17 Reasons Why Camping is Good For You

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We’ve just had a lovely weekend away down south. Not in five star luxury, not in three star convenience … but under canvas in a tent. And it was brilliant. Which has led me to think about the reasons why camping is good for you. Really good for you. Honest!

Reasons why camping is good for you

Dave and I didn’t fall out putting the tent up, although it did get a bit tense at one stage under the noon day sun when we missed out a vital stage of tent erection, and had to start re-threading the tent poles all over again.

Nor did we have a bad night’s sleep on our somewhat thin fold-up camping mattresses because we were really tired after a full-on day of activity out in the open air (and following a couple glasses of wine, under the stars, with friends at the campsite.)

reasons why camping is good for you

Margaret River Gourmet Escape

In order to camp though (because deep down I’m fond of my creature comforts) I need a quest. Our journey took us ‘down south’ as the locals say, to the Gourmet Escape which takes place each year at beautiful Leeuwin Estate Winery in Margaret River.

Reasons why camping is good for you, pic taken at Margaret River Gourmet Escape

Now in it’s fifth year it just keeps on getting better (and busier) and this year there were so many celebrity chefs giving talks and presentations including two of my faves; Rick Stein and Nigella Lawson (who I caught chatting live on stage – see the video below).

But this post isn’t just about the festival – it’s about having an adventure, and an event to attend, and it’s about getting out and doing something that’s good for the soul and doesn’t cost too much money.

This post is about camping, and Lovin’ Life – doing not stagnating, having a go and getting out of our comfort zone – and making serendipitous discoveries (like finding huge pencils in the forest) along the way.

Reasons why camping is good for you. Pic of pencils in a forest.

Reasons why camping is good for you, pic of Wharncliffe Mill sign.

For us though there were no Winnebagos, nor stretch limos (below! Was that for the chefs?)

Reasons why camping is good for you. Pic of stretch limo under a tree.

Neither were there fancy caravans (although they have their place), but how lovely it was after a busy day at the food and wine festival to leave the crush of humanity and come back to the peace of Wharncliffe Mill camp site to just sit under the stars with our friends, drinking wine and putting the world to rights. As you do under the light of the silvery moon sitting on rickety camp chairs that have seen better days.

Now I’m not saying that I want to go camping for weeks or months at a time, oh no lordy no, but I do enjoy the occasional one-off, and I do think it’s good for the soul.

Reasons why camping is good for you. Pic of sign. Reasons why camping is good for you. Pic of sign.So, although you may not agree with me, here are my personal reasons about why I think camping falls under ‘living the good life’ and is good for you.

Reasons why camping is good for you. Pic of walkers.

Reasons why Camping is good for you

  1. It gets you out into nature and you realise that you and all your problems are after all only a tiny blip of energy in this amazing universe.
  2. You reconnect with the real world around you.
  3. Camping increases your vitamin D content (as long as it doesn’t rain all the time!)
  4. You can become a better problem solver – especially if you have to figure out how to put up the tent!
  5. Camping means more exercise – it just does – walk to the ablution block, stretch and bend in putting up the tent, possibly go for a walk to the camp store to buy supplies, or go for a bush walk because you’re camping in a pretty spot.
  6. It’s a relatively cheap getaway which means you can look forward to doing it frequently = good for the stressed out city soul.
  7. You’ll most likely be able to gaze at the stars at night without any light pollution whatsoever. Woah, then you feel so small and insignificant.
  8. It’s a great de-stressor (once the tent is up!) because your life is simplified to the bare essentials.
  9. Camping affords you the time to sit and dream or meditate or read or just chew the cud with friends.
  10. It gives you a chance, to literally, smell the roses, or gum trees or whatever’s near your tent. (I hope it’s not the toilet block!).
  11. Sitting around without home comforts, under a tent awning, sharing a bottle of wine and a few choice snacks, talking about this that and the other on neutral territory with no housework or washing up to do is truly liberating.
  12. You might go to bed a bit grubby with a dirty face and earthy feet – and in our super-clean, risk adverse world, that’s not altogether bad. (Although I’m not discounting the shower block altogether).
  13. You realise what you don’t need in life.
  14. You realise what you do need in life.
  15. You might be woken up by a Kookaburra cackling raucously in a branch right above your tent (we did), and so marvel at the wonders of nature.
  16. Perhaps you’ll see kangaroos, possums or emus running wild (if you’re in Canada, I hope it’s not a Grizzly Bear) and reconnect with nature at its best.
  17. Maybe your view of the world will be a little bit changed for the better when you get home – even though you might be ready to plop straight down in front of the TV or head to your own comfy bed for a nana-nap.

Reasons why camping is good for you. Pic of teddy bear in tree.

I was lucky enough to have a complimentary invite to the Margaret River Gourmet Escape which is one of Australia’s premier annual food and wine festivals offering three days of gourmet activity. This year it featured over 50 celebrity chefs, top international and local culinary talent as well as loads of delicious West Australian produce and wines. The Gourmet Village along with satellite events and unique activities is held in spectacular south west Australian locations.

Reasons why camping is good for you. Pic of Gourmet Escape.

Reasons why camping is good for you. Pic of Funk. Gourmet Escape.

Reasons why camping is good for you. Pic of frame and vineyards.
Reasons why camping is good for you. Pic of bicycle.

So do hop down to the comments section, and tell me, are you for, or against camping?

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Showing 30 comments
  • Sue Reddel

    Love the idea of going to the gourmet fest – but you still haven’t sold me on camping. I’d spend the day out in the woods exploring and enjoying but I’d have to find myself in a very comfortable inn for the evening. Glad you had fun!

    • Johanna

      Hi Sue, I can see I’m going to have to work harder to bring you round to the whole camping thing!

  • The GypsyNesters

    We loved tent camping back in the old days with the kids. These days in the RV it’s not quite the same although a lot of your points remain. Somehow it just doesn’t quite seem like camping when you have a bed, kitchen, and shower on board.

  • Suzanne Fluhr

    My husband, Mr. Excitement, refuses to go camping—or even caravanning—although through 34 years of marriage I’m still working on him. Your description of you and your husband seamlessly (not!) putting up your tent reminds me of when I was 16 and our family, which had never camped before, took off on a 7 week camping trip around Europe. We had borrowed a 3 person tent—for our family of 5. My poor parents ended up sleeping in the back of our Volvo station wagon—no mattress until some guy at a campsite took pity on them and gave them a piece of foam. My father never did quite figure out how to put up the tent—he wasn’t very mechanical, but he was good at pounding stakes into concrete hard ground where my sisters and I told him to.

    • Johanna

      Oh Suzanne, you gave me a good giggle this morning! My early morning coffee was a jolly one! Your story reminded me of some fairly ramshackle camping expeditions we had as kids too!

  • Carol Colborn

    We did what I consider a better form of camping. We did full-time RVing for 5 years and visited 49 American states, 9 Canadian provinces and 6 Mexican states in an RV. Got a hundred reasons to go camping…and road tripping at the same time! I am so with you on these!

    • Johanna

      Wow, what a trip Carol! I’m up there with you on the RVing – would love to do that 🙂

  • Doreen Pendgracs

    I totally agree with you that camping is great for making memories. We used to camp a lot when we were younger. I now live at the lake and enjoy exploring the region on day trips. But the rest of my travels is always done in a tight timeframe, so unfortunately, no more camping for me!

    • Johanna

      Living by the lake must be gorgeous Doreen – probably almost as close to nature as you would be camping anyway!

  • Jenny Freedman

    I’ll leave the camping to you and meet you at the Gourmet Escape. We went camping once when the kids were young. Our friends had everything that was needed and more. When we arrived our tent was up and it was time for drinks!! it was fun but I’m not sure I could even do it like this anymore…I need my comfy bed!

  • Reply

    David, my otherwise perfect husband, refuses to camp – point blank, end of story! I have always thought it would be fun but who knows maybe he’s right and I would hate it too. Be fun to find out though.

  • Life Images by Jill

    Hi JO, you know we love the camping life – but I like a bit of luxury too. We upgraded from tent to camper trailer, and now to caravans – much easier to put up as we ease into retirement age. I loved the idea of your mix of camping and gourmet. And as I’ve never heard of Wharncliffe Mill camp site (what? really?) I’m off to check it out for our next short break. And tell me where were the giant pencils? Thanks Jo.

  • Janet Camilleri aka Middle Aged Mama

    There is definitely something to be said for getting back to nature, and realising that we really don’t need all our “stuff”. We learned this back in 2001 when we packed up all our worldly goods, rented out our house, and travelled Australia in a caravan with 2 kids!

    • Johanna

      That must have been a magical trip Janet!

  • Reply

    I haven’t been camping for the longest time! Like Leanne from Deep Fried Fruit I think I’d like to have indoor plumbing. Plus I’d love a comfy bed so I don’t wake up too stiff and sore! If camping or glamping can give me those two things I’m in!

    • Johanna

      Hi Ingrid, I think a lot of people might opt for more of a glamping option – and I can see your’s and Leanne’s point – ahem, I’m not averse to clamping either, to tell you the truth! But I do enjoy getting back to basics too.

  • Melissa @ All Around Oz

    Couldn’t agree with you more Jo. These are all the reasons why we love camping so much. It really is the best way to get away from it all and have a totally relaxing weekend (once you get the tent up of course)

    • Johanna

      Haha, Melissa! Once the tent is up it’s all plain sailing 🙂 Thanks for popping by today 🙂

  • Anne

    Wharncliffe Mill is a camp ground I have heard so much about. Hopefully I will get down that way soon.

    • Johanna

      Hi Anne, it’s a fabulous spot, set deep in the forest and yet within spitting distance of Margaret River township. Hope you get there soon 🙂

  • Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    While I agree with most of your reasons why camping is good for you. I’m more of a glamper. I need indoor plumbing (without having to venture outside to find it). I like the whole daytime activities associated with camping. But then I’d prefer a bed with roof over my head and nearby toilet of an evening. I’m happy to meet you back by the camp fire the next morning though for breakfast!

    • Johanna

      Haha! See you for breakfast Leanne! I agree, camping isn’t for everyone, although the great outdoor daytime activities might be 🙂

  • Raychael Case

    We use to love camping as a family. We would camp with our neigbours in NSW who had all the bells and whistles when it came to camping essentials. We’ve only camped the once since coming to Perth (8 years ago) and that was for a media event where my family were filmed for National Parks at Yanchep. An introduction to camping night under the stars for local families.

    Sadly on opening our tent on that occasion, it was damaged from the removalists, with holes and unfixable tears. So we popped it in the nearest bin on the campsite before departing. I still wonder what the park staff must have thought on seeing it in the bin. Given that most families involved had never camped before. I wonder if they assumed we hated camping so much we threw the tent out.

    Of course, I spied my dream tent on Gumtree the next week, for a fraction of the cost. Used once by someone that hated camping that much they wanted to upgrade to a camper van. That dream tent, is still unused by us but my latest featured blogger has me craving camping and I think when hubby returns from sea, a little camping adventure might be on the cards.

    • Johanna

      Hi Raych, oh how I giggled at your camping frolic at Yanchep 🙂 Yes, I wonder what the other first time campers must have thought too! I bet they had a couple of barbie party stories about the discarded tent 😉 Love that you found a dream tent on Gumtree, and hope that you have some camping adventures when your hubby returns from sea 🙂

  • Deborah

    I have to admit I don’t ‘do’ camping. I stayed in a caravan once, but that’s as close as I’ve gotten. The idea of using communal toilets in the middle of the night is just too much for me I’m afraid!!!

    • Johanna

      Hi Deb, yes I realise camping isn’t for everyone. And I do ‘get’ the communal toilets in the middle of the night thing – especially these days as I barely go through the night without at least one wee!

  • [email protected]

    You know what – I haven’t been camping since before I had kids!! I actually do like camping (for short periods) and I love being out in nature. I totally agree with all your points on why camping is good for us! I would really like to go camping again one day soon. Must get on to it!! Oh my gosh – you saw Nigella! I love her! That food and wine festival looks like it would have been great fun but yes – how lovely to then escape to the serene camp site to reflect on the day and relax with your friends. #TeamLovinLife

    • Johanna

      Hi Min, yes I think you should go camping again soon 🙂 and get out in nature if you love it. I know it takes a bit of organising, but for us we keep it simple and don’t try to be too fancy. Yes, I was very fortunate to see Nigella ‘live’ on stage. She was so down to earth and lovely.

  • Kathy Marris

    Sounds like a good mix of roughing it and living it up! We went camping this year to North Stradbroke Island in a little tent for a couple of nights and we enjoyed it immensely. It was as you say a fabulous way to get away from it all and reconnect with nature. When our kids were little we had a big tent that we camped in a couple of times a year and they were the best days of my life.

    • Johanna

      Hi Kathy, ahh yes, camping with kids is the best because they love it so much. Your trip to North Stradbroke Island looked fun though 🙂

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