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My name is Jo Castro and I've been a freelance writer for over 35 years. Ten years ago I committed to blogging, documenting my finds about fashion and travel for women, like me, over 50. On Lifestyle Fifty I share style and fashion tips, along with travel inspiration and packing guides. It's all about The Art of Ageing, Living the Good Life and Looking Fashionable everyday. Everything I write about comes from the desire to help as many women as possible live their best lives and look great after the age of 50. Check out more on my About Page.

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  1. Suzanne Fluhr

    Here in the northern hemisphere (the northeastern USA specifically), the post holiday blues can seem even “blueier” because of winter’s short hours of light. In my case, Seasonal Affective Disorder is really a thing. As a travel blogger, I heartily endorse your suggestion for being a tourist in one’s own backyard. I recently stopped into a house museum and rare book archive, mere blocks from where we live in Philadelphia. I’ve been walking past this place for years; however, usually on dog walks. I finally left him (the dog) home one day and stopped in to discover a gem.

    • Johanna

      Hi Suzanne, living in the southern hemisphere I’d forgotten about SADs – which I agree really is a thing in the north during shorter daylight hours. I’m glad you also enjoy being a tourist in your backyard. I’m always so happy when I hit upon serendipitous finds and add so much value to my day. I visited our museum recently which led me on a heritage walk of old buildings – some of which I didn’t even know existed. Many of which had really interesting histories.

  2. Leanne | www.crestingthehill.com.au

    Happy new year Jo! I’m reading this and eating my last meringue from Christmas, all the family has headed home and the house is very quiet. I don’t think I’m feeling sad (the peace is very pleasant after having a 2yr old around for nearly a week!) but there is definitely a sense of all good things coming to an end for another year. But 2019 has dawned and who knows what’s on the horizon!

    • Johanna

      Happy New Year to you too Leanne! Oh glad you are eating your last bits n bobs – we ate the last mince pies last night (thank goodness!) I like the quote that it’s not what you eat between Xmas and New Year that counts but what you eat between New Year and Christmas!! Glad to hear you’re not feeling sad. I guess it helps that your fam-bam are not too far away – for those with family and friends going back overseas it is harder maybe, and I for one get awful separation anxiety as I get older. But you’re right, and I agree, the peace and getting back into our routines is also nice. Wishing you so much of the best for 2019, and may we catch up often 🙂 x

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