Lifestyle Fifty – Feel Good, Look Good, Do Good and Have Adventures!

We’re Feisty, we’re Funky and we’re most likely Over Fifty. But do you know what? We are so Not invisible!

Hi, I’m Jo and I write Lifestyle Fifty to help empower older¬†women to be have fun, make a difference, stay healthy, remain stylish and have amazing travel adventures.

I’m well over 50 (yikes!) but I’m still young at heart. I love walking, cycling, travelling, buying clothes and trying to eat healthily. That’s not to say though that I’m not an amateur wine taster and a professional chocolate eater ūüėČ Well, my motto is be good most of the time and still enjoy the occasional treats.

I’ve lived in 11 different countries with my gorgeous geologist husband, David, and my two now grown up children. We’ve travelled the world but now call Western Australia home. In a different life I worked for magazines and newspapers. Now I publish Lifestyle Fifty and The ZigaZag Mag, and sometimes run workshops and retreats.

Fashion, Travel, Health and Beauty.

On Lifestyle Fifty (and if my forgetful hormones allow me) posts are linked to ideas about how to age gracefully, keep fit, look stylish, have fun and do good too. It’s all about being Remarkable as we get older and making sure we have adventures too.

I’m lucky to work with amazing people and receive many emails from wonderful readers. You can read what people are saying on my testimonials page¬†Here.

Lifestyle Fifty, is I hope like a torchbearer for older women who want to embrace aging fabulously and navigate getting older healthily, gracefully (and disgracefully) but always in style.

For Fun, Feisty, Funky Women

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