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Remember the days of burnt toast and runny eggs, when your small children would bring you breakfast in bed when they were little? So special! Talk about personalised mothers day gift ideas – that one was personalised – in many ways.

After that came the little ornaments, or (ouch) the forgotten Mother’s Days when they were growing up and very busy, or perhaps books they thought you should read to further your education ;). There might also have been flowers.

But what do you yourself buy for your elderly Mum now that you are middle aged (and she is’t perhaps so sprightly anymore) while keeping the gift personalised rather than consumer orientated.

An adrenalin experience from an online booking company like sky diving is probably out of the question. There’s perhaps no point booking a hot air balloon ride or a formula one driving experience either – or maybe there is!

I realise that today might not be a happy day for many people, and if it’s not I hope you’re doing okay?

If your Mum isn’t alive anymore, do you know a Mum who’s now without her children that you could treat on the day? Or somebody who’s never been a Mum but deserves a treat? Play it forward. It never disappoints.

And for everyone, if you don’t want to send flowers  then here are some ideas to help you make Mother’s Day into an event – an occasion to remember.

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You're going to love these Personalised mothers day gift ideas

Do the Housework or Gardening

This is going to take a few hours.

So perhaps drop your Mum off at a friend’s house, get your gladdies (rubber gloves) on, and get down and dirty.

Here’s what to do

  1. Try and clean all the things that she can’t (or doesn’t like doing!)
  2. De-spider the high spots and the areas outside she can’t reach.  Get your feather duster and clean the spider’s webs from high cornices in the inside rooms.
  3. Clean the oven.
  4. Move and then vacuum under heavy furniture, and in all the corners she perhaps doesn’t clean very often.
  5. Give the bathroom a thorough clean – make the shower screen sparkle, and scrub down any tiles. Clean the loo really well and maybe pop a nice fragrant air freshener in the bathroom.
  6. In the garden spruce up the beds, weed and prune where necessary and mow the lawn.
  7. Perhaps you could buy her a couple of new plants and plant them in the garden for her, or with her, too?
  8. If you’re feeling flush and don’t want to do the housework or gardening yourself, then splash out and hire someone to do it while you take your Mum out for lunch!

Eats, Treats and Smellies

Buy her some lovely treats of the smelly kind.

Perhaps buy her a favourite fragrance? a set of small sized perfumes so that she can pick and choose. I love this sort of thing!

Or buy her favourite chocolates – better still introduce her to a new brand made by an artisan chocolatier in your area perhaps?

Perfect Pamper Session

Book a pamper session and if she’s a little reluctant to go on her own then go with her.

Manicure, Pedicure, or Massage

Make it a mother and daughter special. Perhaps go for a mani or a pedi, or book a back massage where you can lie side by side.

Spa time at home.

Or you could have a pamper morning or afternoon at her home – complete with candles and a soothing glass of lemon and mint water, or a fragrant herbal tea, or perhaps even a glass of champagne. Here are some ideas for Bathroom Spa Kits.

How to make a gift more personal

Take a photo of yourself with your husband and children, and hand write a letter to go with it – tell her how much you love her and what she means to you.

Add a beautiful card

Or send her a framed photo of you or your family with a promissory note for a champagne lunch when you are all next together, and write her a beautiful letter (not a Facebook message) in a beautiful card to go with it.

Make a photo book

If you’re in Australia pop to Kmart or Office Works with photos on a flash drive, or your camera …… and take a couple of hours to make a photo book of memories for her.

Otherwise make one yourself. Here are some ideas for collating great memories using your own Photobook Software from Amazon.

Take her for a picnic

Pack a picnic. Make it special. Real crockery, home baked treats, something lovely to drink, comfy camping chairs, picnic blankets and go somewhere nice. How about at a spot overlooking the beach (if it’s not windy or rainy) or in a tranquil spot by the river, or a fairytale place in the forest. If she lives in town, then pick a nice park perhaps one with a lake, or a pretty garden.

Cocktail Hour

Take her out for a cocktail or better still personalise the occasion and be the cocktail barmaid in her own home.

Here’s how to do it yourself

Take your siblings with you and jazz up a table outside, dress up, and club together to buy Mum something new to wear for the occasion. Buy or bake some snacks, then buy a cocktail kit and go and have an evening of laughter.

Book lunch or dinner at a lovely restaurant

Does she have a favourite restaurant? Make a reservation, surprise her, and take her for lunch or dinner.

Rent a movie

If she doesn’t like going out much anymore, rent a movie or buy a movie, then get a takeaway pizza (or whatever she likes to eat) and go cuddle up and watch it with her.

Make a video

Take clips of your daily life, ask your children to say something about Nan (what does she mean to them perhaps?). Photograph some beautiful places around you, tell your Mum how you feel about her,  and talk about the happy memories you have made together. Then put it all together in a simple movie. This will make a lovely legacy piece too.


If all else fails. Buy flowers. They are dependably gorgeous.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

What great ideas can you share for making Mother’s Day memorable?

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