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One of my blogging friends has just been diagnosed with breast cancer.

My brother in law died way too young from pancreatic cancer.

Most of us will have been touched by cancer in one way or another, and I think we all understand that cancer is a potential threat to anyone and can strike regardless of age, social standing, fitness or financial standing.

So today I’m going to bring you news of two amazing women who are doing great things to actively raise awareness about the fight to beat cancer, please support them if you can. I’d also like to bring you something a little lighthearted about raising awareness – a funny thing that happened around a silly Facebook status, which ironically gets a lot of search traffic.

I know nobody will read my status but …

“I know nobody will read my status but sometimes, when I’m bored, I get wrapped up in a sleeping bag and lather butter all over myself and slide around the kitchen floor pretending I’m a slug.”

I posted this on Facebook some time ago. I have to fess up. It wasn’t mine. It was a Facebook ‘share linky’ shared by a friend. One of those things you’re asked to pass on if you receive it. I’ve done a bit of research since then and found out that it was first posted by Regina Doherty and it went viral.

Anyway, it was all to do with raising awareness about cancer, and if you read to the bottom of this post, you’ll be able to discover more about the origins of this weird story of slugs, sleeping bags and sliding around on the kitchen floor.

Walking 26 Miles Across London Raising Awareness about Cancer

Cancer awareness

But better people than me are doing wonderful things to raise awareness about cancer.

My lovely niece Amy is walking 26 miles across London on 26th September to raise money for the struggle against pancreatic cancer which very sadly her father died of, way too young. She wrote to me the other day, and brought back memories which made me cry …

“As you may know, the struggle with pancreatic cancer is something very close to my heart. It’s been a journey which has defined my childhood and illuminated the love and care of so many wonderful people around me. It’s the 10th anniversary of remembering my Dad this year, and we’ve decided to walk 26 miles across London to raise money for the struggle against pancreatic cancer –  to stand with those who are suffering with it and their families who it also affects, and to support the amazing work cancer research does in saving people’s lives.  I’m walking with Livvy, a close friend, and we will probably spend the 8’ish hours it will take us to walk the route sharing stories of life and love, and we would so appreciate any bit of sponsorship to help us put one foot in front of the other!  Thank you all for your love and support! Ames x 

Amy’s raised about 83% of her target and only has about another $200 to go,.

Lifestylers any help you could give would be so amazing. Amy’s set up an event donation page here at: Amy Wisenfeld Just Giving 

Cancer Awareness

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and one of my long standing blogging friends, the very lovely, Andrea Michelle from Fox in Flats has been nominated the official ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. Go Andrea!

cancer awareness

“My Mum always told me breast cancer can be beaten. In her case she was sadly wrong, as she died from it at just 34. Today though, I’m THRILLED to announce I am an official ambassador for the National Breast Cancer Foundation in Australia National Breast Cancer Foundation Our aim is to raise funds toward research to eradicate this disease. It CAN be beaten Mum. I’m in the ring now and I’ll do anything I can to make your words a reality. x”

Reading her words today also made me tearful. I know Andrea will be an amazing ambassador and I’ll be behind her all the way. I’ll definitely bring you updates about what she gets up to in support of such a worthy cause and I hope you’ll support her too 🙂

National Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a chance to raise awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer. It’s a time to think about people who have suffered, reach out, and also think about how we can be more aware ourselves.

The Origins of the Slug Victim status

Now for something a bit daft.

When I reposted that ridiculous ‘slug’ status on Facebook, I suddenly got a lot of ‘likes’ and comments on my profile and people said it made them laugh.  However, to go back a step, shortly after ‘liking’ the status on my friend’s timeline I received a message from her saying:

“Dear fellow slug victim, I am sorry. I have lost at this game and now so have you! You liked or commented on my status so you must now post the following message as your status to continue the game for breast cancer awareness month (unless you have lost your sense of humor). you’ve been caught as I have and now need to repost this as your status to highlight awareness for breast cancer.”

Well, I did as I was told.

I also thought long and hard. How was this meant in anyway to raise awareness of breast cancer? Then I thought well maybe it had made me think about breast cancer today and the people I know who’ve been affected by it, and (for me) the importance of getting regular mammograms as I get older. And for sure, being more aware will make me reach for my credit card more often to support worthy causes.

So I duly sent the message off as a couple of round robin messages to my ‘likers’ telling them they’d been ‘had’ and asking them to repost.

Pffftt. Silly thing to do.

Seems I know a bunch of feisty females and I love them. But they weren’t having any of it.

“How will this cure breast cancer?”

Err, I don’t know.

“What a silly thing to send out! Why not just tell people about it!”

Now you come to mention it, yes of course that would be better.

“How does this raise awareness of breast cancer?”

Err, I don’t know.

My feisty female friends of course were right to raise objections and I felt a bit maggot-like. White-ish cream, not breast cancer pink-ish for sure. So although the Facebook thingy got a conversation going around breast cancer awareness, it also goes to show, that really these Forward-On type Facebook Things really do piss people off, and I’m kind of not surprised. Mostly they piss me off too and I do nothing with them.

So how glad I am today to be writing about Amy and Andrea who are doing something solid and real for cancer awareness.

Who started the Slug Status?

If you want to read more about how the whole Slug status started you might like this article from The Independent Irish News (Although as of Oct 20th 2014 M. Nunley has suggested it was first posted on Facebook by Amber Pringle prior to Regina’s post).

Get Involved

And Finally, Please if you can, make a (little or big) donation to Amy here at  Amy Wisenfeld Just Giving  Her feet will probably thank you for it if nothing else 😉 and also hop over to the National Breast Cancer Foundation to find out how what you could do to help raise awareness.

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Showing 16 comments
  • Declan Doherty

    Hi Jo

    I’m Regina Doherty’s husband and I can confirm she was not the first person to post this on Facebook, but as a member of the Irish parliment she was probably one of the first mass postings

    • Johanna

      Hello Declan, thanks for popping by with this update. I appreciate your time 🙂

  • Jo

    My family has an extremely strong history of cancer through the women, although for some reason it’s every type of cancer except breast…….

    So while we don’t have the specific experience of familial breast cancer it is something I can definitely relate to. If there’s a screening test available – including the charming colonoscopy, I have it, and encourage everyone else to do the same.

    Great post Jo.

    • Johanna

      Thanks Jo, and thanks for the encouragement for women to have screening tests.

  • Reply

    Thanks for this post. Yes, cancer can be beaten ( I’m a survivor of kidney cancer – yay!) but it does seems sometimes as though the battle is fierce. This year I have lost three friends to the terrible disease so I try to support fund-raising and awareness projects as much as possible. Currently I’m working with a community project in Guatemala to help Mayan women affected by cancer and other diseases who have limited access to medical care. I’ll try to help spread the word about National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and am sending best wishes and prayers for your friend and brother.

    • Johanna

      I’m so glad that you are one of the success stories and do hope that you are okay now Michele. How very sad to hear that you have lost three friends this year to cancer. Your project in Guatemala sounds very worthwhile. Good on you. Thanks for spreading the word via my reach out too.

  • Raychael aka Mystery Case

    We have a family history of breast cancer. My annual mammogram is over due and this is a timely reminder to just pick up the phone and make the appointment. I’m getting behind Frocktober this year, supporting ovarian cancer with a mini event at the end of the month with Vicki aka The Fashionable Mum. Hoping you will be able to join us.

    • Johanna

      I wish you all the very best for your annual mammogram Raych. It’s always a worrying time. Just do it thought. Yes, I’m getting behind Frocktober too, so I’d love to join you at the end of the month.

  • budget jan

    Maybe your blogging friend with cancer Is Kirsty? I have been following her for years and it is so difficult to imagine this happening to her. You have a good heart Jo and a great community spirit!

    • Johanna

      Yes, Jan. I know just such a curved ball. Thank you for your kind words x

  • Colleen Berge

    Cancer is so devastating. I am so sorry about your brother and now your friend. I pray she recovers.

    • Johanna

      Thanks Colleen. Yes, need all the help research development can get …

  • Kathy Marris

    I think anything that brings more awareness about cancer is fine as most of us have been touched by it during our lifetime. I also had a friend diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and following surgery she got through ok and is still ok. We all need to do whatever we can to find a cure for cancer.

    • Johanna

      Oh I’m so glad to hear that Kathy x

  • Rae Hilhorst

    Hi Jo, I didn’t mind the slug status as it was from you and you are a trusted source. I don’t repost a lot of those ones that ask you to or want to get more likes as they have beat this or have got that. That I believe is a marketing ploy and click bait. Great post again, thanks Jo have a great week xxx

    • Johanna

      Thank you Rae. Ha I’m happy to be a trusted source xx

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