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Travelling is a great eye opener. I’ve been travelling the world for most of my life, but now my gypsy heart is happy to have roots in Western Australia. But Why Travel?  I hope this post gives you the reasons to get packing your suitcase.

Why-Travel, pic of plane and sunset

“Get out of the house!” That’s what my hubby is always telling me  because I have a tendency to be glued to the computer keys and the inner world of my blog.

And I know he’s right. It’s almost as if I’ve found a new comfort zone after nearly 30 years of travelling the world as a trailing spouse. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve loved every minute of my travels, and I still love travelling, but even so the tendency to sit still and be a couch potato is there. It shouldn’t be, because travel teaches us so much, and very often you don’t realize how much you’ve learnt along the way until you look back in wonder.

Why-travel, pic of Russian church

Ah, hindsight is a wonderful science.

I’m not saying that you need to live as an expat all your life to learn significant skills and life lessons from travel. Perhaps you are taking a few weeks away, grabbing your backpacks to go on an overland trip, or an extended ‘glamping’ holiday of some sort or another. Maybe you’re going on a cruise, or maybe, you are just going somewhere for the weekend.

Never fear. You will learn from the journey wherever it takes you.

Why Travel? Here are some great reasons to get you packing your suitcase.

I actually live in the South West of  the vast State, Western Australia,  and I’m still learning, yes seriously and constantly gleaning life lessons from our weekend trips away in the glorious south or longer trips to the north.

Why-Travel, pic of beach in South West Australia

The general consensus in health circles is that getting out and about is good for you for a number of reasons, and here are some of the things that you may find travel helps you with as time goes along, no matter how old (or young) you are.

Why Travel? Here’s why you should pack your suitcase!

1   You become a better communicator. When you travel you just have to talk to people, whether it’s to find things out, or because other people chat to you!

2. You realize that everyone is different, and nobody is better/more confident/smarter than you, they are just different – and everyone has their own problems.

3. Travel teaches you that life is about the journey, not the destination, and as such we are on a continuous learning journey. It’s not all about the biggest house, the best car and the stable job, it’s about enjoying the process of life.

4. Travel will teach you to accept change and embrace it as a positive rather than a negative. It is after all the only true certainty in life.

5. Flung from the safety of your comfort zone and neighbourhood, you’ll soon find that you begin to make new friends. Travel teaches you how to build and nurture new relationships very quickly.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” Mahatma Gandhi

Why Travel, beach scene and hotel in Dubai

6. Perhaps you were never very good at budgeting? Once you’re on the road you’ll become your own financial advisor and soon you’ll learn to handle your personal finances like a pro.

7. You’ll learn how to go with the flow. Not all travel plans turn out as anticipated. A backpacking tour, an overland tour, a stint living abroad, can all be very different to how you anticipated. After a while you’ll learn not to fight your expectations, but to just go with the flow and enjoy being in the moment.  So Expect the Unexpected.

 “Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form” — Rumi

8. Travel can teach you how to think. You begin to think about life differently, and you begin to question the status quo of your own existence and whether you want to go back to being who you once were, whether this is back to the same place or the same job. Travel, both near and far might make you rethink a once firmly held belief, or political stance or views about a certain person. Most importantly, any kind of travel makes you begin to think about world issues.

Why travel? Reasons to get packing your suitcase. Photo of man ploughing a rice field in Bali.

9. You’ll learn to be able to say No. So often in our daily lives we feel compelled to say Yes to everyone and everything. When you travel you’ll develop a better sense of worth and you’ll find that it becomes easier to say No – because you are removed from the shackles of  friends’ and family expectations.

10. Travel will teach you not to judge. We judge everything, don’t we? All the time. Other people, trips, holidays, houses, you name it – it’s time consuming and it’s a waste of time because it actually doesn’t make you feel any better. Travelling is a great equalizer because everyone is in the same boat and you’ll find yourself beginning to judge people less, and accept people more.

Why Travel - reasons to pack your suitcase and go! Pic of tourists in Oman.

Something so important that travel will probably teach you is to observe. Properly. You’ll take things in more, and perceive the world in all its glory.

Step through that door and travel. What have you got to lose?

Why Travel - here are reasons to pack your suitcase and just go. Pic of Balinese door.

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A traveler without observation is a bird without wings – Sadi

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What life skills do you think you can learn from travelling?


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  • Reply

    I love all of these reasons, Jo but I’d have to confess that early on in our travels number three was the biggest epiphany! It’s such a relief to be “equalized” by travels and not get into the one-upsmanship conversations about, house, car, profession and whatever else you may have. We’ve made some of our best friends ever on the road by comparing destinations, ideas, cultures and philosophies and things learned. I feel so much richer as a traveler than when I “had it all!” Once you travel there’s always the anticipation of looking ahead to “next time!”

    • Johanna

      Hi Anita, yes I couldn’t agree more – I love that on the road people cha about ‘destinations, ideas, cultures and philosophies and things learned” rather than homes, cars and careers – so very true, so very refreshing.

  • Doreen Pendgracs

    Hi Jo. I love this post because travel is in my veins. I live and breath to travel. It has taught me everything and made me who I am today. May the journey never end.

    • Johanna

      HI Doreen, ahh I know what you mean about travel being in our veins. I’m so glad you loved this post. Thank you 🙂

  • Kathy Marris

    Yes, yes and yes! All of the above are what travel is all about. It certainly gets you out of your comfort zone and makes you look at people and places from a different point of view. I always return home feeling lucky that I live in such a beautiful place and it has given me a new found appreciation of things I used to take for granted. Like clean water, fresh unpolluted air and decent living conditions. Great post Jo! 🙂

    • Johanna

      Yes, travelling really does make us realise how lucky we are. I so agree, Kathy. Returning home is always a pleasure. While leaving for an adventure is charged with adrenalin and the excitement of discovery.

  • Seona

    I love that shot of the aircraft wing. I always know when that is my view I’m on the way somewhere. Brings back nostalgic feelings. I “dragged” my young son all around the planet starting when he was 4 years old – he used to tell me “all I want is to settle down and have my own family”. Many trips between Australia and Scotland. Too many according to him!
    Thanks for the writing and pictures x

    • Johanna

      Hi Seona, I love your son’s statement about settling down 🙂 Can relate to that 🙂 But like you I do like the sight of an aircraft wing 🙂

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