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I’ve tried juicing and after a while felt it wasn’t really for me, but now I’ve truly found my soul blending mate in the form of NutriBullet.

What’s even better Lifestylers is that I have one to Giveaway – scroll on down to the end of the post to find out how you could be in with a chance to win one.

Why I love my NutriBullet

What I love about the NutriBullet* apart from the fabulous smoothies, is the science behind it. The thing is you see, it has a complicated sounding Nutrient Extraction mechanism to break down fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and other plant foods into their most absorbable state.


Nutri Bullet

It’s a bit different to  juicers (which don’t break down the pulp) and different to blenders, which don’t have the mechanism to break down the cell walls of fibrous plant foods, to release  vitamins and minerals. So you can put in raw chopped up vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, and any superfood you have to hand and the NutriBullet will magically transform them into fabulous liquid fuel for your body.


The NutriBullet reduces the fiber, pulp, seeds, and skins into a really smooth texture, so that you have a digestible, easily absorbable smoothie and you should get the highest nutrition the food you put into it can offer.

For me, that spells Healthy.

Really you’re only inhibited by your own imagination or taste. We’ve tried lots of recipes not only from the handy accompanying recipe book but also from just making them up ourselves. Beetroot and spinach and apple was pretty interesting.


I’ve been drinking one NutriBlast smoothie a day – I pack mine with kale, or spinach, fruits like passion fruit, berries, and pineapple, yoghurt, milk and seeds and so before I even reach lunchtime I know that I’ve had my fruit and veggie serves for the day. I love that.

And you can come up with some crazy colours!


What’s more it’s easy to assemble and not difficult to clean (that point is pretty mammoth for me). The compact base sits on the sideboard ready to go and to tell you the truth, I quite like getting up in the morning these days (I am so not morning person) … just so I can get my fix of a fresh NutriBullet smoothie.

Tip: You could chop up the fruit you want to use and pop it in zip lock bags –  freeze in convenient portions so they’re all ready to pop in the juicer.

Did I tell you that you can also make super-doopa soups and sauces too? Well, maybe that’s for a later post when winter is in full swing.


Check out the best price for NutriBullet Here. and the NutriBullet RX which I use, Here.

More Products I’m Loving this month

What an innovative range of jewellery I’ve just discovered. I’m a little bit all over these quirky and very individual PunkyB  jewellery* sets.

Below I’m wearing a wooden russet necklace with matching earrings which added a beautiful pop of colour to my Sunday lunch outfit the other day.

NutriBullet-Giveaway-Jo Castro-wearing-PunkyB-Jewellery

At Punky B, the accent is very much on creating fashion jewellery that is feminine and elegant, and I adore the colours.


I think the ivory and gold has a bit of attitude and would look great on my daughter and her young friends, but I can see one my environmental-friendly friends in the muted blue wooden ensemble with the chunky bracelet, above.

pinky b jewellery

Aboriginal Art Scarves

These beautiful art silk scarves* from Mainie are a melding of two artisan traditions: Aboriginal art from Australia’s Red Centre and luxurious silks from the fabled Silk Cities of China. They are pure silk and exquisitely distinctive.

Each piece comes beautifully boxed with an authentication card telling you about the artwork and artist. They have a luxuriously soft feel and the colours are fabulous.

Pictured are the Women’s Ceremony Scarf, and Water Bird. They would make lovely gifts for anyone wanting something just a little bit exclusive and different.


Mainie scarves

Mainie silk scarves

Sweet Treat Bars

Keep an eye out for these yummy chocolate bars* which are a little bit good for you in that they are low carb, low sugar, protein bars, which means great for giving you a boost before or after exercise. They’re developed by Atkins Nutritionals.

Atkins bars

The Indulge range has bars which could help those of us trying to stick to a healthy lifestyle to satisfy a sweet tooth without the added insulin spike. These bars I’m told have 70 – 90% less sugar than regular chocolate bars. That’s got to be a win 🙂

My fave was the Fudge Caramel (Atkins Advantage range) which is packed with 15g of protein and really did get me through the afternoon slump one day – with a nice whoosh 🙂 and feeling of fullness. It’s been developed as an on-the-go between meals snack, and although it’s a protein bar it still has a delicious chocolatey taste.

Don’t get too excited though – The bars don’t come without calories 😉 and these nasty little fellows are detailed on the back of the packages.

Products with an * were gifted for editorial consideration as per my Disclaimer.


Win a NutriBullet

To Win a NutriBullet write in the comments section 2 titles for topics you’d like to read about on Lifestyle Fifty. The person who dreams up the best titles (which I think will be most appealing to readers) will win a NutriBullet. You can enter up to three times.

The competition is only open to Australian residents (so sorry everyone else x)

The competition closes at 5pm Perth, Australia time on Thursday 26th May 2016.

Winners will be notified by email.

For full entry conditions please see here.

27th May 2016: Update. This competition is now closed: Congratulations to Linda!


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  • budget jan

    Ha Ha, I’ve just been reading the other comments and had to laugh, because I had a cheaper version as well which broke! Seems to be a message in this!

  • Tania

    Coping without kids – as children start to become independent and the weekends loom, what do you do?
    Fashionable fifties – as I age I become more aware of the ‘mutton dressed as lamb’ comments and wonder if I am dressing too young for my age. Is there a time we should swap sexy skirts for slacks? Or do we dress how we want to dress?

  • Reply

    My first suggestion may end up being a series – perhaps a weekly post for the 15 weeks as I’d like to know more about your fellow passengers:
    “Cruising Conversations – Interviews with passengers while sailing around the world”
    (Background stories of fellow passengers to find out the where, when, why, what and how… ie Where they’re from. Why they’re doing it, and What they’re looking forward to the most – what is the dream they’re trying to fulfill – are there similarities or is everyone chasing something different… although that’ll most likely be a post at the end pulling together the threads you’ve been weaving throughout the series and so:
    “Are you a Cruiser? Is there such a thing as a cruising type?”

    My second entry is…
    I think you said that 1,300 were doing the full cruise – I’d love to then see answers from the same handful of passengers to the same set of questions at the start, maybe half way through and close to the end so as to get the mood as the cruise progresses to questions such as:
    What are you most looking forward to (and did it live up to your expectations)
    Why are you most looking forward to that? (Was it in fact or did something else superseded it)
    At the end – What in the end was the highlight?
    Did what people thought would be the highlight in fact turn out to be that or was it a travelling serendipitous moment or eventuality that hit the jackpot for them?
    “Can a cruise really live up to your dreams?”
    “Getting more than I bargained for, by going on a cruise”

    People stories are always interesting!
    Bon voyage 😀

    • Johanna

      Fab suggestions! Thanks Linda. Good luck 🙂

      • Linda Fairbairn

        So thrilled to have won this Nutribullet Jo
        Can’t wait to read some of the suggestions on your blog soon 🙂
        Thank you!

        • Johanna

          Coming up Linda! And well done and Thank You for some great post ideas!

  • Pam

    Here’s a couple for you Jo.
    – How to make each day different on a cruise..
    – You’re not a cruise type person? Let me change your mind.

    • Johanna

      Love them, thanks Pam. Good luck for the comp 🙂

    • Johanna

      Great suggestions! Thanks Pam.

  • Nina

    I also have a cheaper version and not expecting it to make the distance!
    Seeing that you’re going to be privy to a once in a lifetime cruise, it’s only fitting that we hear more about it:
    – How to make friends and keep your husband on a 100-day cruise (this is meant tongue in cheek, my father always jokes that if he and my mother went on a cruise only one of them would come back).
    – Packing essentials for the cruising life: what you need and what you can ditch

    • Johanna

      Haha Nina, I love your Dad’s words, because we’ve looked at each other on occasion and thought the same thing in the stress leading up to the ‘off’!! Love your suggestions too. Good luck in the competition!

  • Kathy Marris

    I would love to win a Nutribullet as my other cheaper version just broke a few months ago. So here goes ……..
    1. Around the world in 104 days
    2. Putting pizazz back into your life!

    • Johanna

      Good luck Kathy. It’s horrid when you have a device you use and love and they go “kerpoof”. Loving your post suggestions 🙂

  • budget jan

    How to make the most of a Two Day Stopover in New York City.
    How to keep motivated when you just want to lay by the pool.

    • Johanna

      Very apt, on point Jan! Great suggestions 🙂 Good Luck!

  • Shari

    50+ and downsizing your home
    How to work less and travel more

    • Johanna

      Loving your suggestions Shari! Good Luck1

    • Johanna

      Loved these post ideas Shari! Good luck 🙂

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