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There’s nothing I like more than a get together with friends over a glass of champagne. What better way to do this than to combine it with raising money for a cause? With the help of 12 lovely friends I recently hosted a Purple Bra Event in support of Breast Cancer Care WA. We raised $420 for the charity whilst sipping champagne and nibbling cheese, snacks and cake. #Winning!

Purple Bra Day purple bra day

“Would you like, Tea, Coffee or Champagne,” I asked as people walked in.

“Champagne please!” was the cry of the day! Not one tea bag was used!

That set the tone for a brilliant get together all in aid of a great cause.

During the evening everyone was invited to talk about their businesses or their creative pursuits, and WOW what a lot of really interesting pursuits these ladies are involved in. If you scroll to the end of this post, you can find out a little more about their businesses.

This event was in aid of Purple Bra Day, and I’m sure you’re wondering what on earth it is!

You can still get involved and host your own Purple Bra Day event … so here’s how, along with all the details, PLUS, some great ideas for raising money for raising money for charity in any capacity  …

What’s Purple Bra Day All About?

“2017 is the 15th year of Purple Bra Day in Western Australia. The day is all about having fun, raising funds and showing that you are breast aware! Individuals (females AND males) simply register to take part, you receive a Hero Pack which includes a free ‘one size fits all’ purple bra and then you wear your bra OVER your clothes on Purple Bra Day to raise vital funds – in true Superhero style.”

When Is Purple Bra Day?

The street fundraising day is actually on Friday 23 June but you can hold your Purple Bra Day any time in May or June. Visit the Purple Bra Day website for more information.

Purple Bra Day

Wearing my purple bra with pride over my Leona Edmiston dress.

Why Purple?

Commencing in 2000, Founder and Patron Ros Worthington OAM chose purple to represent Breast Cancer Care WA and differentiate from other breast cancer organisations. Pink is often associated with research, but here in WA purple represents emotional, practical and financial support.

Last year alone, Breast Cancer Care supported over 1,000 women thanks to the generous support of the WA Community.

How Do I Register To Take Part In Purple Bra Day?

You can sign up HERE to get your free fundraising pack.

What Should I Do For Purple Bra Day?

Anything! Just get creative – decorate your purple bra, dress up in purple, hold a morning tea, dare your boss to wear the bra if enough money is raised.

Breast Cancer Care WA provide you with the Purple Bra to be worn OVER your clothes, so all you need to do is strap it on and encourage everyone to dig deep and donate to you! You can raise even more funds with raffles, auctions and competitions! You can find more tips HERE.

Purple Bra Day

Two of my friends, Ingrid and Jeff Rickersey (above) couldn’t attend the Purple Bra Day event because they were cycling in Prague. Here they are overlooking Prague city bravely sporting purple bras for all to see in aid of Purple Bra Day.

Thanks Guys! You look swell!!

What’s The Cost of Purple Bra Day?

It’s free to register for Purple Bra Day and receive your hero pack (including your one size fits all purple bra.) This way you’ll have everything you need to start fundraising.

Where Does The Money I Raise Go?

Purple Bra day is Breast Cancer Care WA’s largest annual fundraiser.  The funds raised allow them to continue to provide personalised support to women, men and their families affected by breast cancer. This can be by way of counselling appointments, helping with the weekly cleaning services, dropping patients to and from medical appointments, helping to pay household bills, support from Breast Care Nurses and so much more.

Can I Volunteer?

Of course! Tin shaking heroes can join in on the streets of Perth on Friday 23 June. Opportunities will be available at locations within the Perth CBD and in outer suburbs. Volunteers can enjoy dressing up and wearing a purple bra, gaining events experience, meeting new people and making new friends and most of all, knowing they are making a positive difference! Sign up to volunteer HERE.

If you’re on Pinterest, please pin the picture below. Happy Pinning!

Purple Bra Day. How to raise money for a charity.

How to fundraise for a charity, or for Purple Bra Day.

  1. Bake, and host a cake sale!
  2. Organise a purple/green/red dress day at work and encourage everyone to wear that item of clothing and ask for a donation.
  3. Have a heroes night in and provide food and drinks, but ask everyone to donate the money they would have spend on a night out.
  4. Play ‘Waste Bin Hoops’. Put a bin in the middle of the floor and get everyone to throw a balled piece of paper with their name on into it. If they miss, they have to pay a forfeit into the fundraising kitty.
  5. Organise a bush walk or a coastal walk and ask your friends and colleagues to join in for a donation.
  6. Get your  hair dyed a bright colour, or shave it off, and ask for donations.
  7. Kick off your fundraising with your own personal donation.
  8. Then ask three family members to sponsor you for the same amount.
  9. Approach two or three businesses and tell them what you’re up to and ask if they’d donate $50.
  10. Ask some of your friends or colleagues to donate $20 each.

Purple Bra Day

Back to my Purple Bra Day event and the lovely ladies who attended brought along samples of their artistic creations of the products they sell.

In the photo above: Top Left and Bottom Left: Christin Svard designs and makes the most beautiful soft, supple leather handbags – you can read more about them HERE or visit her website at Travel and Living Collection. She also sells stunning Hjerte (heart) jewellery.

Top right: Jenny Shenton is an avocado farmer, an advocate for healthy living, and she distributes fantastic Skin and Bathroom Products and health supplements – click here for some groundbreaking health and beauty products which have anti-ageing properties.

Bottom Right: Jill Harrison is a writer and photographer who makes the most gorgeous cards from her photographs. She also makes tote bags and eco dyed scarves. Find Jill and links to her products at Life Images by Jill.

Below: Colleen Maguire distributes the amazing Enjo products. You can find her on Facebook here.

Purple Bra Day

Denise Gillies runs an amazing art, crafts and antiques gallery in the Ferguson Valley. It’s called the Lyndendale Gallery and supports over 30 local artists (such as Jill Harrison who sells her beautiful eco-dyed scarves at the gallery (below) and Lynne Mitchell an artist who’s gorgeous printmaking you can find online at Lynne Art.
Purple Bra Day

And last (but definitely not least) a shout out to Michele Jenkins who runs Stratham Retreat. Michele is also a professional Silks Aerial Dancer and Acrobat and she offers Silks Classes and Stilts Classes too.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Purple Bra Day fundraiser, and thank you so much for your generosity!

And FINALLY my lovely Dave agreed to be photographed chopping wood in a Purple Bra – but for a donation! So here’s where you can donate (thanks if you can 🙂 ) Donate just $5 (or more) here.

Purple Bra Day

I hope this has inspired you to run your own event to raise money for your favourite charity.

What charities do you support?


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Showing 23 comments
  • Christin Svard

    What a fabulous evening in the sharing and giving spirit.Loved being a part of it ,and giving a bit back to our community for a great cause.Fun to hear about other businesses and meeting new ladies and learning what is going on in the small business world. Thank you for the opportunity to share ,and for taking the initiative to make it happen .Well done Jo. Christin X

    • Johanna

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it Christin and thank you for the big part you played in the evening too – especially showcasing your beautiful designer bags … and your generous donations x

  • seizetheday20

    Love this idea to keep the fun in fundraising. Well done for your efforts and for raising $420 Jo! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

  • Reply

    Great fundraising ideas there! And you really can’t go wrong with champagne, can you?

    • Johanna

      Champagne always get the chit-chat and laughter going, hey Kirsty!

  • Reply

    Haha! I’ve never heard of purple bra day. It looks like so much fun! #teamlovinlife

  • writeofthemiddle

    What a fabulous idea Jo! A fabulous day for a very worthy cause. Congratulations for the money you raised. Well done! You and your hubby both rock the purple bra over your clothes very well by the way! Lol #TeamLovinLife

    • Johanna

      I’m just wondering if the purple bra over clothes could become a trend, Min! Thanks for your kind words 🙂

  • Reply

    What talented friends you have Jo! And what a good sport your hubby is!

    • Johanna

      I’m very blessed on both counts, Janet 🙂 I think I’ll have to get Dave doing more of this kind of thing for charity!

  • Life Images by Jill

    Good on ya Dave! Many thanks for your invite to your lovely get-together Jo. I met lots of new amazing women. And thank you for the plug!

    • Johanna

      So glad Jill – and it’s a pleasure 🙂

  • robjodiefilogomo

    What a great cause and fun photos too!!
    We support St. Jude. We were able to tour the facility once, and it’s an incredible place!!

    • Johanna

      Hi Jodie, that’s awesome! Good on you 🙂

  • Deborah

    I’ve never heard of Purple Bra Day Jo, but what a great event. And I love the networking element!

    • Johanna

      Hello Deb, thank you! And yes, it was great to make it a win-win for everyone involved 🙂

  • Jo

    What a fabulous idea – & love the purple bra…your Dave wears it well… #TeamLovinLife

    • Johanna

      Haha! Thanks Jo – I’ll tell him! He’ll be delighted 😉

  • sizzlesue15

    I’m a huge fan of breast cancer research as my Mum died from that 31 years ago. I like the idea of Purple because it does differentiate from all the others which are usually pink. However, as long as we are all doing out bit to support cancer research I don’t mind what colour it is. Good for you promoting such a worthwhile cause Jo. Great to see the guys getting involved too!
    Sue from Sizzling Towards 60 & Beyond

    • Johanna

      Hi Sue, Thank you 🙂 Yes, purple is different, but as you say, doesn’t matter what colour – just getting behind the cause, boys and all is what matters.

  • Kathy Marris

    Ha ha! This is a fabulous idea for a fundraiser. I do like to attend fundraisers for a good cause. I recently attended a high tea for a new charity called “Baby Give Back” where some young mums have got together and collect used baby items to give to needy new mums. Breast cancer fundraisers are always a big one with me because I’ve had several friends that have had this disease. We do the “pink” days where everyone dresses in pink. #TeamLovinLife

    • Johanna

      Hi Kathy, Baby Give Back sounds like a great initiative too. Yes, I think breast cancer fundraisers are normally associated with Pink Days. I was intrigued to get involved with a purple one.

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