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I’m so so happy that the weather has cooled down a little in Perth, and I’m able to start layering and wearing ankle boots again.

Last week we looked at teaming womens ankle boots with a little black dress in this post: What to Wear With Ankle Boots.

Today we’ll look at going a little bit Boho and a little more ‘brunch’.

Stylish Dressing over 50 isn’t all about playing it safe. My lovely daughter pulled this floaty, summery shift dress from my wardrobe and told me to try it with my tan (gifted) FRANKiE4 SALLi ankle boots, then layer. (She can be very bossy – but in this case it paid off – joking, joking Em!)

A Great Style for Middle Aged Women

Layering the dress with a little bolero cardigan, and then a jacket, scarf and hat to go out for brunch in Matilda Bay made me feel like the bees knees 🙂 LOL!

It’s a great style for women over 50 if you have a little too much padding around the waist area. The floaty shift dress conveniently skims lumps and bumps, the bolero cardigan hides batwing arms, and the boots show off a nice length of leg before it gets to the cellulite level.

I could also have worn it with nude tights, but I’m a little in love with these dark patterned ones at the moment.

“Why don’t you dress up more often?” Dave asked.

“Now I have the SALLi ankle boots, I might well do,” I told him.

They have a 45mm heel and perforated back panel, and are really comfy. I think they’re going to add a little va-va-voom to most outfits this season while keeping my feet supported and cushioned all day long.

Check out all the funky, comfy, sole-supporting styles on the website at FRANKiE4.

 How to look more fashionable in ankle boots.

  1. You could roll up your jeans instead of tucking them into boots.
  2. Wear the ankle boots with a midi or a maxi skirt.
  3. Wear them with jeans and pull some bright socks up over them.

Watch this space for the next outfit to wear with ankle boots.

Maybe you’d like to join the quest to look more fashionable more of the time this season and share your look?

Have you got a photo of yourself wearing FRANKiE4 ankle boots –  or any other ankle boots you’d like to share? Email me at: [email protected]

What stylish dressing tips do you have for outfits to wear with ankle boots? Do tell in the comments 🙂

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  • Miss Terry Harwood

    Thank you so much for not apologizing or justifying the right of what a woman wants to wear at any stage of her life. At “our age” we have the advantage of the years experienced in how to dress with confidence and embracing new fashion to fit whatever stage in life we happen to be experiencing. I am so delighted I looked up ponte and saw your web site. I love the sharing of idea’s and supporting of others to venture out into paths they may not have known they could be going I love legging’s and jegging’s as they are so flexible in all the different ways to style them. I look forward to reading more today and in the future. Your site has filled a great need as a means to let women who reach the 50’s that there is a whole world of fashion just waiting for them.

    • Johanna

      Thank you Terry! I love sharing new ideas with my readers – I hope you’ll continue to enjoy reading Lifestyle Fifty and also keep sharing your thoughts too 🙂

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