Comfortable winter ankle boots with attitude

A square shaped package in the post. Now that’s a sure way for a surge of Lovin’ Life to wash over me – especially when the box involves winter ankle boots.

The package came beautifully wrapped …

To reveal a stylish box (so very FRANKiE4)

winter ankle boots

And contained a beautifully made, wonderfully constructed pair of black Laura * womens black ankle boots designed to save my soles.

Ahh, I sighed : “Such cute ankle boots.”

I might add super comfy too – and these days my feet are a bit particular about that sort of thing.

Winter Ankle Boots

I don’t pretend to be a model like the young beauties on the flyer below, but at Lifestyle Fifty my aim is to bring you ideas for young looking trendy styles which will suit older funky women.

buy winter ankle boots

And we want comfort right? But we don’t want to look dowdy. There’s a fine line between the two, but from experience I know that FRANKiE4 bridges the gap perfectly.

Seeing as EVERYONE appears to be wearing low heel ankle boots this season even with flimsy-wimsy sundresses then let’s not be the exception.

I can feel my grandmother turning in her grave – I don’t suppose she would have thought black ankle boots with the dress I’m wearing below as very ‘ladylike’.

But actually, why not wear them with a dress? Comfy, practical and a little bit ‘out there’ – I love the look.

ladies ankle boots

The styling for these low heel ankle boots began with the boot itself.

What could I wear with them on an autumn lunch date visiting a country winery?

Out came a summery midi dress which between you and me is so ancient that I cant’ remember where I bought it.

It’s cunningly converted into an autumn styled special with the addition of the Laura black boots, and a luxury snood by Portobello from Vivid International.

The snood is not only a great accessory but it’s also lovely to spread out over your shoulders like a shawl if the weather turns a little chilly.

snood and black leather bag

To match the boots, which are leather, I needed a Louis Vuitton look without the price tag.

I chose my luxe leather Hannah bag * which is gorgeously designed, soft and pliable, with tons of room for all my blog-worthy junk (phone, camera, iPad, notepad).

The Hannah bag is from Travel and Living Collection – Christin’s bags (of all description) are just gorgeous and make you feel like a jet-setter even if you’re not.

What I love about FRANKiE4 ankle boots

If you’re after ladies ankle boots this season, then do yourself a favour and take a look at the FRANKiE4 collection.

You’ll love them for their contemporary style, the fact that they’re made by a podiatrist and are comfortable, and because they’re leather you’ll be wearing them for years to come.

Think cost per wear, Lifestylers, and you won’t go wrong.

winter ankle boots

  • They’re designed by a podiatrist and physiotherapist.
  • They come with custom footbeds to give you a tailored fit. The 3 footbeds which come in the box with your boots, will give you choice for the best fit whether you have regular, wide or narrow feet.
  • They have arch support to improve foot, ankle and lower-limb alignments.
  • They feature a heel cradle to support and cushion your heel.
  • There’s forefoot cushioning for extra comfort and support.
  • The designs aim to alleviate and prevent heel and arch pain, plantar fascitis and forefoot pain.
  • You can shop SHOP ONLINE with confidence because FRANKiE4 have a fair returns policy, and offer free delivery for all Australian and International orders (obviously various terms and conditions apply).

Go Grab yourself a pair this winter – they come in all shapes, colours and sizes: FRANKiE4

Buy winter ankle boots. The best ladies ankle boots. Podiatrist designed. Avoid arch and heel pain.


Disclaimer: Products with a * were gifted for editorial consideration. This post contains affiliate links from which I stand to earn a small commission at no cost to you.


  1. Ah, I love my FRANKiE4s and I have a pair of the LAURA boots in Cognac winging their way towards me. Can’t wait to style them.

  2. Comfortable ankle boots sound like a dream to me!

    • They are lovely Amy 🙂 I’ve hobbled around in too many other brands which give me blisters or hurt my feet, for too long. Now I’m hooked on FRANKiE4’s.

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