Little Life Lessons: What would your 95 year old self tell you?

We had just been to the movie to see Finding Your Feet which was all kinds of hilarious, heartwarming and inspiring. It offered up lots of little life lessons for later mid-life. It touched on all sorts of issues, and the acting from Imelda Staunton, Celia Imrie, Johanna Lumley, Timothy Spall and … [Read more...]

Lessons learnt from life abroad – Memoir Chapter 1

I'm not sure how you completely prevent being seen as an expatriate in an adopted country. Lessons learnt from life abroad include learning chameleon-like traits to fit in with the status quo of the new country, but whether or not that changes the question of your roots and where you've come from, I … [Read more...]

60th Birthday Messages, 60th Birthday Present Ideas and Thoughts on Turning 60.

I've been absolutely bowled over and humbled by the 60th birthday messages I've received on my very special Big 0 day! Not only from friends and family who've contacted me personally, but also on Facebook.   Thoughts on Turning 60 Thank you everyone who sent me messages, flowers and … [Read more...]

Fun Things to do in Perth and 5 Fab Books You Just Have to Read

There are so many fun things to do in Perth, many of them free; from cycling the many bike tracks to walking along the river, to enjoying beautiful Kings Park, but for me one of the best things is to attend a festival. There are loads of wonderful Australian festivals and the Perth Writers … [Read more...]

10 Songs That Make You Cry

Music is such a part of daily life for me. And there are certain songs which arouse deep emotions in all of us. Songs that make you cry or tingle with emotion might consist of both sad and romantic songs, or evocative haunting instrumental music.¬†¬† Songs that make you cry As the tribute band … [Read more...]

Selfie Poses: How to Take a Super Selfie

Selfie Poses are tricky. I dare anyone to say they took a great selfie the first time they tried ;) The only way to get good at selfies is to take lots of them - try out different things for the best selfie poses - prepare to delete loads and learn from your mistakes, and most of all don't be … [Read more...]

Celebrity Chefs, Four Ingredients, Holiday Heaven. Welcome to WA!

If you could only lay your hands on four cooking ingredients, what would you buy and cook? This is one of the questions I asked four of the celebrity chefs who were appearing at the Margaret River Gourmet Escape in South West Australia last weekend. (Scroll on down for the celebrity chef … [Read more...]

21 Tips for a Happy Marriage (without Marriage Counselling)

Yes! It's a Yes! On the evening of the day Australians voted Yes to same sex marriage (Yay Australia!) I mulled over the reasons so many of us, straight or gay, want to get married in the first place, and then started thinking about how to keep marriage happy (without resorting to marriage … [Read more...]

The thing about Funny Surnames

When one of my blogging friends,¬†Caroline Makepeace, from yTravelblog mentioned funny surnames especially how some people often find it difficult to spell her surname correctly, she made me laugh. She said she has to reply to them: "It's Makepeace, as in - Not War - one word." Which got me … [Read more...]

Are you open to new windows of opportunity?

As I was drinking my early cup of coffee, looking over the lake this morning a bird flew into the living room. With floor length windows on one side the bird in a frenzy flew against them again and again to try and get out, banging his head, fluttering furiously away from me in my attempts to guide … [Read more...]