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Quite a few years ago I was something of a sports’ widow.

My gorgeous husband was fit, lean and competition toned which meant that there were often three of us in the marriage.

Me, Him and Sport.

And the outcome of that was very often I’d be at home with the kids, while Dave was battling it out in the sporting arena.

I often wondered if he was really battling it out or just loving it (and getting loved back by feel good chemicals like Serotonin!)

Anyway I wrote this ‘doggerel’ poem which depicts Squash as a very demanding mistress.

It’s a little sad though, because although the poem is humorous Dave had to give up Squash in the end due to sports related wear and tear… However, the good news is … he’s now a bicycler!

Hope you raise a smile … and why not tell me in the comments if you’ve ever been a sports widow;  golfing, tennis, football, soccer, rugby widow or whatever.

For the Love of Sport, Jo Castro


I married Adonis, or so I thought

Until I discovered his first love was sport.

His body was beaut but he kept it that way

With Squash as his mistress … at least twice a day.

Physically spent he’d return home to me

And all he was fit for was watching TV.

Oh Squash was wily, she begged and beguiled

Took him away from his wife and first child.

Batted her eyelids with each stroke and swing

And mopped at his brow with air on the wing.

She coached and praised his volley and boast

Assured him she loved him by far the most.

So, sweating, desiring he gave Squash his all,

Did what she urged him, eyes on the ball.

Lusting and gasping he leapt round the court,

Beating off young bucks in battle hard fought.

Drive! Run! Attack! Squash was his, his alone,

She had wild impact on his testosterone.

She smooched, she panted as he brandished his racquet,

Excited  often to shout or curse ‘F—k It’.

In time I was pitied by friends far and wide

As they acknowledged me left out, denied.

But I had my comeuppance one day in the summer

When Squash pulled a muscle … a terrible bummer.

Victory beckoned, I realised I’d won,

Mistress Squash bowed low to wife, home and son.

She withdrew quite suddenly bored, tired and tried

And finally, thank goodness, Squash lay down and died.

Over to you Lifestylers  ….

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  • Rae Hilhorst

    My husband is only interested in anything that has four wheels attached to it. He has been restoring his mustang since I can remember, unfortunately it is nearly finished, god knows what he is going to do with himself then. Take me out maybe?

    • Johanna

      Bahaha Rae! Here’s hoping you are all set for a fine time of wining and dining ahead!

  • Kathy Marris

    Ha ha ha. Love this poem! It describes perfectly what I have been through my entire married life. Initially it was Surf Boat rowing, then Golf, then an unnatural obsession with the Gym and nowadays – Cycling. Of course he looks resplendent in his lycra cycle shorts and brags about how he left all the over MAMIL’s (middle aged men in lycra) in his tracks. What’s with our middle-aged men? Are they going through mid-life crisis just a teeny bit?

    • Johanna

      So glad you could relate Kathy. I loved your story about MAMIL’s! Seems like our hubbies might relate on the sports front 😉

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