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Do you think you have a healthy lifestyle?

If you’re anything like me, keeping fit and healthy takes a bit of planning and dedication these days to keep on the straight and narrow!

But keeping busy and active, both physically and mentally as we get older is paramount to enjoying our golden years.

Your Healthy Lifestyle

There’s much evidence to suggest that sensible healthy living, which  comprises a balanced diet, and enough exercise, can lead to a healthy life overall.

Of course I’m not an expert on these things, but I know for me personally a healthy diet, plus adequate exercise, enjoyable mental stimulation, good friendships and some form of spiritual engagement are all necessary components of maintaining a healthy lifestyle which makes me feel good about myself and the world in general.

Through blogging I’m also able to give back to the community a little and help others in various ways, and I’m sure when (or if) grandchildren arrive I’ll want to be actively engaged with them too.

I think having a healthy lifestyle is all about balance, and it’s all about taking positive control of your health and fitness, your mind and your future.

Sometimes of course we drop balls. Sometimes the juggle falls apart. That’s okay. Don’t beat yourself up, just pick up the pieces and get back to doing what you can to maintain strength, agility and cognitive skills.

How to have a healthy lifestyle as you get older

If you downsize and move to a new area when the kids leave home, you might find it difficult, as I did, to make new friends.

But I think it’s important to  find new friends, and make social connections by joining groups or playing sport.

I found  Meet Up and a whole new world opened up.

Get Social

On Meet Up you’ll find all sorts of groups – from lunch groups to singing groups to walking groups. You could even join a movement, or train for a marathon (don’t laugh some older people do). You could learn to cook, hike a mountain, practice a language, join a craft group – the list is endless where we live, so check our your own town or city and see what’s on.

Go on holiday

If you are widowed or divorced, don’t give up on taking holidays. Don’t be afraid to go on singles holidays which are becoming more and more popular and more companies are catering to this market.

Check out : Encounter Travel Singles Holidays or why not take the bull by the horns and just book a weekend away in a lovely hotel?

Go on, you deserve it! I often use below to find great deals.

Or how about going  Cruising – it’s a fabulous way to make new friends and see the world.

I LOVE cruising!

Why not check some out and be inspired to set sail?



Not working anymore? It’s important to keep busy and get out of the house.

You could give back to the community by Volunteering?

In Western Australia  Volunteering WA has a database of positions you could choose from.

And you’ll find more volunteering opportunities and advice at Go Volunteer.

Or read this article about How to Volunteer with Responsible Organizations

Be a role model. 

Could you help mentor troubled teens, or go into primary schools and help children with their reading? Find relevant organisations where your wisdom and life experience might be a help to others.

Active grand parenting means keeping fit!

If you’re going to be an active grand parent you’ll need to keep fit!

Remember how much running around you did with your own children?

Well, that’s not going to change. So keep up with some gentle strength and stamina training as the years march on so that when the time comes you have the energy and strength to pick up your grandchildren, go swimming with them, play football and cricket in the garden, and any other energetic pursuit they’re into.

Stay current with technology

Not only does keeping up with technology stretch your ability to learn new things and keep the brain cells ticking nicely, it will also keep you rooted in the modern world. And knowing what’s what on the internet will allow you to communicate with your grandchildren on their terms, on the social platforms they use (at least those they allow you to find them on!).

Make memories with your grandchildren

Being a great grandparent is much more than just spoiling the grannies with gifts at Christmas or on birthdays.

Playing on the beach, going for bike rides, exploring, playing pretend games in the woods, playing hide-and-seek, playing tag, playing soccer, playing ball hockey, beachcombing, hiking, golfing and swimming are where the real memories will be made.

Grey Nomads and Caravanning

You’ve worked hard all your life, the children have probably left home – now’s your time, and let’s face it, if you can why not take off around Australia or America, or anywhere else you fancy for that matter?

You don’t need a great big fancy caravan to go travelling. You just need something safe and sound.

If you’re in Western Australia pop along to the annual camping and caravan show at Claremont in March and get some ideas – if you’re elsewhere in the world find showrooms or expos in your area – then take the information you’ve gleaned and look in the classified ads, or Gumtree or second hand dealers and find your own little home on wheels. Of course if you’re loaded and money isn’t a problem- then buy a brand spanking new mobile home or camper van. You choose!

Education and upskilling 

Our parents and grandparents might have expected to have the same job for life with the golden handshake at the end of a career. Not so these days.

Today we change careers frequently – and the workplace often demands it. So it’s important to upskill as we age – learn something different and maybe even take up a side hustle in retirement to earn some extra money.

If you’ve retired you might find it possible to go back to work and do something different, or find a part time job if you want to.

According to an article on Training: Australian Seniors are Ready to Upskill  …

“Older employees have less days off, are more loyal to their employer, and on average stay in their job 3.7 times longer than younger workers. Unfortunately, the contribution to the workplace by seniors is often undervalued, discrimination is rampant, and older Australians struggle for twice as long as the young to find gainful employment. However, many seniors aren’t ready to be put out to pasture just yet, and are upskilling to improve their employment chances.”

You’ll find step by step guides on National Seniors and a handy FACT SHEET which will help you to choose a career, select a suitable course and access a learning mode that fits in with other commitments. There are heaps of resources in the fact sheet and information about where to study – such as TAFE, university, adult and community organisations plus volunteer groups too.

What tips do you have for maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle as we get older?

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  • Ingrid

    For people who enjoy scrap booking, a nice thing to do for the grand children is to make a “This is your life” album containing photos, clippings, memorabilia and journaling. You can do one for each child as a birthday present – something for them to cherish …

    • Johanna

      That’s a lovely idea Ingrid – and a fun one to do as well. There’s nothing I like more than going through old photos and letters – it would be great to add in some of the funny sayings the children used to say when they were little too:)

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