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Onboard Princess Cruises

How’s your week going so far, Lifestylers, I hope you’re busy in a good way, not trying to be perfect (you did get the newsletter on Friday, didn’t you?), and enjoying being You, the very unique You that you are.

We’re already looking forward to the weekend and wondering what to plan and do. Have you got plans already?

Who thinks it’s important to make sure that we have things to look forward to, all the time – even small things, like arranging to meet a friend for coffee?

Keeping occupied I believe is imperative as we get older when the tendency to dwell, or to look back on our lives and wallow in nostalgia is really strong sometimes – don’t get me started on the photo albums! How many times have I been sucked into hours of flipping photos – wayyyy too many 🙂

citadines st georges terrace, perth

For the last few days we’ve been everso busy. We had a staycation at a lovely apartment hotel in Perth (above). You can read about Citadines St Georges Terrace Here and here’s my review, Contemporary Apartment Hotel in Perth, and did all sorts of things in the city, and then I spent time with my daughter too.

fremantle little creatures

On Monday I was really lucky to be invited back onto Sea Princess while she was docked in Fremantle for the day, and because lots of people ask me questions like, ‘What’s it really like onboard?’ and ‘What are the staterooms like?’  I thought today I’d share some photos with you.

princess cruises, sea princess

Just a visitor today

It felt really weird walking around the ship as a visitor and yet knowing it wasn’t ‘home’ anymore. My thoughts did turn a bit nostalgic as I remembered back to all the wonderful things that had happened during our 104 night adventure.

One of my lovely blogging friends, Amanda Kendle (Not a Ballerina) was invited too, so too my daughter and friend. We had such fun and a “whole lorra larfs” (as Cilla Black used to say) and Angus the Customer Services Director made us all very welcome and gave us a personalised tour of the ship, and took us around some of the staterooms and suites too.


And then there were four. All aboard Sea Princess in Fremantle.

Princess Cruises

Cakes glorious cakes – too many to choose from in Horizon Court buffet.

Princess Cruises

On a tour of the ship overlooking the main pool area with the big screen – hello Movies Under the Stars.

Princess Cruises, chocolate dessert

An elegant lunch in the Traviata Dining Room

I did mention chocolate dessert, didn’t I?

Princess Cruises, food

My starter was delish: salmon and shrimps and lobster.

Princess Cruises, food

So many little sweets and treats to choose from.

Princess Cruises, the sanctuary

The Sanctuary was a great spot to while away a little time while our lunch was settling.

Princess Cruises

Then a bit of exercise!

Princess Cruises, pool deck

Sadly no time to jump in the pool for a dip.

Princess Cruises, princess theatre

The lavish Princess Theatre where we watched many a fantastic stage production during our time on the world cruise.

Princess Cruises, sports bar

Quick – just time for a short game of table football in Legends Sports Bar.

Princess Cruises, library

Browsing through books in the library.

Princess Cruises,

The young ones made the most of the spring sunshine to lap up a few rays by the pool before lunch.

Princess Cruises, Atrium and Staircase

Showing Amanda around the ship – here in the glamorous Atrium with its glass lifts and opulent staircase.

Princess Cruises, stateroom

Next time, I’d like a suite please! They are really spacious!

Princess Cruises, Angus Wilkinson

With Angus, Customer Services Director. You can read more about Angus’s fascinating life at sea here, Life on the Ocean Waves.

Princess Cruises, STATEROOM

Who wouldn’t love a suite at sea?

That’s all for now folks.

But I would love to know what plans you have for the weekend? And who’s thinking of Booking a Cruise? I’d love to know where you’re thinking of going.

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  • Jodie

    Hi Jo,
    I miss your cruise blogs probably as much as you miss being on board.
    How nice of Princess Cruises to invite you back on board.
    Sun Princess is in Adelaide tomorrow so we will pop down to see her at sail-away.

    • Johanna

      Hello Jodie, ahh, how lovely of you to say 🙂 Yes, we do miss being at sea! It was lovely of them to invite me back on board, and in fact I’m very privileged to be going to visit the new flagship, Emerald Princess, today – Yay! Have fun watching Sun Princess sail away – it’s always a beautiful spectacle isn’t it 🙂

  • Janet Camilleri aka Middle Aged Mama

    It would be weird going back after calling it home for so long!!

    • Johanna

      Hi Janet! Yes, I was quite surprised by how attached I felt to Sea Princess when I boarded again after 6 weeks away. And walking down the gangway knowing that this time probably could be the last, felt very very poignant.

  • Kathy Marris

    Having been on a Princess Cruise earlier this year it all looks very familiar. They really are like big floating resorts aren’t they? Looks like you enjoyed your day aboard.

    • Johanna

      Sea Princess is just like a floating resort, Kathy. With all the trimmings!

  • Amanda Kendle

    Thanks so much for showing me around “your ship”, Jo, it was so lovely to be there with you and we really did have a fun day, didn’t we! I could use another of those desserts right about now. And boy that Angus is TALL!

    • Johanna

      Haha Amanda … my ship!! But it did feel like going home I must say – a bit weird really. I was sad to get off knowing I wouldn’t be getting back on for another adventure! I’m so glad you enjoyed the day – yes it was such fun! Another dessert would be great as I sit here typing.

  • Irene Foley

    Thanks for another peek at the Sea Princess, our home for 17 days just recently when we sailed from Sydney around the top of Australia and down to Fremantle. That was our 4th Princess cruise. We have another booked for late January (Golden Princess) , this time a “back to back” from Melbourne to New Zealand, then to Tasmania. We also have a booking for August next year going to Hawaii and Tahiti. We no sooner get back from one cruise and we’re planning the next. We’re both retired and for many years when bringing up our family, we couldn’t really afford many holidays. We’re making up for lost time and look on retirement as our time. Not sure how long we’ll be able to cruise but, for now, it’s something we really look forward to. The planning for shore excursions and research into the various ports is something my husband loves to do so that, when we arrive, we have a fair idea of what we want to see.
    As for this weekend, it’ll be shopping with my daughter on Saturday and a bit of gardening on Sunday perhaps, depending on the weather. I like to get out for a walk each day. It may only be half an hour, but I feel that that little bit of exercise has to be good for the heart and the circulation.

    • Johanna

      Hello Irene! How lovely to hear that you are doing almost back to back cruises in retirement! Go you! What fun, and yes the planning for shore excursions is also a great way to a) be prepared to make the most of the time available and b) fabulous for finding out more about the world and its wonders. I hope you have a great weekend – shopping with your daughter and gardening Sunday sounds just the ticket – hope the weather is nice for you. Yes, I agree, walking has to be great for us. I’ve just got back from mine 🙂

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