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Style Tips for dressing well

Style tips for dressing well. On the left a thrown together look, not really very stylish for le weekend. But what a difference some thought makes. On the right a more tailored approach to give a blogging workshop, wearing a fitted jacket (Big W) and stretch jeans with a high waist. I know which I think looks better? What about you?

There are days, and I’m sure you have them too, when you pull out your most comfy, battered old jeans and a sloppy cardi or sweatshirt before pulling on a pair of well worn shoes or boots and thinking, ‘There that will do for today.”

But then there are other days when you want to look good because you’re going out somewhere nice, or you just feel like looking half decent, and you choose items from your wardrobe but find that nothing quite hangs together as you thought it would.

And you wonder … as I get older am I losing it? What is my style now? How do I dress well after 50? What should I be buying to make me look and feel great?

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Style tips for dressing well

I think a longish top that hides your bum and tummy worn over skinny jeans has an elongating effect, and wrap dresses with long sleeves flatter the midriff and arms. 1. River Ink Shirt – Primark | 2. Gallery Print Dress – Dunnes Stores | 3. Super Soft Skinny Scarlet trousers – Marks and Spencer

The lovely Nikki Parkinson from Styling You  who has written a book “Unlock Your Style” is an advocate of looking great, always, and her blog is full of style tips.

“I fully believe that age is just a number. Your style is about confidence, attitude and personality. Wear clothes that make you feel fabulous and that show the real you. Do not feel that you have to dress a certain way because you are a certain age,” Nikki told me.

Personally, I like the idea of wearing what makes you feel good.

But here are some things which I know definitely Do Not make me feel confident now that I’m over 50.

Fashion Phobias

  1. Figure hugging dresses that cling to my lumps and bumps.
  2. Fitted pencil skirts that are too tight around the waist.
  3. High Carrie Bradshaw heels that I can’t walk in anymore.
  4. Strappy tops that show my bat wings.
  5. Drainpipe jeans that sit on my hips over which my spare tyre spills.
  6. Leather-look trousers.
  7. Elasticated trousers with wide bottoms around the ankles

And here are some of the things that make me feel confident and together.

Style tips for dressing well

Verily create some beautiful dresses for women of any age, but the wrap style dresses hide a multitude of flaws, are easy to wear and look stylish.

Fashion and Style Tips

  1. Cross your heart dresses or wrap dresses that fall beautifully to knee length.
  2. Fitted skirts that are tailored to fall just below the knee and fit well on my waist.
  3. Mid sized heels and wedges.
  4. Tops that have sleeves down to my elbows, and tailored jackets.
  5. Beautifully fitted jeans that pull my lower tummy in and give the illusion of making my legs look longer.
  6. Elasticated trousers with skinny legs over which I can wear a tunic top.
  7. Floaty calf length dresses with bolero cardigans or jackets.

When all’s said and done we’re at an age when we should be able to have some fun with our clothes. Fashion is about feeling good, dressing for our shape rather than dressing our age, and wearing clothes that are comfortable and make us feel confident.

Go for it Lifestylers! Why not tell us in the comments about the clothes which make you feel good – and why you love them.

I’m connecting with the divine Rachel at Redcliffe Style today.

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Until next time,

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  • Reply

    I love this post!! Excellent tips. I think you always look amazing. Rachel x

    • Johanna

      Thank you Rachel – you are very kind. If only you could see me now, right this minute though at the computer 😉 You might change your mind!

  • Reply

    You look great in anything you wear and I love your choices. I always loved the wrap around dresses and a little sleeve to mask what we call the “hello Betty” upper arms. Since retiring, I have tried to update my work wear to dressier outfits. I also like a higher neck covering at least from the side. I’m lifting weights and trying to firm up my flabby arms, but how do you firm up the turkey waddle neck area?

    • Johanna

      Thanks, Neva 🙂 I’ve never heard of the term “Hello Betty” upper arms! I love it. Wonder where it originated from? Bravo to you for lifting weights and working out – I’m not sure about the turkey waddle neck area – hmmm methinks I need to do some research and report back 😉

  • Life Images by Jill

    that stripy jacket looks great on you Jo. Thanks for the tips. I always seem to be in my work clothes and then on the weekend I resort to something super comfortable like my camping pants!
    I know about the “tuck-shop” arms too. I like a cut away sleeve – you know the ones that show your shoulder but not your upper arm. I have worn a pair of white 3/4 stretchy but fitted pants I bought last year a lot during last summer. Easy to team with lots of different tops.
    I just don’t seem to wear dresses much anymore – I can’t seem to find anything that fits and looks good anymore – maybe this summer! Perhaps I just need someone to help me shop.

    • Johanna

      Thanks Jill, and that stripey jacket was a Big W purchase and not expensive at all, but it’s been a great addition to my wardrobe. I think you have to wear what you feel comfortable in because looking good is so much about being confident in what you’re wearing. But maybe this summer could be the year of the dress for you? Let’s go shopping!

  • Pinky Poinker

    I know what Janet is referring to with the tuckshop arms. I scanned Myers this Winter because there are no mid length or full sleeve shirts/dresses on sale in summer. I’m willing to put up with the heat in order to hide them. I loved your tailored look. By the way. You can’t possibly be in your fifties, Jo! Mid late thirties I’m thinking!

    • Johanna

      Hello Pinky and thank you! You’ve definitely made me beam today 😉 Regarding the tuckshop arms, I think they are such a common problem area for women over 50, and I’m surprised that Myers doesn’t realise this 😉 At the beginning of Autumn I found some elbow length blouses at Myers and I have to admit that I bought three straight away because it isn’t easy buying nicely fitted mid length blouses that aren’t voluminous all over. I too am willing to put up with the heat to hide my upper arms, but also because I’ve had a melanoma and I’m very cautious about sun exposure these days. Thanks again for popping by today 🙂

  • Reply

    I’m more conscious of my “tuckshop lady arms” these days but it just gets so hot here, I can’t stand to cover them!!!

    • Johanna

      Oh Janet, I can imagine the heat in summer on your side of the country along with humidity is hard to bear. As long as you’re covering up in the sun (I’m passionate about this!) I think in that kind of heat if you’re under cover or in the shade, then you should say, “Damn tuckshop lady arms – you’re on show!” and be done with it – wear what makes you feel comfortable. After all, for me at least, I’m more confident and feel more attractive having a bit more flesh on show than know that I’m dripping with perspiration 😉

  • Rae Hilhorst

    I agree with and subscribe to all of your Fashion style tips. I love your outfit, the jeans and jacket look great xxx

    • Johanna

      Thank You Rae 🙂 It makes me so happy to hear when friends and readers benefit or subscribe to any of my offerings. Thanks for your compliments on the jeans and jacket outfit.

  • Kathy Marris

    I do like the look of the cross your heart dresses except I tend to hide my ageing decolletage and ‘turkey’ neck. Without resorting to polo necks, I prefer something with a highish neckline. Otherwise I think your tips are spot on. A lot of women tend to try and hide their lumps and bumps with oversized t shirts or tops and I think that this looks worse than a nicely fitted top or fitted jacket.

    • Johanna

      I think a lot of women would agree with you there Kathy and higher necklines are a good bet. Yes I’ve also learnt over the years that oversized tops actually make you look worse that something nicely fitted.

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