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My dear Mum is always telling me that it’s no fun getting old.

As I’m sitting here I thought of a quote from Bette Davies: “Getting old is not for cissies.” And then there’s another saying about the fact that getting old is better than the alternative.

Mae West famously said: ‘You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough”, and to tell you the truth, actually I prescribe to that 😉 Though until a few years ago, I just though getting older was a state of mind and you had full control over it. Then a few aches and pains crept in.

My shoulder has decided that it can’t do vacuuming – at all! (Perhaps this is a Win!)

I have a knobbly joint on my right fourth toe which complains like a Harpy when confined to a shoe for too long, and oh you know there are other things which I won’t bore you with.

Then there is ‘down there’. Which let’s face it, nice ‘gals’ in their fifties and beyond are not supposed to talk about. After all surely old people aren’t meant to be er, doing it?

And herein lies the rub. Here’s something our mothers never told us.

Things your mother never told you

Things your mother never told you

When we reach menopause (bitch of a few years and more) all sorts of wacky things happen to our bodies, which we might try and deny and control but ultimately we have absolutely no bloomin’ control of whatsoever.

Mean old Menopause

Apart from the icky things like hot flashes, mood swings and a strange new lack of energy we might also find that our flowing locks begin to thin, and our skin starts to feel papery and dry.

Then our hormones go haywire.

Oestrogen flees the sinking ship. She grabs her suitcase and into it she packs – her moisturiser.

She doesn’t ask us.

Oh no. She doesn’t request in a nice way: “Look, terribly sorry but I have to leave now, and do you mind if I take the moisturiser?” No she just says: “Up yours, I’m off! The sinking ship’s your problem. Oh, and the moisturiser’s mine. See ya!”

And off she flounces most likely drinking champagne with all the other bits of our anatomy (like our boobs) which have set off southwards, probably for sunny beaches somewhere near the Bermuda Triangle, never to be found again.

It ain’t pretty.

And the ship flounders, on her side, not quite to the bottom of the deep blue sea, but nearly.

But you have a small choice of survival.

Will you take it?

Vagisil ProHydrate Plus

Me? I’m up for anything which can smooth the getting older niggles.

Metaphorically, this product could be like a good looking Captain of the ship in a smart white uniform who’s come to save the day and regain some control of the sinking vessel!

Ooh Hell Yeah! Aye Aye Capt’n!

I believe that as long as the spirit is willing, and the urge is there, nobody should be denied a satisfying intimate relationship with the one they love, just because Oestrogen stole the moisturiser.

Whatever their age.

It’s not going to happen to me.

What about you?

Things your mother never told you

About Vagisil

Did you know that if you have had a kind of sandpapery feeling – you’re not alone?

Vaginal dryness is a large unmet consumer need and according to surveys many many Australian women experience vaginal dryness in some form or another, with the majority experiencing  bothersome dryness during intercourse.

What causes it?

“Vaginal dryness affects women of all ages and has many contributing factors including stress, hormonal fluctuations and certain medications. It can be the dos bothersome during intimacy and what starts as a dryness problem can often become a relationship problem,” say the Vagisil peeps.

The information on the Vagisil ProHydrate Gels packet outlines the following benefits:

  • Long lasting relief from vaginal dryness
  • Can facilitate more comfortable intimacy.
  • It has a gradual moisture release formula with no added perfumes, dyes, preservatives or oestrogen.
  • It’s a special blend of moisturisers which mimic your own natural moisture.
  • It’s clinically and gynaecologist tested.

Trying is believing.

I’m going to give this product a go and report back to you in a couple of weeks.

Product trials and reports from Vagisil reveal …

  • 75% of those who tried it in a trial agree Vagisil ProHydrate is better than the moisturiser/lubricant previously used.
  • 75% said it was easy to use.
  • 70% said it felt very natural.

Have you tried Vagisil yet?

Why not pop it on your shopping list?

Where to buy Vagisil ProHydrate Plus

To buy Vagisil: Click Here

Watch this YouTube video by Dr Nikki Goldstein as she discusses the importance of intimacy within a relationship and a major issue that women commonly face that impacts on her intimate relationship. Find out how you can easily overcome this issue plus Dr. Nikki shares her top tips for intimacy. Click Here.

For the first post in this series please go to: Things Your Mother Never Told You.

Don’t be shy!

Let’s not be ashamed or shy. We are feisty, we are funky and we are so not invisible now we’re over fifty.

Let’s be #shamelessaboutvaginalhealth because getting older #isnotforcissies

NB: This post should not be considered as medical advice. As with all health posts on Lifestyle Fifty I write about what works for me. Please see your medical practitioner or health professional.

What’s your biggest gripe about getting older?



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Showing 10 comments
  • Seana Smith

    Hello, menopause has certainly brought me dry eyes… which means they are very teary a lot of the time, weirdly. And it brought me anxiety.. but that can be managed. Oh this getting older can at times be a challenge but I have to say that it has MANY benefits too. I do love how you wrote this, the humour and here’s to NOT being shy about wanting to remain actively.. umm… engaged .. with our partners.

    • Johanna

      I know, Seanna, I don’t understand either how dry eyes make our eyes more soggy! Mine are terrible first thing, or when it’s cold or windy. Me too, anxiety is something that has crept up unannounced from the rear since menopause, and although I can deal with it, I’m not as gung ho as I used to be either. I don’t go “Woo Hoo, Yay, I’m off to dive with whale sharks, let’s just go!” like I would in the past. Now it’s. “Oh panic. Risky. Have I got sunscreen. Have I got plasters. Is my Will up to date in case I’m eaten alive! Shall we not rather go to a 5 Star in Bali for a week?!!”

  • Kathy Marris

    Thanks for touching on this subject Jo. I always say to my girlfriends that things down under are “as dry as the Sahara Desert” and we laugh about it. But in all seriousness, when there are such great products around why should be put up with the side effects of menopause? I do use something to alleviate this problem and I will certainly give this product a try. My mother never discussed any of this. I remember asking her a while ago what her menopause was like and she said she couldn’t really remember! Yet another side effect of menopause – my poor old memory isn’t what it used to be!

    • Johanna

      Oh Kathy, you do make me laugh! I love what you and your girlfriends allude to! Yes, we do need to try all of the products to ease the fleeing of our hormones, and keep on (or lobby) until we find things that work. After all they can send people into space and stuff, can’t they!

  • Linda

    Menopause is fickle – we each respond to it so differently – My sister and I had totally different experiences both going through it and equally in its aftermath!
    But I don’t think its what our mother’s never told us – My Mum openly admitted we knew way more about what made our bodies feel alive than she ever did at our age at the time – I remember seeing her quite mesmerised by flower-power orgasmic imagery of the day!
    So, just as we felt, we experienced and we openly shared our knowledge then – it’s great to see you continuing to carry the flag now Jo 🙂

    • Johanna

      Thanks for your insightful comments Linda 🙂 Yes, you’re right about our generation being more open about, and more in tune with our bodies than possibly our Mum’s were. I can remember how horrified everyone was when Cosmopolitan first came out (in a plastic wrapper) and we would have to read it under our satchels on the way to school! Oh flower-power orgasmic imagery – how the memory of that kind of thing made me chuckle!

  • Life Images by Jill

    I love the humerous way you have introduced this subject to us Jo – and I think this is something that many of us 50+…or 60+ gals have a problem with. So thank you for the post and the help which may easily be at hand for us. I’ll check it out when I go to the chemist next! Thanks.

    • Johanna

      Hi Jill, and thank you! Yes, I hoped a little bit of humour might help disguise the Eeeuw factor that maybe some readers could feel when reading this post – even though many might be nodding their heads at the same time!

  • Christin

    Hi Jo.Great article.Sure I will try it ,menopause is as bad as it gets so any solution would be worth a try.Well done for finding this product for us :-). Christin

    • Johanna

      Thanks Christin 🙂 There are so many different sides to getting older, aren’t there. Some good, and some downright bothersome! I love it when we find products that can help ease the way.

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