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Sea Princess docked in Dover a day early, having had to miss Germany due to bad gales which prevented entry into the port of Warnemunde – which was closed to ships exiting or entering.

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A Short Visit to Dover and Canterbury in Kent, the Garden of England

It felt really strange for me to be ‘coming home’ but not to be visiting my Mum or Sister who live on the opposite side of the country in Devon, about a five and a half hour drive away.

I have to admit to being a wimpy creature at heart, because on our first day in port, I had a bit of a homesick wobble.

Dover 12

But I manned-up when I thought of the countless people who had set sail from the gleaming white cliffs of Dover for war, never to return to see their loved ones again ever. Their sadness must have been incomparable.

I also thought back to my own departure from England in 1977 when at the age of 19 I set off from Dover on the cross channel ferry bound for Belgium to work as a groom for a show-jumping family. Just me, my rucksack, a guitar and a whole lot of hope! Bye Bye White Cliffs!

Dover has also conjured up emotive feelings for British writers such as Matthew Arnold who in his book Dover Beach poetically describes the white cliffs … “From the long line of spray where the sea meets the moon-blanch’d land.”

Dover 14

Fast Facts

  • Dover is a coastal town in England’s southeastern county of Kent.
  • It’s a major port for ferries travelling to Calais, in France.
  • Dover was originally built to repel invasions from Europe.
  • Medieval Dover Castle looms like a fortress over the town (there are secret wartime tunnels in the castle.)

Dover 16

The White Cliffs are considered a natural wonder and stand at Britain’s closest point to Europe.

After immigration formalities, we decided to walk into Dover, then catch the train to visit historic Canterbury, a short 15 minute ride from Dover, rather than go into London, which we’ve visited many times before.

The walk from Terminal 2 to the train station took about half an hour, and the cost of a return train ticket was around 9 Pounds.

Other people we spoke to were going to visit nearby Rye, one couple went to Callais (caught the ferry for a slap up lunch in France!), others were doing the sights of London, some visited Dover Castle and some we met in Canterbury.

Dover 06

We started our day in Canterbury with a guided walking tour  which began at the picturesque Butter Market just outside the cathedral, and then proceeded on an interesting tour for around 90 minutes which cost 7.50 Pounds Sterling.

Dover 05

Our guide Moyra gave us a riveting account of Canterbury.

Canterbury – Potted History

From the earliest times Canterbury has always been a very important town in England due to its religious connections. Its history dates back to Roman times for in the 1st Century AD the Romans took over an iron age settlement and build a town at Canterbury.

Dover 09

The first Cathedral in Canterbury was built by St Augustine in around 597.

In 603AD Canterbury was chosen to be the seat of the first Archbishop

Dover 07

In 851 AD Canterbury was raided by the Danes

The Cathedral which we see today dates from 1070 just after the Norman Conquest  of 1066.

Dover 08

On the 29 December 1170, four knights, believing the king wanted Thomas Becket out of the way, confronted and murdered him in Canterbury Cathedral.

In 1173 Thomas Becket was made a Saint and his shrine in Canterbury Cathedral became an important focus for pilgrimage.

Soon after the death of Thomas Becket, he was canonised by Pope Alexander and the murdered priest was elevated to sainthood. Becket’s shrine at Canterbury became the most important place in the country for pilgrims from all over Europe to visit and during the Middle Ages Canterbury offered many pilgrim houses, for poor and wealthy pilgrims to stay, and some of these old timber-framed houses can still be seen today.

Dover 11

5 Things to do in Canterbury

  1. Visit Canterbury Cathedral
  2. Take a guided walking tour
  3. Visit the Roman museum
  4. Go to the Beaney House of Art and Knowledge
  5. Book a boat and go punting down the river

Dover 10

There are a whole list of great things to do in Canterbury on Trip Advisor.

The White Cliffs of Dover

On our second day in Dover we met up with Dave’s sister and brother-in-law who drove down from London, and we had a wonderful day with them, the highlight of which was a 4 mile return walk along the White Cliffs of Dover, which is considered to be one of the world’s best cliff-top walks.

Dover 15

The cliffs are a striking feature of Great Britain and the views were exhilarating but there was an even more exhilarating breeze which blew off my hat, and almost took me off my feet (some FEAT!)

Dover 13

We had unsurpassed views of the Straits of Dover in the English Channel, the world’s busiest shipping lane, and lost count of the number of ferries we watched come and go.

We marched along the cliffs to South Foreland Lighthouse which was built in 1843. This once  guided shipping around the treacherous Goodwin Sands,. It was a life saving beacon for mariners and interestingly the first lighthouse in the world to use an electric light.

White Cliffs Walk, Hints and Tips

  1. A two mile walk (one way)  along the cliff top path from the visitor centre takes you to the lighthouse. Check National Trust White Cliffs   for opening times of lighthouse and Mrs Knott’s tea room.
  2. It took us 2.5 hours (there and back) with about a 20 minutes stop at the lighthouse.
  3. Wear comfortable shoes as the path can be steep and uneven in places.
  4. Wear layers.
  5. If you wear a hat make sure it fits snugly!

Dover 04

5 Things to do in Dover

  1. Visit Dover Castle (there’s so much to do and see. Don’t count on less than 2 hours but to enjoy all that’s on offer factor in half a day to a day).
  2. Watch the ferries come and go from the Cliff top path – Dover is the world’s busiest passenger port.
  3. Catch the ferry to Calais in France for a French lunch!
  4. Walk the white cliffs  to the viewpoint (20 mins) or walk to South Foreland Lighthouse (50 – 60 mins). Enjoy the wild flowers, rare plants and insects that make the cliff top their home.
  5. Have tea or coffee in the lovely National Trust tea room and gift shop at the start of the cliff walk.

Dover 02

5 Facts for trivia buffs!

  1. Dover’s white cliffs are made up of chalk which makes them white enough in colour to be called a natural wonder.
  2. The chalk is made up of seashells and tiny sea creatures.
  3. Dover is situated in Kent which is known as the Garden of England because of its many orchards and hop gardens.
  4. Swimming the English Channel is a sport in Dover.
  5. Dover sole is traditional fare.
  6. Ian Fleming wrote about Dover in a ‘Moonraker’ whilst staying at Mermaid Cottage in Dover.

After a chilly but interesting day we said a sad farewell to Dave’s sister and brother in law and round 10pm that night Sea Princess set course for Cobh in Ireland.

I’m a guest of Princess Cruises, but all opinions are my own. For more information check out Princess Cruises holiday options or follow our journey on the Interactive Map here.

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  • Linda Fairbairn

    It must have been so strange to be in England and not visit your Mum!!!
    But how brilliant that Dave’s sister came down to Dover:)
    Interesting the last minute changes of itinerary due to weather – which could be a bit upsetting if it really were the one place you had really yearned to see and then you had to sail past 🙁
    Amazing you’re virtually on the home stretch Lol
    Time flies while we’re all having fun 😀

    • Johanna

      Hi Linda, I know I can hardly believe … home stretch already, final leg of the cruise. We’ve just left Bermuda. Yes, there is always that aspect of cruising that you can’t control … the weather. I felt sorry for some people missing Germany as they had relatives to meet up with. But that’s life – and cruising. Keep on having fun … hope to see you in Queensland soon 🙂

  • Kathy Marris

    I wondered whether you might get homesick at some point during your cruise. Funny that it was at Dover. It is certainly a very pretty place, as is most of the English countryside. I would love to do that walk along the Cliffs of Dover. I would find that interesting. You are looking great Jo – you certainly haven’t put any weight on. 🙂

    • Johanna

      Thanks Kathy. In New York yesterday, for the first time I thought my trousers were a bit tighter than normal, and I dare not go to the scales!! We have just over 4 weeks left. Yes, the English countryside is so so pretty, especially on a sunny summer’s day.

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