! I think it makes a great tran-seasonal piece for both the northern or southern hemisphere. It’s on sale now, if you’re quick. Reduced from $50 to $24

And on the shoe front, wear your skinnys with flats or sneakers in the day, and perhaps ankle boots or heels at night.

So here’s how I transitioned from drab to (nearly) fab – from early morning workout in my gym gear, to ‘let’s do lunch’ in my skinny jeans!

The benefits of skinny jeans

I’m wearing SALLi ankle boots in tan – my fave go to boots for Spring, a top from Target, and stretch jeans from Marks and Spencers. Online I’ve found a great selection of Skinny jeans here for you.

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The benefits of skinny jeans

I know you’re thinking that not everyone can pull off skinny jeans.

I disagree.

Who can pull them off, who can’t, are they appropriate for your age?

I’ve heard it all – Blah Blah Blah.

I love skinny jeans, it’s no lie.

Some people say to me, “Oh but I can’t wear them. I’m too short, my legs are too stout, I’m a pear shape,”  or whatever.

But most of us have wobbly tummys, hips, booty and thighs by the time we get to our age.

And there’s no need to cover it all up, or show it all off if you don’t want to.

The benefit of skinny jeans is that they can give you the illusion of being long and lean, and the allure of a feminine silhouette if you pair them with the right tops and footwear for your shape and height. You don’t have to buy them so tight that they are too snug around the waist, it’s the bottoms that count.

I’m betting your legs look pretty okay from just above the knee down?

So the trick with dressing for your shape is to cover up the bits you don’t like, and accentuate the things you like.

If you don’t want to show off your arse with skinny jeans (I don’t) then wear a pretty top which comes down over your butt, or maybe wear something longer, like a tunic which comes down further to dress length, to just above your knee perhaps? It’s up to you.

Either way, you’re giving the illusion of length. You’re giving a nod to looking fashionable. And you will feel fabulous.

Pair your skinny jeans with a nice pair of comfortable leather boots, or turn up the bottoms and wear them with sneakers, which are really ‘in’ at the moment.

I’d love to know how you wear your skinny jeans.

Or has this post inspired you to try a pair?

Disclaimer : This post contains affiliate links from which I may earn a little commission, but at no cost to you.

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  • Life Images by Jill

    I love skinny legs with a longer top, and they have to be —s-t-r-e-c-h—-
    Another great fashion post for us “overs”. thanks Jo.

    • Johanna

      Yes the stretchhhh is important, for sure Jill. Comfort reigns in these parts 😉

  • jodie filogomo

    I know when I first saw these many years ago, I thought no way could I or would I wear them. But funny how time changes, and I’ve even gotten both my mom (the 70+ model on my blog) and my stepmom (the 60+ model) to get a pair or two!!
    Especially when you like to wear looser tops, the skinny jeans work so perfectly!!

    • Johanna

      So great that you’ve got your Mum and Stepmom to try skinny jeans Jodie 🙂

  • Reply

    It’s hard to find skinny jeans that are actually comfortable. My faves have long been the Second Skin jeans from Just Jeans (though they’re not that tight, on me anyway). Or, denim jeggings from Millers or Kmart x

    • Johanna

      I also love the Millers jeggings Janet. And I’ve also had skinny jeans from Just Jeans which I love but which are, dare I say, a little bit loose and comfy-womfy on me now so not such skinny jeans after all but great for around the house wear.

  • Lindsay Marie

    It took me up until recently to buy my first pair of skinny jeans. I was very surprised when I found that they did in fact make me look skinny and tall! I was able to pair them with many different tops to give me the shape I wanted. I went back and bought more in darker and lighter colors! You look FANTASTIC in skinny jeans!

  • Kathy Marris

    I agree totally Jo. I have short chunky legs and I feel that they do tend to make my legs look more slender and make me look taller. As you say there are plenty of options for wearing different tops and shoes to either dress them up or down. You look amazing in yours by the way!

    • Johanna

      Thanks Kathy 🙂 Yes, the trick is to get the top and the shoes right with skinny jeans, and Hey Presto, there’s a new silhouette looking back at you from the mirror.

  • [email protected]

    This style of pants suits you to T Jo! I’ve never explored that stop-at-the-ankle look and must try on a pair the next time I have to go shopping for something.

    • Johanna

      Thanks Jo, yes the ankle duster pants with sneakers is a great look to try.

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