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10 Tips for Everyday Style

I’m a great one for dishing out advice and then not sticking to it. Especially as I’m writing this sitting at my computer on a stinking hot day in Perth dressed only in a black and pink sarong.

I said to Dave over a glass of champagne as we sat watching black swans on the lake only the other night, “Isn’t it lovely to be able to sit here and not have to get dressed up?” It was Australia Day, and we had opted to stay in  that night rather than to go out and face the crowds.

Tips for Everyday Style

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE dressing up, but I’m a lazy dresser at heart. I would not have lasted long in the 1920’s or 30’s with layers of undergarments and tight fitting clothes, stockings, suspenders and such 😉 No way.

What I like are easy peasy pieces that fit well but not too snugly, which are easy to wear and which don’t require to much maintenance. You might like to check out my Everyday Style, Pinterest Board here (why not jump on and follow Lifestyle Fifty if you’re on Pinterest?)

Most of the time said garments must also go with small wedge heels, flat shoes – or even trainers – crikey I can’t believe I’m saying that! Don’t tell my daughter – but it is important isn’t it, wherever you go to always fit in a walk if you can.

tips for everyday style

Above is a look I might go for at any time. A longish top, not too tight, but which skims tum, bum and hips and stretchy pants, preferably with a slim lower leg. The top was from Millers a couple of seasons ago, the jeans are from an Op Shop and the snake skin shoes (very comfortable) are last season Millers too.

Mostly in summertime I opt for frocks or cropped pants. The Bling Cuff Crop Pants below have been reduced from $35 to $18 at Millers – A very useful addition for your summer or autumn or spring wardrobe because you can team them with prints, block colours and any colour of your choosing. My eye was drawn towards this summery cerise Boho style top which is priced at $35. Gotta love a bit of Boho 🙂

Tips for everyday style


Tips for Everyday Style

Millers have 50% off selected styles right now – you might want to take a look here : 50% off at Millers

The other look which is just up my alley and easy to wear on hot days are ‘Boho’ dresses. I love how floaty doesn’t have to mean tent-like, but because it’s not clingy you keep the air circulating!  Millers have a promotion on their Boho styles, click through below to have a look-see. This Short Sleeve Boho Dress was $30 but it’s now priced at only $18.

tips for everyday styleBut everyday style isn’t just about choosing clothes that you look and feel good in. Getting out of the door looking great doesn’t have to mean primped, preened and expensive. It’s more about looking as if you’ve made an effort, when really you haven’t because your background routine has it all covered.

10 Tips for Everyday Style that work for me

  1. Get a haircut that suits your lifestyle and isn’t time consuming. If you want to go short, then go short, but don’t cut your hair just because you feel it’s age related. Similarly if you want to let your natural grey grow in, then embrace it and keep it in great condition. Shiny hair in a style that suits you is all that’s needed.
  2. Keep your nails trimmed and buffed – perhaps a little clear varnish – even if nobody else notices, you will.
  3. I think great style has a lot to do with posture. To look stylish you need to carry yourself well. So get out and exercise, practice good posture while you walk, if you walk. Do yoga or pilates to help gain longer leaner muscles. As we age the tendency is to stoop. Avoid this like the plague! And if you ever see me tilting forwards like I’ve got the weight of the world on my shoulders, feel free to yell at me, “PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER and STAND UP STRAIGHT!”
  4. The clothes in your wardrobe which are over 5 years old are probably a little dated. Now some of your more timeless pieces may not be; think coats, jackets, well cut black trousers, classic white blouses and jeans that have stood the test of time. Fashion items, prints and bargain basement garments have probably had their day – unless you’re happy to do the gardening in them, or take the dog for a walk wearing them. Although I’m guilty of keeping my old clothes and hoping they’ll ‘do another turn’, if I’m honest, they are the ones which sit clogging up my wardrobe rarely getting worn.
  5. Invest in classic pieces as in The Wise Women’s No Fuss Wardrobe Basics when you’re on a buying spree, and then enjoy jazzing them up with new season accessories and show pony items occasionally.
  6. Don’t wear tent-like clothes. Your body is amazing. Conceal and flatter your problem areas if it makes you more confident, but highlight others bits of you with well fitted clothes.
  7. Good grooming is ever more important as we get older. Chuck out the scuffed and ancient shoes, tear-up worn or holey clothes and use them as rags. Put on a bit of blusher, a swipe of lippy and maybe a sweep of mascara before you go out.
  8. Black is slimming, but black can be ageing. Think carefully before you wear black after 50, and definitely balance this colour with make-up or you’ll look washed out.
  9. Don’t show too much flesh. A crepy décolletage is a bit creepy.
  10. To show you have read this far – Number 10 is your tip! Go On … Please share your tip for Everyday Style in the comments section below 🙂

Most of all: Be proud of yourself – you are Amazing!

Big Thanks to Pippa McManus for allowing me to use her artwork.

Disclaimer. I’m an affiliate of Millers which means if you purchase any clothes via these links I stand to earn a small commission, at no cost to you, which goes towards the upkeep of my blogs.


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So please tell … What’s your top tip for everyday style?

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  • Fran Maitland

    I think a big smile should be no. 10. Nothing looks good if the person is looking glum. You get to choose your attitude each day so why not choose to smile.

  • KathyMarris

    I go for comfort too!! I’m more of a dress girl in summer because I feel they are so much cooler than shorts or pants. Lightweight natural fabrics are best and I’m so thankful that flowy garments are in fashion again. Great trips Jo. You always have very sensible advice. 🙂

    • Johanna

      I’m with you about floaty dresses, Kathy. I’m glad you think I give sensible fashion advice – thank you 🙂

  • Life Images by Jill

    I definitely think that we should wear what we are comfortable in. I do need to clean out my wardrobe as I know I’ve got stuff in there that I’ll never wear again. Thanks for the prompt!

  • Annabel Candy

    Oooooh, your wardrobe looks fab! I would like to come round and play dress ups 😉

    Tip: 10 Wear what suits you. I think we all know that by our age and it’s lovely to go with what we know and love rather than being a slave to fashion. Although sometimes that can be fun too!

    • Johanna

      Oh if only we lived closer Annabel! And thanks for chiming in with your tip for #10. Yes, it’s no good trying to dress up in something which clearly doesn’t suit our lifestyle or personality.

  • Janet aka Middle Aged Mama

    Jo, I could SO see you in that hot pink top and white pants combo 🙂 … looking forward to catching up with you in Melbourne next week!

    • Johanna

      Thanks Janet – I’ve definitely got a thing about hot pinks! Can’t wait to see you in Melbourne 🙂

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