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Embrace the body you have! I’m absolutely adamant that you should. It’s the only one you’ve got and it’s probably carried you well this far in life. But that’s not to say that we can’t or shouldn’t choose outfits that can help make us look slimmer than we really are – if that rocks your boat. So for today’s Lovin’ Life, and to help you love the body you’ve got just a little bit more, here are my 20 top tips for some slimming outfit choices.

How to look slimmer than you really are

How to Look Slimmer

  1. If you’re going to wear jeans, then wear dark coloured ones for the most slimming effect. Navy blue rather than stone washed. If it’s long loose pants you’re choosing, again think black or navy rather than light blue for instance. But don’t be afraid of bold, bright, strong colours either.
  2. A V-Neck top which hugs your top half and skims your tummy can look great.
  3. A scoop or V-neck vest with a tailored navy jacket is slimming. Or perhaps try a white scoop neck vest and a black jacket.
  4. Think about wearing deep V-necklines – for both dresses and T shirts.
  5. We all hate camel toes don’t we? If you’re wearing capri pants in summer, it’s not necessary to wear something long and billowy to cover up, just go up a size in the capri pant so that they are a little baggier around the crotch area. Or wear a top that just skims your bum, as above.
  6. You can get away with so much if you find a fabulous LBD (Little Black Dress) that you feel great in and then add some sparkly ‘bling’ jewellery to go with it.
  7. I always think that blocked colour looks more slimming than prints. So keep an eye out for colour blocked dresses and blouses in your favourite colours.
  8. Dresses with darker panels down the sides will make you look thinner.
  9. Wedge heels, or block heels, even if they’re small, will give you a little more (comfortable) height, which will in turn make you appear slimmer.
  10. Does anyone wear pencil skirts these days? A pencil skirt with a small slit at the back or side is still a very sexy and slimming option.
  11. If you have a big tummy then consider tops and dresses that have a V-crossover at the front.
  12. As we get older it’s tempting to wear elasticated skirts or drawstring pants – don’t, just don’t!
  13. Clingy fabrics that hug your body (and all it’s glorious lumps and bumps) will accentuate your every delicious curve. But not in a good way. Stick to fabrics that skim, rather than cling.
  14. My daughter taught me this one: Don’t ever wear your blouse or T shirt tucked into the top of your jeans – its so very 80’s and accentuates a belly.
  15. Do you still have jackets with padded shoulders left over from the 80’s? Get rid of them. They give you a bulky shape.
  16. An A-shape jacket that fits at the shoulders and bust, and then flares at the waist can help disguise a larger tummy.
  17. Blazers always look crisp and smart in cooler weather – much more slimming than a cruddy old cardie.
  18. I love trench coats that come down to about knee level and can be belted at the waist. Uber chic and slimming if left undone.
  19. Peplum blouses and peplum jackets that fit to the waist and then flare out over the hips and tummy are great for a slimmer you effect.
  20. Nude or light beige shoes worn with dresses will make your legs appear longer and slimmer.

My Top Slimming Choice?

For me, jersey dresses in a stunning block colour, with a soft rouched effect at the front, a deep V-neck, and longer length sleeves are my go-to slimming frocks … This one is from Leona Edmiston. You might also like to read: What’s so great about Jersey Dresses.


How to look slimmer than you really are

I contacted three of my gorgeous blogging friends for their advice. Read on for their tips about dressing for your body shape which will have you feeling and looking slimmer every time you look in the mirror.


Kathy from 50 Shades of Age

“I am a short curvy size 12 woman and I look short and dumpy in lots of outfits. I find that skinny jeans in a dark colour tend to elongate my short stubby legs, particularly if I wear a pair of heels in a similar colour to the jeans. I also like to wear longer tops that skim over my problem areas of pot belly and love handles on my hips. I’m wearing Witchery Wet Look Navy Blue Skinny Jeans, Sussan peplum waisted blouse and Sandler Bandit heels in black. My tip is to wear a tight tummy trimming camisole underneath tops that smooth over the boobs and tummy and streamlines your body.”

How to look slimmer than you really are, Kathy Marris

Janet from Middle Aged Mama

“It might sound surprising, but I find fitted dresses actually make me look thinner! I’m a size 16 with an apple shape, and although I often wear looser clothing to hide my pot belly, I’m certainly not limited to wearing “tents” as you can see in the picture. As you can probably tell, I’m a big fan of a floral print. Mix it with a polka dot, and I’m even happier! I bought the dress below from the Timeless by Vannessa Tong Facebook page, for a high tea event about 18 months ago. I already owned one of their frocks and knew their styles and sizes worked well on my figure, and I wasn’t disappointed when this dress was delivered.”


How to look slimmer than you really are, Janet Camilleri

Jan from Budget Travel Talk

“Know your body shape. I have narrow hips and a larger waistline. The slim fitting skirt accentuates my good points, while the black blouse hides my thicker waist. With my arms lifted, the long black waistband of the skirt and black blouse merge together and no skin is exposed.  As the blouse is not tight around my waist I needn’t “hold my tummy in” all the time. This outfit is a great to travel with. The skirt is light weight and does not crease and the blouse is of a thicker material that holds it structure. Both can be washed and worn without ironing. The skirt is casual enough to wear to the beach, but teeming it with the blouse lifts it enough to be worn to dinner.”


How to look slimmer than you really are, Jan Robinson

Above Jan’s wearing a stretch slim fitting patterned skirt with a black stretch wide waistband. The waistband can be turned down but I’m wearing it extended, teemed with a black blouse that is loose at the waist.

A little about The Contributors

Kathy is a 50 something year old who has been blogging at 50 Shades of Age  for the past 4 years. She is married with two adult children and lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland. She enjoys living life to the fullest and loves to keep fit and active by maintaining a healthy diet and exercising regularly. Some of her interests include reading, movies, travelling, cooking and blogging! Kathy works part-time as a freelance writer but her real passion is travelling and photographing brilliant destinations both within Australia and overseas and writing about it.

Janet blogs as the Middle Aged Mama, about learning to fashion a new life now that the kids are grown. A crazy cat lady and op shopper extraordinaire, Janet loves chocolate, chick lit, cruising holidays and the hubster – and not necessarily in that order 😉 . Did somebody say “travel”?!

Jan is a travel blogger who writes Budget Travel Talk . She lives on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland with her husband Marty.  If you ask which overseas destination is her favourite, you will get a quick-fire response TURKEY. Their last overseas trip was to Italy (mostly Sicily), Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, and Montenegro. Closer to home you will find her and Marty exploring Australia bit by bit in their Coromal Caravan. Her latest travel dream is an extended European island extravaganza. Her backup dream (because everyone needs one) is their first visit to South America.

I love Katie’s clothes – you might find something to love here too …

My internet picks for you – just hover or click on the photos for details and pricing.


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Do you have any tips about how to look slimmer than you really are?

Lovin Life

The Lovin Life Team

Kathy from 50 Shades of Age
Deb from Debbish
Leanne from Deep Fried Fruit
and oh yes, Me! at Lifestyle Fifty

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  • Seana Smith

    Ah, I have a dress with a large floral print which I love… but it doesn’t love me. Definiely agree with so much here and I much try other things I hadn’t thought of. Thank you.

    • Johanna

      Thanks Seanna, isn’t it sad when we love things but they don’t love us back. I’m the same with big floral prints 😉

  • Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    Look at you ladies! Rockin it.
    Great tips.

  • Reply

    I love that blue and black dress from Amazon which you’ve featured Jo. Not that I’d get to wear it very much working from home, but it’s absolutely gorgeous!

    • Johanna

      You’d look great in that dress Janet. In fact I thought of you as I found it 🙂

      • leannelc

        Some great tips and I love that black top in your internet picks. Also interesting seeing you all in your favourite outfits and explaining why they work for you. It’s tricky being at that inbetween age where we’re not young but we’re not old and how to make good fashion choices based on that.

        • Johanna

          Glad you love the black top, Leanne, I reckon it would be a good wardrobe staple. Yes, we are in an in-between age aren’t we, and we are not all that well catered for in the fashion stakes.

  • writeofthemiddle

    Fantastic tips! Thanks ladies! I’m curvy and short so I find block colours work best for me. Love jersey dresses and clothes that have shape but yet skim the problem area’s. I’m large busted too and find v-necks are much more flattering than round necks. #TeamLovinLife

    • Johanna

      Hi Min, I’m with you on the block colours, yet so often I’m lured by a dazzling print which actually doesn’t suit me so much!

  • seizetheday20

    Looking good ladies!! Jersey dresses and cinched waists are among my faves when it comes to slimline dressing. Another fave is wearing block colour (it helps you look a little taller too – another of my challenges!) #TeamLovinLife

    • Johanna

      Hi Lyndall, I didn’t realise block colours made you look taller too. Now that’s something for a shorty like me to remember!

  • robjodiefilogomo

    As a fashion blogger, I realize that most women want to look slimmer!! I totally get that!
    But I also realize that every woman is beautiful no matter what their size!! Certainly it’s a great day when I look slimmer, but I appreciate it when all women look nice!!
    And that red dress on you is absolutely marvelous, Jo!!

    • Johanna

      Hi Jodie, yes I think every woman can look beautiful no matter what her shape or size. Finding your own style to suit your body shape and feeling good about yourself is so important. Maybe, actually this post should have a different title because at it’s root it’s about trying out different ways to make us feel great in what we choose to wear. Thank you thank you for your lovely compliment!:)

  • Reply

    Love all your tips. I like to accentuate my best assets, which are probably my legs, so I am loving skinny pants and skimming flowy tops at the moment. I need more nude shoes though! I have a couple of jersey style dresses and agree, they are flattering 🙂

    • Johanna

      Hi Alicia, So glad that you are accentuating your best assets. Nude shoes – aren’t they the best!! 🙂

  • sizzlesue15

    I loved this post and also all of you lovely ladies who are Sizzling! Everyone can look great, they just need to understand what suits them and what doesn’t. Thanks for the tips.

  • Deborah

    Oh love this and I know I do / don’t do some of these things. I often dress for comfort even when I know something may not suit me. And I tend to like loose things rather than anything that’s tight. And yet, I know something can be more flattering if it’s fitting.

    I’ve only recently discovered that v-necks look better on me than round neck shirts / dresses, which is something I’d not really considered before.

    • Johanna

      Hi Deborah, it’s funny how we discover some things by accident, when we probably should have tried the style before – and then it suits us and there’s no going back! I’m loving your #everyday style feeds on Insta 🙂

  • budgettraveltalk

    Well I must admit I had to google “Camel Toes” – I’m a fashion innocent lol. Our daughter enlightened me to the no tucking in rule too Jo – what would we do without them. 🙂 Thanks for putting this ever so helpful post together. I love the first of your dress suggestions, but I would need short sleeves. Thanks again Jo.

    • Johanna

      Haha Jan! I’m glad you’ve been enlightened on that delicate subject! Yes, what would we do without our fashion conscious daughters 🙂

  • kathymarris

    This post is right up my alley as I’m always trying to look slimmer than I actually am! Lol. I love wrap around dresses but I feel like I’m too ‘booby’ for them. I think these tips are extremely helpful to other women our age and I love that you have used a couple of other women of varying shapes to show how to dress for their shapes. Great post Jo.

    • Johanna

      Thanks Kathy! I think as we get older we need to be reminded of things (me over and over again). A lot of these tips I’ve conveniently forgotten, and only yesterday had a bit of a throw out of clothes from my wardrobe because of this post.

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