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It’s all to easy to lapse into default at Christmas isn’t it? When you’re wondering what to give the woman who has everything, or who appears to have everything, it’s really hard not to slip into gifting ‘the smellies’ option. Er, know what I mean?

what-to-giveth-woman-who-has-everything, photo of gifts

To tell you the truth, I’ve seen my dear Mum sitting around the  Christmas tree with hand lotion, perfume, talcum powder, foot scrub, body scrub, body lotion and soap, given by adoring relatives and grandchildren – who know she doesn’t smell. Not one bit!

I have no idea how she gets through the mountain of sweet bodily treats before the next avalanche descends on her for her birthday in June.

I expect I’ve got it coming too. Not that I mind. Because I rarely treat myself to the really nice smelly things. Do you?

Mostly, you see, I go for pretty basic stuff when I’m buying so, don’t get me wrong, I’m not averse to receiving ‘the smellies’ at all.

What to give the woman who has everything – here’s something different.

Anyway, if you do want to give something a little more unique this year, then here are a few ideas which I hope you’ll find useful and the gift receiver will LOVE 🙂 rather than just Like.

Travel and Living Leather Handbags

I’ve just discovered Travel and Living Collection, and written about them and their inspiring creator here: Can’ts into Cans, Dreams into Plans and Stylish Leather Handbags. Christin designs and makes truly beautiful leather hand bags of all shapes and sizes. Each one is practically unique due to the leather tanning process, so you can be sure you’re giving something super special. Check out the Travel and Living website for more beautiful designs – including bags, purses and accessories.

what to give the woman who has everything, leather bag

Vintage Look Bangles

These antique look silver bangles are gorgeous and when I wear them (practically all the time) I get so many compliments. They are dainty and sparkly and discreet, but at the same time they make a statement. Check out Meltz Beads for these and other inexpensive jewellery options. But be quick because at $29.99 these are a hot item and selling fast. what to give the woman who has everything, antique-silver-turquoise-bangles

A Good Read from Africa with love

Need an interesting novel that in most likelihood your friend, mother, grandmother hasn’t yet read? For something a little different buy Cathy Donald’s interesting novel, The Reluctant Cuckoo (Here on Amazon for just $9.99) about adoption across the colour bar in South Africa. You can read more about Cathy and how she came to write the book Here.

what to give the woman who has everything, the-reluctant-cuckoo-full_cover

Travel Fridge Magnets

I love all of Linda’s products and I think you will too. Pop over to Journey Jottings for some fantastic and creative map journals, magnets and other related gift ideas for friends who might be going on a trip this summer. Who doesn’t love to be reminded of favourite places? These quirky hand drawn pictorial Map Magnets are available for 32 regions from across Australia. You can find out if your favourite place is covered for Eastern Australia here

what to give the woman who has everything, map-magnet-sydney and for Western Australia here. what to give the woman who has everything, map-magnet-sw-wa

Made of sturdy tin with a super strong magnet you can rest assured those To Do lists will remain firmly front of mind affixed to the front of your fridge! Just $5.95ea they make a perfect stocking filler or little extras for your travelling buddies.

Nutri Bullet

what to give the woman who has everything, nutri bullet

I was gifted a Nutri Bullet and we all love it. Especially my daughter who whizzes up healthy concoctions nearly every day. I wrote more about it Here,  but you can buy one at a great price here: Click on the picture 🙂

A Nutri Bullet is the ultimate healthy gift idea – don’t give a man fish, give him a fishing rod and all that 😉 The Nutri Bullet makes sure we take care of our daily fruit and vegetable servings in a super-effective and tasty way.

Charity Gifts

You could, if you know the person well, give them something to support a charity instead? Gift them a well in India, or a wheelbarrow in Ethiopia, of polio vaccines or textbooks for children, blankets or emergency relief packages. At Unicef Australia there are some fantastic options to choose from.

Last but not least!

And last but not least. Well, if you’re still wondering what to give the woman who has everything, then give the lady smellies if you must! Here’s a link to some gorgeous bath and beauty products which even I got a little lustful over 🙂

and now for the weekly …

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Happy Shopping Lifestylers! But tell us do, in the comments section – what would you like for Christmas?

Disclaimer: To smooth your shopping experience this post contains affiliate links from which, if you purchase, I stand to earn a small commission but at no cost to you. Thank you for supporting Lifestyle Fifty.

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  • jonet wooten

    You’ve put together a great list of gifts for those friends and family who are so hard to find the perfect gift. Nice job~. Xo Jonet

    • Johanna

      Hello Janet – and thank you 🙂

  • Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

    Great ideas. I love my nutri-Ninja. Had it for two years now and it still gets its regular work out. Just add vodka to turn morning brekky juice into evening cocktails. The best!

    • Johanna

      Hi Leanne, love the idea of turning brekky into an evening cocktail with the addition of vodka! Now you’ve got me thinking!

  • Reply

    Great suggestions Jo. I love receiving nice smelly stuff, as I also rarely buy it for myself. The bangles are definitely my favourite – I ‘ve got them too! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    • Johanna

      Hi Lyndall, the bangles are lovely aren’t they? You’re like me with smelly stuff – I’m generally a supermarket chick (sad but true).

  • Jenny Buzer

    Nice ideas Jo. My sister in law likes to give experiences – there are many companies like “red letter day” in the UK, where you can gift anything from a parachute jump to a cream tea.

    • Johanna

      I’d forgotten that Jenny – thank you, you’ve just given me a great idea for my UK family 🙂

  • Janet Camilleri aka Middle Aged Mama

    The only item on my wishlist so far is a book called “A Street Cat Named Bob”. But I don’t mind what I get!

    • Johanna

      That book sounds like it might be hilarious Janet! I’m going to check it out 🙂

  • Life Images by Jill

    You’ve given us some great idea Jo. I’m going to go and check out a few of them right now. I especially like the idea of the Journey Jottings and the Charity Gifts. Another idea is – how about a little short break somewhere for the special couple in your life? Happy travels Jo.

    • Johanna

      Hi Jill, I love your idea 🙂 A short break for a special couple would make a wonderful Christmas gift. I’m all for experiences over possessions 🙂

  • inthegoodbooksblog

    Great ideas here!! I have a niece that is a bit difficult to buy for, so thanks for these suggestions!

  • Trish

    I love my Nutribullet too, great ideas here.

    • Johanna

      Thanks Trish – and yes, Nutribullets are wonderful devices, aren’t they – which reminds me …!

  • Kathy Marris

    I would be happy to receive any of these gifts Jo, particularly one of those soft leather bags. You’re right it is more difficult knowing what to buy as we get older. I always make my Mum a photo calendar each Christmas which she loves. Photo gifts can be a great idea for the hard to buy person. 🙂

    • Johanna

      Hi Kathy, photo calendars are great for Mums – I didn’t have time to do one this year, but you’re so right 🙂

  • Deborah

    I love the bag in your pic! It would be perfect for my NZ trip!!!

    I don’t mind bath products and they’re a pretty safe bet for me as I have long baths every night. But… I do stress about oil based products which leave a residue around the bath-tub! (And I know that makes me sound fussy!)

    • Johanna

      Hahah Deb, not at all! I don’t like scum residue around the bath tub either! Yes, that bag is a perfect travel bag 🙂

    • Christin Svard

      What a lovely article Jo.And how fun that my bags are in it too :-).
      This time of the year it is hectic but fun.I have this year of course sent a few of my leather bags to special women that deserve some extra TLC.We have fundraised for 100 school kids in Indonesia – the Flores village partner project so that they can learn to read and write,and become sustainable in their own environment. Lovely kids that sure will make a difference for the future.
      Wishing you a lovely leading up to Christmas ,enjoy in between you too lovely Jo.
      Lots of tender ,love and care from
      Christin – the owner of Travel & Living Collection supersoft travel and daily life leather bags X

      • Johanna

        Wow, that’s fantastic Christin 🙂 Keep up the GREAT work. LOVE your bags! Wishing you and yours a fabulous Christmas too x

  • [email protected]

    Great list of gift ideas Jo! You mother can’t smell? Neither can I!! I rarely hear of anyone else who can’t smell! I have two of the things you listed – those gorgeous vintage bracelets and a nutri-bullet. I would love one of those beautiful leather handbags! 🙂 #TeamLovinLife

    • Johanna

      Hi Min, I’ll have to do better next time with my gift recommendations for you – two out of 6 ain’t bad, as they say! Glad you’re lovin’ the bangles and nutri bullet – me too 🙂

  • Raychael Case

    My mother-in-law falls into this category. Hard to buy for. Each year, it gets harder and harder to find the right gift. The past two years, I’ve opted for artwork to fill empty spaces on walls in their newly built house.

    • Johanna

      Artwork is a brilliant idea Raychael! Especially for someone with space on their walls.

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