Want Radiant Looking Skin? Why the Galvanic Spa is my Go-To Beauty Product.

“Use the Galvanic Spa regularly, and people will start to notice you have radiant looking skin. See a difference, or get your money back,” my friend told me.

I didn’t believe her on either count. How could a galvanic spa facial really help my skin look radiant? And if it didn’t then surely my money would be wasted?

The Galvanic Spa

Galvanic Spa

But there’s an incredible money back guarantee ** on ageLOC products, so in the end I figured, “What have I got to lose?”  (**Terms and conditions apply).

Do you want younger looking skin?

It took a long time for my friend to convince me to buy a galvanic spa system – I thought it was just marketing hype, and I resisted for quite a while.

And more’s the pity, because the galvanic spa used with ageLOC facial gels I believe has helped my skin look younger and healthier than it has in years of buying supermarket or high end beauty products.

More fool me.

Younger looking skin, picture of a dog

What’s my story?

For about a year I couldn’t keep my eyes off my friend’s skin. Really staring at her when we had coffee or lunch together. We are about the same age but our skin looked radically different (and her teeth were pearly white too). She looked radiant.

I’d touch my own skin which was feeling a little dry and papery. I could see lines etching their way ever deeper into my face and then I’d look at her skin which looked somehow plumper, more moisturised and light reflecting.

She looked kind of dewy, and I looked a bit, well wizened!

One day I mustered up the courage to ask her if her great skin was due to what she was eating.

“Do you eat tons of avocados or are you juicing every day, or something?” I asked in a small voice.

“No,” she said. “I use ageLOC products and I use a Galvanic Spa twice a week on my face and it really makes a difference.”

I wasn’t convinced. How could a galvanic spa system really work?

I read about the benefits which said that, together with the ageLOC galvanic spa facial gels, the nifty little palm held galvanic face spa could help smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and rejuvenate your complexion.

My friend said it was like having a facial spa at home, twice a week – it perked her skin up, but without the salon price tag.

But I didn’t really believe Any Of It!

Then I tried some of the other face products which I loved, and after a while I could see my skin was looking brighter and healthier.

Some time afterwards, during a demonstration I attended, my friend suggested that I try the ageLOC galvanic spa with the galvanic spa treatment gels – but on just one side of my face. Afterwards I could see a difference and the side that had been treated, felt and looked more moisturised and firmer.

I was hooked and I haven’t looked back.

For me this is the best galvanic spa on the market and the results I’ve been getting have been amazing.

galvanic spa post

What started my addiction to this product?

Well, I began to see a difference in my skin.

I’m not going to bullshit you with photoshopped or enhanced images, so you probably won’t see a radical difference in the photos I took using my phone camera. But I think if you look closely you WILL be able to see a difference. Look carefully at the lines around my mouth and the light reflective sheen. Look carefully at my right hand cheek and under my right eye too.

Before and After one Treatment …

How to have younger looking skin

If you look at the second photo my skin has a glow to it which catches the light and it felt more supple and nourished. It just began to look brighter and somehow more youthful.

Galvanic Spa and Galvanic Spa Gels

I purchased the Galvanic Spa and NuSkin Galvanic Spa Gels.

Click Here for 20% off the retail price on the Galvanic Spa.

Take a look at the results supplied from Nu Skin and Brenda Trippy –  12 months after using Galvanic Spa.

Before and after using Galvanic Spa

Below is a photo taken from Nu Skin, of Elane Palmer. Results after 70 days usage of ageLOC Transformation twice daily and the ageLOC Galvanic Spa and Facial Gels twice per week.

Before and after using Galvanic Spa

How it’s performing for me

Below you can see how it’s been working for me. My skin has a healthier glow, and has gone from looking matte and dull to bright and gleaming, and the furrows between my brows are not so deep and are slightly diminished. I took this before and after photograph following 1 treatment.

Again, I’m not going to bullshit you with professional or enhanced photos, and I’m not going to try and convince you – but this is how it is. Taken on the same morning in my bathroom with my camera phone.

Before and After

Galvanic Spa, How to have younger looking skin

After one quick and easy spa treatment my skin looks and feels lovely, and I can always see a difference when I’ve put make up on afterwards.

I began to think that if there is an immediate difference each time I use the galvanic spa and gels, then there is also probably a long term difference – that is if I used the spa and gels regularly.

And I haven’t been disappointed.

Friends often tell me I have youthful looking skin at 60 years old and I have to say that my skin is looking and feeling better now using the full range of these beauty products than it did 5 years ago.

I wish I’d taken a photo when I very first started using the Galvanic Spa but I didn’t 🙁

Currently I have added the Tru Face Line Corrector to my skin care arsenal which I use with the galvanic spa for better absorption. I’m loving how the galvanic spa seems to increase the absorption of this cream.

Tru Face Line Corrector



How to get younger looking skin, galvanic spa


skin treatment after pic

How does the ageLOC Galvanic Spa System work?

For decades, spa and salon professionals have used micro currents in customised treatment to refresh and energise our skin.

With the Galvanic Spa you can enjoy a salon-type spa-facial as part of your regular skin care regime in the comfort of your home.

Small and powerful, the ageLOC Galvanic Spa System features patented self-adjusting currents and interchangeable conductors for the face, scalp and body.

The surface of the Face Conductor is designed to let product travel through and around the textured pattern, more effectively holding the gel in contact with the skin. This creates an environment of activity that enhances delivery of key ageLOC ingredients to the skin.

Galvanic Spa Benefits

  1. Using micro-current technology, this system stimulates and tones the skin.
  2. During the pre-treatment cycle, the ageLOC Galvanic Spa System instrument and the pre-treatment gel are negatively charged.
  3. These negative charges repel each other, delivering the pre-treatment gel to the skin.
  4. The pre-treatment gel binds to impurities in the skin.
  5. During the treatment cycle, the Galvanic Spa instrument and the treatment gel are positively charged.
  6. These positive charges repel each other and this helps deliver the beneficial ingredients to the skin.
  7. The positively charged instrument attracts the remaining negatively charged impurities from the pre-treatment cycle, drawing them out of the skin.
  8. It gives you the power to maintain younger looking skin by targeting ageing at its source.
  9. It helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and can rejuvenate your complexion.

The DNA from youthful persons express bright gene clusters full of luminosity. As we age the expression and luminosity of Gene Clusters are reduced. Once treated with ageLOC the Gene Clusters are restored and full of luminosity.

How to use the Galvanic Spa

It’s really simple to use and the device sits in the palm of your hand.

The treatment takes me about 8 minutes.

There are two gels, a pre treatment gel (in a clear tube) and the special treatment gel (in a blue tube).

galvanic spa facial gels

Galvanic Spa Facial Gels come in a neat box of 8

  1. After cleansing your skin apply the clear pre treatment gel to your face and neck (don’t rub in) and set the hand held spa to the setting, as per instructions.
  2. Wet fingers and touch the silver panel on the back of the instrument.
  3. With your fingers on the panel, touch your cheek with the instrument to set the current.
  4. When you hear it beep you are ready to go.
  5. Start the spa treatment moving the spa upwards around your face from cheeks to nose, and upwards to forehead, gliding down form forehead to neck line – on both sides.
  6. The spa will beep intermittently during the treatment. A long beep indicates the end of the programme.
  7. When the spa beeps to signal the end of the treatment, rinse off with water, tap dry with a towel and repeat the steps above with the blue Treatment Gel.

How does it feel?

I can sometimes feel a slight tingling.

Overall there is very little to feel except a smooth gliding as the spa travels over the gel.

At the end of the treatment my skin feels soft, dewy and moisturised.

Why does our skin age?

According to Nu Skin scientists our skin ages at a genetic level and some of the external factors are sun damage and lifestyle which cause premature ageing.

The genetic causes of ageing are slightly different in that our genes also control how we age. When our skin is young our gene levels are balanced and they work together in harmony.

The result is youthful looking skin.

But as we age these genes and their activity can become unbalanced.

Some genes become more active – such as the pigmentation gene.

Some genes become less active – such as the collagen production

The result is skin that show signs of ageing.

But the formulated ageLOC ingredients are scientifically proven to target and rebalance our youth gene activity to behave youthfully once again.

Galvanic Spa Reviews

“I love my galvanic spa and have been using it for 5 years now, twice a week . It makes my skin smooth and hydrated . The sagging has definitely improved. I didn’t want to go down the Botox route and have found the galvanic spa has improved my lines and wrinkles in a completely natural way. I love it! Overall the galvanic spa makes my skin feel amazing – lifted, smooth and hydrated. I think it’s like taking your face to the gym.”😎 Jenny.

galvanic spa review

“I was introduced to the galvanic spa and ageLOC products 6 years ago and truly  have never looked back. Using the ‘wrinkle iron’ very quickly improved the texture and clarity of my skin – I also felt that when I used great products like the future serum after using the spa, my skin just soaked it up and I saw great results with my sun damage caused over years of playing tennis. These are my results after just the first few years. Consistency has been key to my results and I’m now addicted to all things ageLOC!” Cheryl.

“My galvanic spa is without doubt one of the best purchases I have made.  I am a busy mum of two and find it difficult to make time to prioritise time just for me, but I love being able to use the galvanic spa in my own home and at a time that works best for me.  I use it two or three times a week and really look forward to my pampering ritual.  Since using the galvanic spa I have seen such a difference in my complexion and friends have complemented me too, which is really rather nice!!  It’s my favourite skin care device and I wouldn’t be without it!” Louise

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The above products I use and love, and personally I highly recommend them. I’ve been using ageLOC products for several years, and continue to use them 🙂

Guaranteed or your money back

Nu Skin has a 90 day money-back guarantee policy which covers ageLOC Galvanic spa and other ageLOC products. If you don’t see an improvement in your appearance after 90 days money will be refunded. ** Please NOTE certain conditions apply (correct at time of publishing this post) Make sure you read and understand them before purchasing any products. If you have any questions please email me at [email protected]

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. I distribute Nu Skin Australia products, and I’m able to offer Lifestyle Fifty readers certain discounts. Any saving you make from the links in this post will come out of any commission I stand to earn. As with all health and beauty tips, or promoted products I write about on Lifestyle Fifty, they are written from my personal perspective and you implement them at your own risk. Always read the company instructions about the products you buy before using them.


  1. Love good skincare products Jo and your skin does look softer and more radiant in the after photo. Mind you, you always look radiant!

  2. Wow! I can really notice the difference Jo. Your skin does look plumper, dewy and more youthful. I have tried a treatment called Omnilux Light Therapy in the past and it also had the same effect. The problem was that it was expensive and you need to keep going for it to have a lasting affect. I will certainly consider purchasing one of these Galvanic Spas. #TeamLovinLife

    • Hi Kathy, I wish I could show the difference more fully in the photos – now I have some baseline photos, although I’ve been using it consistently for a while, perhaps in a year I’ll be able to take more and show a better difference. I kick myself for not taking photos when I started, but in all honesty I was sceptical and didn’t expect the Galvanic Spa to work. But I believe it does. Why not give it a try – there’s a money back guarantee (see conditions) and it’s less expensive than regular salon treatments.

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